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Madonna Taking Mothering Lessons from Britney?

3/9/2007 10:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Maybe she's just a little out of practice, but Madonna is pulling some Britney-esque parenting techniques when it comes to car safety.

The Material Mom was spotted, as Us reports, with her 17-month-old adopted son David getting into an SUV – but without a car seat, and with David on her lap! TMZ caught Britney doing the same thing more than once last year, which raised serious questions at the time, and which Brit later shrugged off as being "country." At least, in Madge's defense, she wasn't driving, unlike Britney.

Madonna's reps assure the world that "proper security measures are always taken for Madonna's children."

Bundchen Pregnant with Another of Brady's Bunch?

Tom Brady certainly knows how to pass that ball around to his receivers – and they're definitely running with it after the catch. Though we will eschew painful football metaphors henceforth, the news here is that Gisele Bundchen – the woman who Brady began dating shortly after ditching an already-pregnant Bridget Moynihan in December – may also be preggers with a Brady baby. The supermodel's reps say they don't comment on clients' personal lives, but a source tells Rush & Molloy, "She has told friends it's true." Yesterday, Brazilian media sources were reporting Bundchen's, ahem, condition. Will Brady punt on this one too? (Yeah, we went there.)

Keith Urban – Don't Call Me Mr. Kidman!

Keith Urban has a bad case of K-Fed-itis. He tells WENN that he's a star of country music, so he does not like that people might associate his fame with his wife Nicole Something-or-other, or his bouts in rehab. "It's extremely painful, no doubt about it," says Keith. "But at the same time I can only say that it'd drive me crazy if I kept confronting myself with those kinds of things." The Aussie singer-songwriter was, of course, reasonably well known Down Under and in these parts, but got a fame upgrade when he began dating Kidman in late 2005 and again when he married her last summer, only to check into rehab shortly thereafter.

Party Favors: Angelina to Star in Clint's Next Film ... Suge Deep-Sixing Death Row ... Jacko Wouldn't Change a Thing ... Bye-Bye Antonella

Angelina Jolie and Clint Eastwood may be teaming up on "The Changeling," about a woman whose son is abducted and then found, though the mother suspects that the kid ain't hers, reports Variety. The film was originally on Ron Howard's shortlist. ... Suge Knight tells Page Six that he's ready to pull the plug on the rap label that he started, Death Row, because two preachers gave him the same message about getting rid of the past. Death Row introduced the world to Tupac, Snoop Dogg, and Dr. Dre. ... Michael Jackson told his adoring Japanese fans yesterday at that $3500-per-handshake event, that he wouldn't change a thing about his career since the age of six, and that he's weathered "deliberate attempts to hurt me." ... Well, it had to end sometime, and it may as well have been last night. The vocally under-talented Antonella Barba went home on "American Idol," as did Sabrina Sloan, Jared Cotter, and Sundance Head.


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Linda blanknehsip    

I am so sick of reading about angelina Jolie - Everytime she thinks someone getting more notice than she - she adopts another child...Her way of holding onto her live in lover. Anywhere else in America Human Service would inspect your home and if if your living with your boyfriend - unmarried - had a child out of wedlock . You would not be looked upon a upstanding citizen and profiled as an example to adopt a child. All of these children and her trips are all about getting attention - please not she's an actress first and loves to dress up on the local attire of the nations she visits...All Photo Ops. Her primary purpose is Holding onto Brad!!!! and recreating her image from husband stealer/unmarried mother. What an example for the young women of American.. Why hasn't the magazine/websites such as this stepped up to the plate and wrote a story about what's really going on here. Poor Childred Beware. P.S. She does not represent my community as ambasador of anything.
most of the discussion in my community feel as I do and wish she'd go away. Or perhaps go spend her time addressing her veins if she has time on her hands. - Point !!! where was she when her mother was so sick!!!! Traveling the world, living in Afr., Paris, Vacationing, New Orleans, New York City, India, Vietnam, just to mention a few....Now she's wining about losing her mother...We've all lost someone...

2787 days ago


Hello! Brady, you need to wear condoms!!!! I can't believe in 2007, with all this knowledge, that people are still having unsafe sex. Did Giselle think that Bridgette (spell?) was pregnant so she shoould be, too! CRAZY

2787 days ago


there was a movie called Broken Glass--A man checked the pop charts and started to buy up the record of the worst song all over the country. Very soon it rose to the top of the charts and people heard it on the radio and wanted to but it--It just shows what a bunch of idiots are out there!

2787 days ago


Keith Urban is a greasy stubby little troll who lucked out when he hooked up with Nicole Kidman, who was obviously slumming. He should be grateful that anyone knows his name at all.

2787 days ago

Save Shiloh from Angelina ~    

I bet Bridget is NOT really pregnant but I bet Giselle is !

In other words Bridget was / is sooo hurt that she decided to give Tom some bad press .

At least Angelina is not pregnant ! I would hate to see her abuse another priviledged blob :(

Poor Shiloh :(

2787 days ago


Even the Boston Herald fell for this BS yesterday but they're now reporting this Brady 'Baby' news is BOGUS. Her family's denying it (quotes from dad and sis in Brazilian papers) and what rubbish to believe Brady doesn't know what a rubber is or how to use one. Whatever happened with BM, I believe she was up to monkey biz when she got the drift he wanted to split and we know through her own words her bio clock was ticking, it's probably wised Tom up and he'll forever be more careful.

Bye-Bye Barba. She never should've made it to Hollyweird along with that awful kid who stayed over Sundance. Idol is now a predictable sick joke and at some point sane-America will get fed up. If they haven't already after last night's insanity.

2787 days ago


Look like Tom Brady is the new K-fed... using the world as his sperm ashtray.

2787 days ago

Puh der Baer    

Come on Brady, what are you, black?????

2787 days ago


Keith Urban= Urban blight.

2787 days ago


CORRECTION: Deathrow did NOT introduce 2Pac OR Dr. Dre. 2Pac was around waaaay before Deathrow. Suge signed him to Deathrow when 2Pac was in jail and without a record label. He had SEVERAL sucessful albums BEFORE Deathrow. Not to mention he was in the group DIGITAL UNDERGROUND before he went solo.

ALSO Dr. Dre cofounded Deathrow as well..and he was around way before Deathrow. Dr. Dre was in N.W.A. which was way before Deathrow. you guys ever do research before you throw this garbage up? You guys have millions of dollars to back you up...and yet Perez Hilto seems to be more on the mark then your site.


2787 days ago


Am I the only one who remembers Tom Brady being a very vocal Bush supporter during the last election because he "....supported President Bush's strong stance on family values."???

Uh, Tom, you know that family values means giving every child a home with a Mommy & a Daddy, don't you? Now you've made it so that one kid gets to be raised by a single mom!!

2787 days ago


If this is true..its really really hilarious!!!

Blame Tom mishaps on the fact that he is catholic...their Sunday school teachings were effective...No CONDOMS hahhahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

This is what happens when you dont teach teenagers sex ed because of abstinence beliefs ahhahah..............HORMONES cannot be denied

How come this time I don't hear SHE TRAPPED HIM.................ahhaha

2787 days ago

Monica give new meaning to "The Brady Bunch"

2787 days ago


Wolly-and I would say as a hot blooded american girl that they are stupid then...that playboy spread came out years before her-and so did a couple hit albums....

As for Clint and Angelina teaming up ick...I love eastwood movies...dont like her.. pick another leading lady!

2787 days ago


nicole kidman looks like a big gawk and the dress is ridicious, he looks to messed up for her, urban
cant she go to the tall woman's club and get a man that way

2787 days ago
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