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Star Gives Babwa Silent Treatment

3/16/2007 9:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Star Jones Star Jones says she's over "The View" – and that she hasn't uttered a word to her old boss Barbara Walters since she got booted from the morning gabfest last summer.

Jones tells TV Guide that she hasn't spoken to anyone at "The View" since her bitch-errific departure, though she does have email correspondence with Elisabeth Hasselbeck because, Star says, they "had a very personal relationship." Still, Star won't spill the beans on what Thin Lizzie talks to her about (job openings?) because she's "extremely discreet."

Still, Jones says that she still keeps up with the show itself, because it's "very difficult not to keep up with it if you read newspapers or magazines or do any work on the Internet." Jones claims that she's Flabulous Gallery: click to launch galleryhappy for Rosie & Co., even though ratings skyrocketed on the show pretty much exactly when Star bolted. Meanwhile, TMZ caught up with Star giving someone else an icy-cold reception yesterday in Manhattan.

Angelina's Hot Passport

Angelina Jolie passport photoAngelina Jolie may have gotten a faceful of tears from her newly adopted son Pax, but Angie's own passport picture will brighten just about anybody's day. The picture was part of Jolie's adoption application, and smokin' hot is putting it lightly.

Meanwhile, Jolie went yesterday to pick up the newly-named three-year-old Pax Thien, but he started crying during their first encounter, perhaps because, as Nguyen Van Trung tells People, he didn't even know he was being adopted! "We just told him that we are taking himAngelina Gallery: Click to launch photos out," says Trung. "You are going to play outside – play with a mother and father." After the initial jitters, however, all went well. Pax – described as "very cheerful and happy" played nice with new big bro Maddox.

Heather Mills Cries Wolf on UK 911

Temper, Temper gallery: Click to launch photosHeather Mills has been overusing the British equivalent of 911, and the police have had just about enough of her bleating. The monopod and soon-to-be-ex-McCartney Mills dials 999 (emergency in the UK) so much to kvetch about the paparazzi, that a Sussex police superintendent complained to reporters, as reported by Page Six, "Clearly, people who make lots of calls to the police run the risk of being treated as the little boy who cried wolf." According to Mills' rep, the dancer-to-be hasn't annoyed the cops and she's simply protecting herself from the paps.

Party Favors: Jay-Z NOT Drinking Cristal ... Joe Simpson Getting Forgetful ... Spielberg Gets into Comedy

Jay ZJay-Z says that even though a bottle of Cristal was brought to his table at a Manhattan club the other night, he most certainly did not drink any of the bubbly, which he famously boycotted last year. ... Joe Simpson, say Rush & Molloy, forgot his BlackBerry after lunch at the Brooklyn Diner in New York. A Diner minion ran after Pa Simpson, but to no avail. ... Steven Spielberg has his sights set on TV comedy on a new series called "The United States of Tara," about an ordinary seeming woman with two kids who happens to suffer from multiple personality disorder. The show, reports Variety, may land at Showtime.


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I agree Star is to good for the View! Rosie needs to be fired. She calls herself an American? Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeze! Somebody should shut her up! I quit watching the View and have lost all respect for ABC and Babwa.


2781 days ago

godaddy joe    

the view s a good forum to get our problems talked about in this country.the problem is like most of the shows they make more money being controversal. most of the women on the cast were just rude and anti america with their extreme liberal views. i guess thats why its the view. i thought it might be open to all opinions but thats not the case. star has common sense where the rest are just jabbers. no one with a mind should watch this show with its anti america sentements and comments against our government. we need a complement to the view.the american sentement.

2781 days ago


I think it is so unfair how people continually mischaracterize Star's departure as being her fault or that she handled it as anything other than being upfront with her fans and professional. She simply wouldn't allow the network brass to send her out with anything other than the truth being known about the circumstances of her leaving. As to Star's weight-loss...what exactly gives anyone the right to know how it was achieved. That's a very private matter.

2781 days ago


I have been waiting for someone to play the race card. Kevin..its old...its sad, and seems to be the only card that black people play. I could hardly stand watching the view when Star Jones was on the show. Sure many people talk about there weddings, but she took it to a whole new level. The world does not revolve around her. I like Rosie, i dont not agree with everything she has to say, but she has brought something fresh to the show.

Angelina should and can adopt as many kids as she likes, but i do agree that maybe she should start looking here at home. while it is great that she is so caring and wants to make a difference, a difference can be made right here. so many kids in america are less fortunate also.

more important things are happening in the world people lets get it together and just be nice to one another....

2781 days ago

the truth    

If anyone would like to adopt a child from anywhere in the world they should be able to without idiot's making conments and giving their two cents of garbage just be happy enough for whatever child that has a new lease on life. Before you make an idiotic statment check your own backyard and raise your own children to be productive and not the other

2781 days ago



2781 days ago


It doesn't matter what Star Jones does now. She ruined everything by being a snobish greedy thing. All those free things she was trying to scam for her wedding was sickening. The way she acted like she was some up scale actress when she's really a nobody. She lied about her stomach by pass and tried to say it was from hard work and eating right. Yeah.. like ANYONE believed that one. No matter how much weight she looses she'll always have that old lady looking head...

2781 days ago


I agree with what you said, Kevin! You expressed exactly what is the truth of the matter--and that is this: A Black person is "uppity" and certainly out of his or her place if they don't kiss a white person's ass, especially a white person who has so-called "given them a chance at a good career." It is hard for white people to see us as equals--that's just the fact. They always have to believe we're not quite in their league--but that's how it is in our country--the slave/master mentality still prevails! When their foot is on our necks--we're not supposed to say it hurts and "get your foot off my neck." We're supposed to act like all is well. BUT, as a reminder--slavery IS over, and you're dealing with a whole new breed of Black folks in America. We will not allow ourselves to be slapped around without addressing that issue. If you can dish it, you oughta be able to take it, Barbara & all the rest! We will Not Stay IN "OUR PLACE"--forget it!They expect a "good" Black person should eat their shit, follow their rules--even if their rules defame and kill us. I LOVED the fact that Star stood up for herself, took the ball into her court, and did it all with a smile and her dignity in place--and left them all open-mouthed! I can't get over the fact that they wanted her to be quiet, say nothing, and leave with a whimper. I LOVE STAR!!! Rosie is going to end that show. Watch! But it's okay if Roie pushes her agenda and talks constantly!! Barbara seems okay with that, as does that other foul-mouthed comedian on the air. I love Elizabeth. That's a tough little cooke. I don't agree with her politics, but I LOVE her gumption, tenacity, and holding her own opinions--After all we don't have to all agree? Isn't that what the VIEW was supposed to be about??? So why the heck was Star criticized for making her opinions known, and called a know-it-all? She was BRIGHT, PERSONABLE--and good for the show! KEEP SHINING, STAR!!!

2781 days ago


Star I remember you from Court TV during the O.J. Simpson trial days and you had a presence then. I'm glad you have bounced back and come full circle. You were beautiful than and beautiful now. It was your right to remain silent about your surgery or any other medical procedure. Whenever a woman enjoys her stardom she is considered a bitch; especially if she is an African-American.
Skee -Wee!!!

Rosie should stop attacking fellow entertainers and mind her business sometimes. Maybe she should attend to her depression that's got her hanging upside down like a bat. She used to be a wonderful entertainer before the obvious anger grew inside of her. Who appointed her the country's moral conscious and gay rights police. I loved it when Donald Trump told her off.

As far as I'm concerned Angelina Jolie, Madonna, and Oprah can spend their money on what and who they want to spend it on. Like Bobby Brown sang a long time ago "it's my money I earned it."

2781 days ago


First, I am so tired of Rosie pushing her agenda. I don't agree with the gay lifestyle and Rosie never seems to miss an opportunity to rub our faces in it. I like Ellen for the simple fact she doesn' t bring it up every chance she gets. I have lost all respect for Barbra because she seems to give in to Rosie all the time. I don't feel like Star Jones was in the wrong the way she chose to leave The View.
I don't see why Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt can't adopt an American child. If the truth were known, Their's almost as much poverty in America as there is anywhere in the world.

2781 days ago


Man I never realized how ugly that bitch Star is. Looks like some one is choaking the life out of her and her eyes are screaming for help. Hell let her die in peace.

2781 days ago


The comments made by myself #83 can be very backed up as I have raised three very productive children who in turn are raising terrific grandchildren. I am older and see the adoption crisis in our own country. So to you #85 know the facts before you make idiotic comments.

2781 days ago

Funny Girl    

I am sick of hearing Angelina Jolie called a "good will ambassador", etc. What exactly makes her that, because she goes around adopting a child from every country she visits? Why do people assume that because she has money to buy a child from every country that she will be a good mother? She is going to be a stay-at-home mom? Puhleese - this from a person who goes around wearing viles of blood around her neck and cutting herself? Oh, yeah, great role model! And why do people say things like the person above who said that the kid would be happy just because his mom would be Angelina Jolie - what qualifies her as a good mother - her face? Get serious, it isn't all that great and her body looks like a starved third-world country child's! Come on people, it sure takes more than looks to be a good person let alone a good parent.

2781 days ago

steve smith    

Star who? Come on! Rosie has worked hard at her craft and is a real women. She speaks her mind and we take offense. If we want to be a stronger country we do not need to cry about every little thing that people say. Rosie was chosen for the View because she has done what they wanted. And that is to stir the imagination of the American public in a way that incorporates a strong sense of humor. Did Star do that? No! We watch because we liked to be stimulated. Whether it be intelligent or not. Star should never have been there in the first place.

2781 days ago

G Best    

Ya star jones did get ugly in her face after having the gastric bypass, looks good from the neck down ,but man,she is homley now...ARF,ARF

2781 days ago
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