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"Sopranos" Co-Star Defends Big Pussy's "Dancing" Dump

3/10/2007 5:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Imperioli is coming to the defense of Vincent Pastore's decision to drop out of the upcoming season of "Dancing With the Stars," saying it takes "integrity" to make that call. What a wise guy, eh?
Michael Imperioli, Vicent Pastore
"He could have just chosen to stay on just for the sake of being on TV," Imperioli said during in an interview for Associated Press Radio. "Maybe if me and Vinny did it together we could have a shot, but I don't know if America wants to see that." You are correct, sir!

Michael Imperioli went on to tell the AP that, ironically enough, the only place he never gets recognized is Italy: "They don't understand the concept of a mobster being in therapy. To them that kind of makes no sense." You'd think after six seasons they'd have figured it out by now.


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I think it's interesting this info comes out 35 days before the final 8 episodes appear on HBO.

2720 days ago


I absolutely LOVE Michael Imperioli! That was nice of him to stick up for his friend. The last season of the soprano's wasn't the best, but I don't think the show needs any publicity to get people interested in watching the final season. Darn, I wish Michael would be on "Dcancing" I would love to see him shake that tight butt!~

2720 days ago


If I wanted to see "Big Pussy" dancing I'd wait till the show booked Jenna Jamison.

2720 days ago


ya & thanks hbo for effing up a great show with the long layoffs in between seasons.
I don't even remember characters, backstories, storylines.

2720 days ago


#4 sandman---BRAVO---YOU SAID IT!!!!, & Kate---I LOVE MICHAEL IMPERIOLI!!!!!!,

I thought it was wrong too... let's get alot of people watching this show, and as the years went on, the longer the delays. Hell, I can't remember what happened last season.
I think it was the season they spent after Tony got shot, on Vito in the gay bar, & a couple of "family member's" show up to collect some $, and they see Vito dancing like an idiot with another guy. (Am I right?, or was that the year before?). I can't remember.
Vito goes to another town and falls for a guy who cooks at a diner & is a volunteer firefighter. That's the last thing I remember.
If that was the last season, I thought it totally sucked!!!!!!
Talk about spending too much time on one thing...Vito & him laying the pipe to his boyfriend,.......(get on with the story David C)

Hey, David Chase, get your shit together, & I hope your writer's wrote something better this year!!!

He's probably going to kill off a lot of people.

I can't remember all the storylines either.

I do remember the season Paulie & Christopher, were not getting a long at all,
Paulie tells Christopher he has to pay for all the dinner's they have. C gets pissed, Tony says sorry it's just the way it is. After a dinner one night, P & C were walking out of the restauarant after C has just paid like $1800.00 for the dinner, P is behind him & says,
What a meal, I think I'll go back to my room (in Atlantic City) after that I could use a nap, and maybe call up & order a nice piece of ass. C tells him, save the phone call, $ and just go Fuck yourself. I LOVED IT!!!!

Hey, Michael I., please do something else after The Soprano's, you are so talented, and handsome as all get out....Damn.

I wouldn't miss one episode of Michael if he signed on with "Danciing with the stars".
"Big Pussy", is too out of shape for dancing, he needs some cardio first, Geeeezzzzzzz,
he would fall out on the first episode!!!!

P.S. I also adore Edie Falco, (Carmela) remember when Tony's mother died & she let everybody have it (her Dad did too)

I will never forget "Whitecaps"... Edie (Carmela) WAS every woman who has been confronted by the mistress... Edie you are a wonderful actress.

2720 days ago


I have NEVER watched the Soprano's. I will NEVER watch this show. I enjoy toothaches more than this fantasy programming. Violence, profanities, and nudity does NOT offend me...but all this hype about this silly tv show...does offend my sensibilities. I did hear this show is going to end soon. There's a shocker.

2720 days ago


Luv the SOPRANOS luv michael and James Gnadolfini Id watch any of them dance and cant wait to see the rest of the season! What would be sexier than an italian man gliding across the floor. At first I thought the show sounded dumb but anyone who hasnt seen it should watch a couple shows and you will be hooked!!

2720 days ago

ray delgadillo    

A guy doesn't want to make a fool of himself in public and people give him a hard time about it. What's the problem with that

2720 days ago


C is right. Watch 2 episodes and you will be hooked. Its very realistic.
As far as language, nudity, violence, if you have cable, you are exposed to that every day; even if you don't have HBO. If you have MTV or listen to certain music, or watch music video's it's on their also; not JUST THE SOPRANO'S.

It's there if you watch the NEWS, people murderering people, people getting raped, kidnapped, drugs, etc....
Unfortunately our world has come to that.

If you haven't seen it, how can you judge it?
Different strokes for different folks my parents always said.


2720 days ago


meant #5-Soprano's Nut

2720 days ago


Respect the guy for knowing when to give up, TMZ, and quit DISSING him! You make it sound like he wussed out--maybe there was a reason. . .heart problems, knee problems, etc. He's not a young guy--not ancient, by any means--but not that young. So many reasons could be behind it, and he is getting made fun of for it????

2720 days ago


Dancing With The Stars is no joke 4 hrs of practice a day. And Big Pus was not in the best shape so what he decided it was not for him.

2720 days ago


I would rather see him drop out of Dancing With the Stars.Than to have a massive heart attack on the dance floor while tapping the show.#11 IS RIGHT .He is not in the best of shape,and for his health he did the right thing.Besides that show is for has beens anyway.

2720 days ago


Just his agent trying to make some money , next he'll be on surreal life or I love New York, or some other equally obnoxious show! There are only so many big overweight mob roles to go around, and PLENTY of "wiseguys" trying to get them. Be realistic, his career was on it's way to the toilet when he was on Celebrity Fit Club.

2720 days ago


I would rather see micheal Imperioli on that show, well lets say that if I actually watched that dumb ass show I would watch if he was on I hope Heather Mills leg flys that would be worth watching

2720 days ago
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