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Felicity Shows for Ryan's Show -- in PJs

3/22/2007 1:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Felicity Huffman in her PJs.Felicity Huffman's got a look that's made for radio.

The desperate housewife sleepwalked her way over to Ryan Seacrest's radio show this morning -- in her bedclothes! Only problem was, her interview with Ryan was scheduled for tomorrow, not today. Seacrest gamely let her into the studio, where she called herself "a loser," blaming her casual getup on a late work night, and jokingly, on an I.Q. roughly equal to "room temperature."

At least she was kind enough to roll her pajama pants, explaining that the dog had peed on them a little bit.


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pattie in cali    

what????????????????? who cares

2775 days ago


Well, here goes another re-hab entry.

2775 days ago

Jane Smith    

What, just because she's a Movie star, she thinks it's okay to be MESSY! *rolling eyes*

2775 days ago

Jane Smith    

What, just because she's a Movie star, she thinks it's okay to be MESSY! *rolling eyes*

2775 days ago


She is not a loser, she is just totally ridiculous! From what I've read she and her husband are completely fixated over being on time and others not being even 5 minutes late. And apparently it's an obsession to the point where the woman would rather show up in her pajamas a day early than take the time to check her freakin calendar and get dressed. She can't really think she is more professional by doing this? That people will think she is so cool for being concerned about lateness that she would rather humiliate herself than take 5 minutes and do what most normal people do before they leave the house- late or not!!!

2775 days ago


I heard this on the radio this morning and it was hilarious. Felicty Huffman is a very down to earth person. She was embaressed ot have shown up a day early, but everyone really made light of the whole situation. I think more celebrities should have her sense of humor. She's awesome!

2775 days ago


She still has more real talent in her little finger than most of the people talked about on this site (Paris, Nicole, Kim Kardashian, whatever Rod Stewarts daugters name is...)

2775 days ago


she irritates me. it seems that everything she does and says is VERY, VERY CALCULATED. SHE IS OBNOXIOUS! does anyone really believe she didn't have the strength and time to throw on a pair of sweats and a tee? she is CALCULATING and MANIPULATIVE and AFFECTED! she will do anything for attention.

2775 days ago


#4 -- I agree with you! Whether or not it was all a publicity stunt doesn't matter - I started my morning laughing out loud. Go KIIS!

2775 days ago


I totally agree with #7. She is old, she is bot a very good actress (better than eva longoria though) and she is ugly and manish! She is very annoying and wierd. Im sick of her, Whats ging on with anna nicole today? anyone? anyone?

2775 days ago


I guess we can say she's not into image making which can be refreshing. I hope she did brush her teeth to spare everyone morning breath and splash a little water on her face.

2775 days ago


This is the beginning of my losing respect for Felicity. Why would she show in public wearing her pajamas (dog pee stained to boot) when there is no fire? Is she completely detached from reality?

2775 days ago


I love lynette, I think she's funny! Who cares if she shows up in her pj's. Do you see how some other people dress, no panties!!! at least her ass is covered... hell if I looked as good as her, I'd wear pj's too. Actually, I have seen women wearing pj's shopping at malls and other stores. In some places thats the thing to do. I live in a small town where people go to the local store in their jammies...

2775 days ago


I totally agree with #11 How stupid going out in her p.j's what a looser.

2774 days ago


she did that on the ellen show last year went on in her p.j's it wasn't funny then.

2774 days ago
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