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Rosie -- Head Over Heels for Depression?

3/8/2007 10:02 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Rosie O'Donnell says she flips to beat the blues – by hanging upside-down every day from a swing.

The "View" supermouth says that she's been battling depression ever since the Columbine school shootings, and that besides taking antidepressants, she uses "inversion therapy," in which she literally hangs by her feet for 15 to 30 minutes a day. She'll be demonstrating the technique today on "The View."

Rosie may wish she could get away to her pet therapy right about now, with "American Idol" producers calling her claims of racism and weight-ism on the show "absurd" and "ridiculous," as TMZ reported yesterday.

K-Fed Wants $25K for B-Day Coverage

So much for staying out of the press. After claiming to want some privacy after his divorce, Kevin Federline wants a glossy tabloid to cover his upcoming 29th birthday, and he's demanding $25,000 in return for the exclusive rights, reports Page Six. Only problem is, besides his own D-list self, there aren't any other celebrities scheduled to appear. The party, scheduled for March 21 at Eleven nightclub in L.A., is being billed as "an intimate cocktail and dinner party," which doesn't exactly scream "off the hook" to us.

Greasy Bear – Self-Hating Turk?

Greasy BearBrandon "Greasy Bear" Davis went off on a racist rant against Paula Abdul last week at Paris Hilton's birthday party – which is all the more shocking because he's of Middle-Eastern descent himself. As Ben Widdicombe of the New York Daily News points out this morning, Davis' dad is a Turkish-American wine importer named Nebil Zarif, who married his mom, Nancy Davis (daughter of the late billionaire oilman Marvin Davis). And when he met Abdul at Paris' birthday, as a witness recalls, Greasy "kept on saying her last name over and over again, and then would insert his made-up version of an Arabic language." Apparently, Brandon couldn't decide whether he wanted to insult Abdul or get with her, because he was making sexual overtures to the "Idol" judge at the same time.

Party Favors: What Won't Scarlett Sell? ... Popper Popped for Speeding ... Cads' Lunch: Beatty and Jagger in WeHo

Scarlett JohanssonFor an A-list actress with Golden Globe noms on her CV, Scarlett Johansson sure does shill for a lot of companies – Disney, Gap, Mt. Rainier coffee. So what's up with that? The Los Angeles Times considers. ... Blues Traveler frontman John Popper was arrested Tuesday afernoon after he was clocked doing 111 mph near the Spokane, Wash. county line. Police say they found four rifles, nine handguns, a taser, night vision goggles, and a switchblade in the Mercedes SUV. ... Warren Beatty and Mick Jagger had lunch at Madeo in West Hollywood yesterday, says FOX News. Somewhere in the world, Carly Simon's ears were burning up.


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We, are not amused.    

When Rosie is hanging upside down, does "Mrs." Rosie have to lick her "Whisker biscuit"? I'd buy that DVD...getting a boner thinking about it!

2695 days ago


thats funny!!

2695 days ago


Well that explains what is wrong with Rosie, to much blood rushing to her head, for 30 minutes a day, cutting off oxygen to the rest of her.

As a cousin of one of the teachers that were in that school, I am appalled this lady would use such a horrific day such as columbine, and make it ALL about her.....12 innocents were slaughtered on that day....and yet...ROSIE uses it to talk about her depression? I think this lady had some serious problems WAY before the columbine incident.

Wasn't that around the time that Rosie was calling for stricter gun controls, and that the public at large shouldn't own guns, to protect themselves?? Of course that blew up in her fat face when it was found out that all her privately paid bodyguards carried protect her and her brood.

Yea, typical hollyweird hypocrite.......they sure like to dictate to us peons what to do...yet don't walk the walk themselves.

2695 days ago


What's up with all these rich kids from CA??? In the past few WEEKS I have read so many articles where these rich, spoiled snobs are making racist remarks. It's sickening and really nothing is done about it! I think they feel that since they are rich and "powerful" (haha) they can do and say whatever they feel and I thinks that's wrong. Unforunatley, many young people look up to these trust fund babies who party for a living. What kind of message is taking sh*t about people of other races sending to them?!!? It's really sad and disheartening.

2695 days ago


I remember when Howard Stern took his cameras and stood outside the building she worked in and called her outside to debate with him over her calling for stricker laws on carrying guns. She was telling the media it wasn't save for kids, but she was endorsing a line of kid's clothes for k-mart that used sweatshops with kids working in them. She was too chicken to come down and face the music. She is a hypocrite with a capital H.

2695 days ago


Is she saying her being "depressed" is an excuse for being a loud mouth foolish bully?

2695 days ago


why are reporting on davis?is it because friends with paris?she has no talent and he seems to be a bigger loser than her.if u stop reporting on them maybe they will go away

2695 days ago


Someone needs to take that greasy bear over their knee and spank his rear end! All that money and all he does is make racist remarks at people. What a waste of space.

2695 days ago


Rosie must be on Wellbutrin for her depression. She should see a doctor and get her meds changed. Welbutrin makes you more agressive and even more of a bitch. You speak with no filter. Change meds or get her a muzzle.

2695 days ago


I don't think Rosie's anti-depressants and inversion therapy seems to be working----she doesn't seem like a happy person to me. Happy people don't always find fault in everyone else. Try exercise, Rosie---it works. Regular exercise, after a few weeks, will bring about amazing changes, mentally and physically. Worked for me. That and faith--brings people that peace they are looking for.

2695 days ago


Oh please Rosie just wants to get sympathy for being such a horrid witch. She should hang herself upside down in a dark ,dirty cave filled with bats and just stay there forever.

2695 days ago


What Rosie really needs to do if she is depressed is get off her fat bottom and work out. That is a great way to feel better. That and taking her meds. This hanging upside down shit is a great move on her part to try to take away all the negative attention she has brought on herself. Another way she can feel better is to stop shoving her opinion down everyone's throat in such an agressive manner.

2695 days ago

Puh der Baer    

What grade is Greasy Bear in? Isn't that what we'd do in third grade, tease and make fun of a girl we liked, 'cuz we didn't know how to act any better???

2695 days ago

my opinion    

Brandon has no job so the only way he gets press is to be outrageous and rude. K Fed is trying to do a job by having a birthday party. And Scarlett is working all the time and gets criticized. Which way do you want people to be? Working or not?

2695 days ago


Rosie, you are the Queen of Big Mouth Women. You do not know when or how to shut up. I no longer enjoy The View. I wish you would leave it. It was a good show. And leave Elizebeth alone. She has a right to say what she wants to.
No one needs you big ugly mouth yelling over them. Go Away!
Barbara are you listening? Get Rid of Rosie, she is making a monkey show of The View with her big mouth.

2695 days ago
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