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The Anna Nicole Smith Movie -- Debra Opri

3/17/2007 12:47 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Debra Opri played by Laurie Metcalf


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When will you celebrity columns let the dear woman rest in peace?
Instead of worrying about who is going to play who in this movie why not worry about the future of that poor baby girl, Danneilynn? Perhaps, you should waste your time doing someone some good instead of poking fun at a little girls dead mother...

2785 days ago

Reita Perdue    

TMZ your choices and are not very good. try again, anna is dead it is time to move on, let Dannielynn have a normal life with her Dad, Larry, and with any amount of luck Howard the big coward will fade into the wood work.........RAP

2785 days ago


Laurie Metcalf is to good to play that skank Debra Opri !!!!!

2785 days ago


I nominate Jay Mohr as LB.

2785 days ago


I don't know enough about Laurie Metcalf to know whether she would make a good Debra Opri, but if she can consistently act in "obnoxious" and "noxious" mode, then she would probably be pretty good casted as Debra Opri. But really by FIRST pick for Debra Opri is the woman who plays on the TV sit com "Christine", JULIA LOUIS DREYFUS, now there is a PERFECT Debra Opri. I know she is a comedienne and probably hasn't done dramatic acting BUT she is obnoxious and noxious and I think she could handle the roie of Opri all the way down to the flirting and smiling in the camera, the loud voice, and really Opri is kind humerous to watch and listen to.

2785 days ago


Nah, Laurie Metcalf is definitely NOT the best choice for Opri, IMO.

2785 days ago


JULIA LOUIS DREYFUS could be Debra Opri.

2784 days ago


Here is a pic of Julia Louis Dreyfus, she looks and could be as obnoxious as bulldog Opri,%20Julia

2784 days ago


i'm also for Julia Louis Dreyfus ^.. and she is a great actress.. i really like her work

but i think it's sad to make a movie so quickly about anna.. she can finally rest.. and what are people doing.. make a movie about her life. i don't think they should make a movie.. her life was hard enough, she lost her son.. and all her family/drugs problems..i think they should let het rest in peace.. she deserves it.. next to her son Daniell.
they only make a movie 'cause there's a lot of speculation around her life (before she died & after) so they will accrue a lot f money (just because she died! that's so sad,, those masterminds shoul learn to google and hopefully they find a real life, so the next time a celebrity or other person dies they will let them rest!

2784 days ago


Any thing with Laurie Metcalf in it I'll watch, wish they would give her more roles.

2784 days ago

Glisten Garbor    

Maybe Rosie O'donnell or Rachael Ray to play Opri..

2784 days ago



Rosie? Puhleeeeese! Enough of her already.

2784 days ago

Mr Truth    

How about Dana Delaney to play Opri...?

2783 days ago


Ann Coulter s/b the attorney-they are both loud!

2769 days ago

Momma Groves    

I think Debra Winger would play a good Debra Opri. She is absolutely wonderful.

2768 days ago

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