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This Week's Biggest Losers 03/17/07

3/17/2007 4:03 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Simon CowellOn this weekend's edition of "60 Minutes," Simon Cowell tells Anderson Cooper that he regrets saying no to a Hollywood couple who wanted to pay him $100,000 for a private critique of their bedroom lovemaking.

If only the following folks had also been blessed with the wisdom to remain behind closed doors this week.

Prince Frederic
Prince Frederic von Anhalt: The alleged second-youngest man in Anna Nicole's life coughed up a new definition of German irony this week. Here's a guy who, by many public accounts, is about as close to a royal bloodline as Minneapolis' Prince Rogers Nelson (all von Anhalt did in 1980 was get adopted by a real princess and change his name to Frédéric Prinz von Anhalt), but this week he took exception to being called a "fraud" by FOX News host Bill O'Reilly, and this week filed a defamation lawsuit in Los Angeles Superior Court. By his own admission, von Anhalt married Zsa Zsa Gabor for friendship, not love; but for the love of Beverly Hills, at this point, it should be her slapping the prince, rather than him slapping O'Reilly with a lawsuit.

Sylvester StalloneSylvester Stallone: You can't really blame a 60-year-old guy if he's doing whatever it takes to bulk up for the Thailand shoot of "Rambo IV: Pearl of the Cobra." But those charges (of illegal importation of hormones) that were leveled at Sly in an Australian courtroom this past Tuesday are bittersweet, as they fly in the face of his recent Rocky Balboa narrative of facing the ravages of old age like a man. Stallone, who will likely be hit with a relatively small fine, insists this is all just a misunderstanding. But only fifteen-round, puffed-up boxing slit eyes could explain how, when entering Australia, the actor checked 'No' on his customs form when asked whether he was bringing restricted or prohibited goods such as "medicines, steroids, firearms or any kind of illicit drugs" into the country.

Jennifer AnistonJennifer Aniston: While the two other loves of Brad Pitt's life -- Angelina Jolie and Gwyneth Paltrow -- were respectively voted the #1 and #10 "yummiest mommies" by readers of the British website, this 38-year-old actress now trails them in the baby box score department 0-4 and 0-2. Conflicting reports are swirling this month: US Weekly suggests Aniston's recent five-day visit to New York was the first step in moving back to a good place to meet men, while NW Magazine is insisting that newly reconciled boyfriend Vince Vaughn is ready to start a family. This weekend at least, she must content herself not with a pregnancy test, but simply a "Pap Smear," the title of the episode of pal Courteney Cox's TV series "Dirt," in which Jen guest stars.

Lucy LiuLucy Liu, Antonio Banderas: Sandra Bullock and Chris Rock are getting some pretty savage reviews this weekend for their respective movies, "Premonition" and "I Think I Love My Wife." But how would you like to be anointed the absolute "Worst of the Worst" by the website, as this pair has been, courtesy of their 0% positively reviewed 2002 stinker "Ballistic: Ecks vs. Sever?" Liu's role was originally supposed to be male, leading to early casting consideration of the tandems of Jet Li/Wesley Snipes and Vin Diesel/Sylvester Stallone. Not even Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan could have saved this one, even if they had retitled it "When Ecks Met Sever."

RegisRegis Philbin: For the first time in eons, this dynamic talkshow host didn't get nominated for a Daytime Emmy Award in the categories of Outstanding Talk Show and Outstanding Talk Show Hosts (though a show rep tells TMZ that this is because they didn't choose to "enter any of those categories"). Although he and Kelly Ripa could still get a nod next month in the brand new category of Outstanding Morning Show, this is definitely not the kind of double bypass Gelman was hoping to share with Regis after the 75-year-old showbiz legend's very real (and successful) triple bypass heart operation. Even worse perhaps, on this St. Patrick's Day, Regis Francis Xavier Philbin can only raise a post-op non-alcoholic toast to the NCAA fortunes of his beloved Notre Dame.

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say what????

2742 days ago

Finally exposed - shes a wierdo    

Who is this loser, Prince Frederic von Anhalt? Having met members of european royalty, my impression is that, to a person, they're low key and try to avoid publicity; they like to have some sort of a private life. This guy seems to be the "royal" (if you can call him that; he's not of royal bloodlines) equivalent of Paris Hilton or ANS. I guess he couldn't satisfy his lust for publicity by marrying Zsa Zsa; now the only way he can get attention is by trying to insert himself into any situation he can find. What a little man he is; how pitiful & pathetic...

2742 days ago


i bet simon does regret would have probably been the first action he's seen in a while!

2742 days ago


Re: Simon

*runs like hell to the nearest convent!*

Having that creepy SOB be watch me having sex would make me so celebate that I'd end up going back to the time of my conception & covince Dad he'd much rather go fishing them have sex with his wife who hasn't seen in weeks. Dad was a truck driver when I was conceieved & was away from home a lot & yes, I'm certain he was my dad. Mom had 6 other kids at home, she didn't have time or energy for other men! lol

2742 days ago

Lenn K.    

Prince Freddy is a fraud and sueing Bill O'Reilly won't make him any less. Why didn't you come forward when Ann Nicole was alive? Because she would have called you a fraud and a liar. It's funny how the media has coverup the Sly HGH and steroids affair. I wonder why? Most other people this would be breaking news!!

2742 days ago


Who in the hell would want this jerk to critique their lovemaking? Most of this guys criticism on American Idol consist of low class, unnecessary, hurtful remarks that are just plain ungly. Any guy who would be stupid enough to listen to Simon critique his lovemaking may never be able to get an erection again after having Simons ass remarks thrown at him. same goes for the woman. Simon is about as sexy as a barracuda anyway. This is ridiculous

2742 days ago

Brother Harold, S.J.    


2742 days ago


i love simon he is always right with what he says to the singers on ai and for#2 coment only shows you dont know what you are talking about simons long time girlfriend is HOT if simon was not on the show and it was only randy& paula the show would be over his truth &wit keeps us watching

2742 days ago


Loser of the week - Jennifer Aniston. You jest. She has been split from Pitt for 2 years and 3 months - and you diss her because she doesn't have a brood already, and you diss her in part because Us Weekly assumes that if she goes to New York for a few days, she's moving there because she's prowling the streets for guys and there are more in NYC. You, TMZ, should be at the top of the losers list. If you're so keen on Us, why don't you investigate their claim that Angelina bought PAX for two million dollars - that when she was being treated like a queen in Vietnam, other adoptive parents were waiting for hours on end in hot, un air conditioned offices. Investigate the moral issue of Brad Pitt being this kid’s father (and immediately), although Angelina lied on her application and the child was released to her based on her lie. It is illegal in Vietnam for non-married, cohabitating couples to adopt. Bottom line – you crowd your site with garbage, so people don’t notice that you miss the obvious.

The real loser of the week, and you, of course, missed this one, is Debra Opri. She will never get one dime from Larry Birkhead. I can’t image the legal bill that he ran up with her.

2742 days ago


Just FYI, Kelly Ripa said on Friday's show that they purposely did not enter either of those categories since they haven't been able to win ever! She did mention entering the other new category for morning show.

2742 days ago


Re: Simon Cowell

I don't think people will take kindly to his boasting that he's bigger than Bruce Springsteen because they won't understand the full implication of exactly what Simon does. They just know him from Tues., and Wed., nights. I think the reason Simon is mad at the couple is because anyone stupid enough to offer him that kind of money 'to critique' their lovemaking should have to pay it. The guy is a judge for a singing show. What stupid ass couple is this? I'm available.

Re: Prince Von Anhalt

I remember when he sued Pfizer and posed for a tabloid in a pair of Speedos to talk about how he can no longer "get it up" because of Viagra; thinking this man the consummate
opportunist. Strange people like this clog the court system in the U.S. I'm sure he walks around making the 'minions' in Beverly Hills --- those who are not his 'equals' miserable.
What I scrub around the bottom of my bathtub has more soul. My morning constitutional
is more meaningful than anything that "Prince Von Anhalt" has to say.

2742 days ago


sorry donna..just a sure he has all the hotness he can but you do have to admit...he's a real prick sometimes. and i dont believe "simon" makes the show...a lot of people love paula and randy just as much!

2742 days ago

slimon is a jerk    

Simon's girlfriends have a pet name for him--Floppy--he'd rather be critiquing Lance and Reichlin or whoever his new fling is.

2742 days ago


I love Simon Cowell.

2742 days ago


I agree whole heartedly with #13...Simon...I swear people...I use to just like ignore him, but's like put a nice shirt on... polo, aloha...or whatever...Tired of seeing him those guys know what I mean???? Does he have a green card?
INS check him out....please!!!!

2742 days ago
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