Britney -- I Got My Life Back !!!!

3/20/2007 9:00 AM PDT

Britney -- I Got My Life Back !!!!

TMZ has learned Britney Spears will be leaving rehab this week, and she has made one of the most amazing turnarounds in celebrity memory.

Sources say Britney and soon-to-be ex Kevin Federline had an "amazing meeting" on Sunday. They are not only getting along, they are hammering out the terms of custody. We're told when Britney gets out, she and Kevin have agreed to a 50/50 split with physical custody of their two children. The plan is for Britney to eventually gain primary custody and Kevin will have visitation.

Jamie Lynn, Britney's sister, and Brit's mom, Lynne, have been at Kevin's house helping with the kids while Britney has been getting her own help in rehab. And that help is working. We're told she has literally turned her life around. Stay tuned.

Sanjaya -- Bottoming Out?

A source tells TMZ that 17-year-old "American Idol" contestant Sanjaya Malakar's cheery smile is simply a front ... and privately, the winsome teen is actually bumming.

A source close to Sanjaya's family revealed exclusively to TMZ that the darling hula-dancer has been devastated by recent bad press he's received over his not-so-precious singing. "He's so young and so sensitive, it's hard for him to go out on that stage and not have that devastation affect his performance," said the source.

Apparently, it's not just hard on Sanjy, but on his family as well; they are trying their best to just be a strong support system for the adorable teenager as he hulas his way through this sometimes surreal experience as one of the remaining 11 American Idols. It's unlikely that Sanjaya will have to endure it much longer. He was in the bottom two last week.
hair thing down!

Judgment Day in Anna Nicole Paternity Dispute

Here we go again. The parties in the Anna Nicole Smith paternity battle are expected in court in the Bahamas today, and sources tell TMZ that this is the day the judge will probably force everyone to pony up DNA samples to determine who Dannielynn's daddy really is.

What's more, we're told experts in DNA are scheduled to testify in a secret hearing. And sources inside the case say if Howard K. Stern is ordered to produce DNA samples of Dannielynn, he will comply. But TMZ reported yesterday that rumors that Dannielynn's DNA has already been taken in advance of today's hearing just weren't true.

Mess USA Pumped for Pageant Ratings

They may be crowning a new queen this week, but Miss USA pageant organizers are going to squeeze every last bit of PR juice they can from their most famous bad girl, Tara Conner. The show's executive producer Phil Gurin tells the AP that the rehabbed conner will be "all over our telecast" on Friday, and that they're "not going to shy away from referring to what happened." After TMZ revealed allegations of alcohol and drug abuse by Conner in the early months of her reign, the beauty queen was nearly deposed – and was then given a second chance by Donald Trump to keep her crown. No word on whether appearances will be made on the telecast by Miss Nevada Katie Rees and Miss New Jersey Ashley Harder.

Party Favors: Is Hermione Ditching "Harry Potter"? ... Jesse Metcalfe Blacklisted at Mondrian? ... Vanessa Williams Gets Hollywood Star

Emma Watson – the young actress who plays Hermione in the "Harry Potter" films – will be back for the final two installments of the movie serial, insists Warner Bros. She will be 20 by the time the final film – "The Deathly Hallows" – is complete, says Us. ... "Desperate Housewives" hunk Jesse Metcalfe won't be hanging at that pretty-people pool at Hollywood's Mondrian Hotel, says Page Six. Guests at the hotel says that Metcalfe was banned after "partying for four days straight last week and being really mean to the staff." A hotel rep says no official ban has been imposed, and his rep didn't comment. ... Tara, take note! Being a disgraced beauty queen doesn't mean the end of your career. Deposed Miss America (and now, actress-singer) Vanessa Williams got her own star yesterday on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.