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J-Hud Tries to Diva Out of Awards Show

3/13/2007 9:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jennifer Hudson's ego seems to be super-sizing itself along with her fame: She just tried to back out of a big awards show until music-biz legend Clive Davis told her, in effect, "And I'm telling you – you are going."

The Oscar-winning former "American Idol" contestant, according to Page Six, called the day before the Soul Train Awards show in Los Angeles and told them "she couldn't make it," says a source. But "Soul Train" impresario Don Cornelius wasn't having any of her swanny behavior and called Davis, who told Hudson, "Get your ass out to L.A." She obliged.

It's just the latest too-big-for-her-Manolo-Blahniks moment for Hudson, who recently told Simon Cowell and "Idol" that their show was "a stepping stone," which elicted a sharp reaction from Cowell. And she also dissed Burger King, where she worked as a teen, prompting them to offer her free Whoppers for life, as TMZ reported yesterday.

Are Tori and Candy Burying the Hatchet?

Tori SpellingThe nuclear conflict between Tori and Candy Spelling could be headed for détente now that Tori is about to give birth to Candy's grandchild. According to People, Candy says that the she and her daughter "have been in touch with each other" and are "working things out." Randy Spelling, Tori's brother, says that the arrival of Tori's kid "puts things into perspective."

Just yesterday, Tori told the "Today" show that she wanted to try to patch things up, but wasn't willing to go as far as Candy did and say that things were going to be A-OK. The mother and daughter have been publicly at each other's throats ever since the death of Aaron Spelling last summer.

Brangelina Says Yes to N.O., Digs PTA Meetings

Angelina JolieAngelina Jolie says that she and Brad Pitt were only going to spend a month in New Orleans, but that they're much more at ease in the Big Easy than they expected, and that they're going to stay. She tells Newsweek that she likes the other parents at her kids' school, calling them very "diverse" – unlike, presumably, a bunch of Hollywood crazies. And, of course, Brangelina being Brangelina, Brad is working on "rebuilding" the city while Angie is helping out the school system.

Meanwhile, the 3 ½-year old Vietnamese son that Angelina is about to adopt will be ready for retrieval in just a few weeks. A local official says the kid's in good health, "a little bit shy," and that he loves to play soccer.

Party Favors: Whitney Begins Work on New Album ... Trump Wants Tavern ... Designer Jacobs in Rehab

Whitney HoustonWhitney Houston is starting to work on her big comeback album – today, says FOX News. Seven songs have already been "settled on," including tunes by R. Kelly and Diane Warren. ... Donald Trump wants to take over legendary NYC eatery Tavern on the Green when its lease ends in less than a couple years, he tells the New York Post. He says that ever since Warner LeRoy died back in 2001 and his daughter took over the place, "It's suffered greatly." ... Designer Marc Jacobs has entered a rehab facility in Arizona, says Women's Wear Daily, after having stayed sober for seven years. Says his business partner, "Marc made the right decision."


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Lenn K.    

Jennifer, I know that you are young, but remember this is a cruel business and they will drop your fat ass as fast as a rock. You are not that good, Tori, you got 800 millions reasons to get along with your mom, don't forget. Dont't forget Jennifer, Taylor who?

2746 days ago


Jennifer Hudson was terrible in Dreamgirls. And now she is the Diva of the moment. Yes stardom has gone to this oversized blowhards head

2746 days ago

Cat Kil    

J-Hud might be needing to use that BK card very soon if she
keeps that diva crap up.
I didn't like her on AI or Dream Girls.
Her 15 minutes of fame will be over in about 11 more minutes...

Tori looks like a horse face bitch.
She is soo FUGLY!
She is a weird combo if her equally ugly parents.
She has a huge cave between her chest...
Just shows money cannot buy beauty.
Don't think I'll rush out to stay at her new BB named after
her dog either. LOL

Brangelina...finally stars who share their wealth w/ those in need.
They have a beautiful family & equally beautiful souls.
KUDOS to them...Keep up the good work!

Whitney...lets hope YOU don't make a sex tape w/ Ray J. LOL

Trump you go ahead & buy that tavern...I hear Rosie might need a
job soon...she can be your bartender.

Marc Jacobs in Rehab???
Is there anyone left in Hollywood?
Well, since he is in Arizona maybe he can check on little Soto
(Anna Nicole Smith's alledged kid).LOL

2746 days ago


It takes Tori having a baby, for this lady to 'PUT THING'S INTO PERSPECTIVE"????

Candy, you must be a real BITCH.......and I thought my family was F***** up & we are POOR!!!!!!

So the saying, "Money can't by you love" is true.

2746 days ago


jennifer is another reason why many people no longer watch the oscars

2746 days ago


she not a diva she is a bi@ch

2746 days ago


J Hud, girl you better get of that high horse quick, or you will be back at Burger King.
When Clive says Jump, you better be asking "how high".

Whitney isn't with Bobby anymore, she is clean & sober....Clive discovered her & has been a father figure to her, so you better step up your game, Jennifer.
It didn't take you long to get that Hollyweird attitude.

I agree, with ENTITLED TO MY OPINION---It's nice to see Brangelina helping out here in the U.S. After all, wasn't it our money that made them famous & wealthy????

2746 days ago


Could it just be possible that Jennifer has overdone it the last couple months and needed some rest from travel and award shows? Jennifer owes nobody anything! American Idol was a stepping stone for her and just because she worked at Burger King doesn't mean she can't make a joke about them giving her something free for life. She's probably given them enough publicity by that mere suggestion! Give it up! This is not even a "story"!

2746 days ago


Hudson will continue to get away with her ego tripping so long as there are stupid idiots who keep fawning and salivating all over her over-rated, over-exposed non-talent. She's poison and people need to distance themselves from her quickly and far far away. As a so-called role model, she's setting a dangerous and disgraceful profile for ignorant impressionable girl wannabes, and her grandmother needs to kick her ass and give her a what for! The good Lord needs to bring her down more than a few pegs and force her to grovel and be humble. She's become a monster.

2746 days ago


Arizona? Have you read Bergdorf Blondes?

2746 days ago


I'm glad Candy is being a mother again. Thowing out Tori was wrong. She is her child, she should be a mother to her, and a grandmother to Tori's baby. Aaron Spelling would want his family to be together.

2746 days ago


Ya know, when I was 16, I worked at McDonald's as a part time job. No big deal. It was just a paycheck. Burger King is NOT the reason Hudson is famous. Therefore, no need to thank them. BUT, American Idol, IS the reason anybody knows Jennifer Hudson's name. She SHOULD be thanking them, over and over and over again.

That girl is getting a really swollen head and if she keeps it up, unfortunately she's gonna come down to earth real fast.

2746 days ago

Lenn K.    

b-for real, I'll take my flat ass anyday, who wants a big nasty looking ass and a bad attitude with it. I hope this isn't the start of a racist thing, Carrie Underwood is just a humble and very talented singer. Don't hate her because she's white and very good. It's hasn't gone to her head like J-hud. By the way, we didn't condemn her Soul Train did and aren't they ran by blacks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2746 days ago


Jennifer deserves a break. She's been going nonstop for months now. I'm sure all of those awards shows are fun, but they are also a lot work. Give the hate a rest.

2746 days ago


Damn, Whitney looks GOOOOOD ... Go, Girl, GO!

2746 days ago
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