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Post-Rehab Britney Steps Out

3/25/2007 4:04 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Baldy Britney Spears made her first post-rehab public appearance this weekend when she stepped out to take a dance class and have dinner with her girlfriends, reports People. She was spotted Friday evening at Millennium Dance Complex in North Hollywood taking two hour-long hip-hop dance classes.

Spears has worked and collaborated with Millennium Dance Complex instructors in the past on videos, but her attendance, says hip-hop instructor Darrien Herring, was shocking. "I had no idea she was coming," he said, who had high praise for the pop princess. She looked "fantastic," and "did the choreography really well," he said. "In fact, she came in and nailed it."

Spears, clad in a dark brown wig, later met up with three girlfriends at SHU Sushi House Unico in Bel Air. And though she's been known to take pops at the paparazzi, Spears was all smiles for photographers as she headed home around 11:30 PM.

Naomi Now Nice?

Perhaps cleaning toilets is the key to a kinder, gentler Naomi: The New York Daily News spoke with one of Naomi Campbell's fellow community service workers, who reported that the model-slash-sanitation worker was "a pleasure to work with." The man declined being identified and was coy about why he was assigned community service, but was seen carrying Naomi's bags all week, and on Friday, left the work site with Naomi. "She's a wonderful and impressive businesswoman," said the mystery man, speaking outside his posh Battery Park City address, and noting that "we had a good time, but got a lot of work done."

Paul Hangs With Post-Heather Hottie

While Heather Mills dances with the stars, soon-to-be-ex hubby Paul McCartney is getting hot and heavy with a new squeeze. The beleaguered Beatle has been spotted a lot lately with Sabrina Guinness, of, yes, the Guinness Stout beer empire. Guinness, 52, was spotted recently with McCartney, his daughter Stella and her husband Alasdhair Willis. McCartney told Brit rag the Daily Mail that "I realize everyone wants to see me with a new bird right now and that's very flattering. We enjoy each other's company." The politically progressive McCartney then added that he and Guinness woo each other by talking about "stuff like the environment and Al Gore, things like that."

Party Favors...Elton Enjoys 60th Birthday Bash...Piven on Nobu's No-List...Snoop Denied Travel Visa.

Sir Elton John celebrated the big 6-0 in New York this weekend with a birthday bash fit for only the Rocket Man himself. More than 500 A-list friends including Donatella Versace, Bette Midler and Rod Stewart, joined Elton and husband David Furnish at the aptly named St. John of the Divine Church, the world's largest gothic cathedral. ... According to the New York Daily News "Entourage's" Jeremy Piven has been warned to stay away from the Japanese Nobu restaurant chain after bad behavior at Nobu's Aspen, Colorado, outpost. A source tells NYDN columnist Ben Widdicombe that Piven not only tipped poorly, but also made a nasty comment to the manager after being dissatisfied with the table he was given. Piven denies the flap. ... Rapper Snoop Dogg's reps report that the rapper has been denied a British visa, and will be unable to join his buddy P. Diddy on tour there. Reps say the rapper is "mystified" by the decision, and officials refuse to comment, though some speculate it may have something to do with Snoop's involvement in a skirmish at London's Heathrow Airport last April.


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Lenn K.    

Britney stepping out, who cares. The problem with the paparrizzi is they have nothing to do but stalk and pray for a dumb picture. Now Paul that more like it, take your time and just live life. That one-legged bandit is almost out of your hair. Snoop, life is just a joke to this idiot. Dope-smoker and thug who has about four kids and still won't be an example to them. Grow the hell up Snoop and take so responsiblity for your life and your family for once!!!!!

2739 days ago


You mean "mom of the year" er, I mean Britney, wasn't spending as much time as humanly possible with her babies? How surprising is that?

2739 days ago


Hey Paul,I hope Ms. Guinness looks better than Heather Mills,cause that chick is one ugly creature.

2739 days ago


Has anyone ever noticed that Britney's left eye is a little...."off". She has a lazy eye or something! I can't stand to look at her. She makes me throw up in my mouth a little. She is what my friends call a butter face. Everything looks good on her, but her face!

2739 days ago

in the know    

I wish Britney the best. Anyone who doesn't should hope they don't experience a bad time in their life, or have children who have problems. She is still human. If you don't like her overlook the post about her and don't comment. It is pretty sad when over zealous judgemental people exist in the world today who have no empathy for others. Remember that when you fall on hard times yourself, whether financial and emotional, and remember how quick you were to bash others. That is if you are ever employed to even recieve a paycheck.

2739 days ago


#5 in the know

Gosh, we should feel empathy for Britney? And wish Britney the best? Fine. Then you end your post by saying "That is if you are ever employed to even receive a paycheck". You just bashed many people on here.

I don't bash anyone. I post a negative opinion on occasion. I see too many good, clean living celebrities trashed here due to fabricated stories or outright lies about their character. If the celeb deserves the bashing, fine, but it seems that many here show even more hatred for the good people.

2739 days ago


Spears not with her children?
She's an extremely poor example of motherhood -- or a responsible member of society for that matter.
For their sake, they should be taken away from her and placed in a loving, nurturing, drug-free home with people who were underwear under their clothes.

2739 days ago

I wanna go to rehab too    

#5 the know
What are you supposed to know?? That Brit is a good mom? That Brit is just misunderstood? That she's just trying to find her way in the world, seeing that she is so young? Oh PLEEZZEEE! There are millions of us regular folks who went to rehab at least once..i went twice...there are millions of us who had children at any even younger age than Miss Brit and yet, we are capable of raising our children..i have 4 kids and one is handicapped...there are scores of us regular folks who go out every day and earn a crappy paycheck to go buy Brits records to do nothing but make her more rich and more spoiled....Britney needs to get over herself and go out and earn a crappy paycheck every once in a while...maybe she will learn to appreciate what she has...a house full of people to take care of her and her little kids so she can go do what she wants when she wants to. Must Be Nice...i'd love to take a shower by myself without being interrupted every 10 seconds by someone yelling MOM MOM MOM !!!! But then i wouldn't want to trade for all the money she has...I actually like my kids...mine aren't just photo ops for the magazines.

2739 days ago


To #5:
Spears thrust herself into the public eye by and of her own free will.
She makes $ by being in the public eye.
Being members of the public, we can comment on her and judge her all day long.

2739 days ago


#10 sounds like u are a hater cause u got stuck with 4 kids and don't have the money Britney has, GEE. Sounds like u hate her cause she has money to do things u can't do, just because u earn a crappy paycheck don't mean that people like Britney has to suffer cause u are jealous......chill out damn... At least Britney did recognized that she had a problem and did somthing about it, and yes cause she got money she don't have to do without, so she put it to good use and got help. Something u need to do #10, please stop hatin'

2739 days ago

Bye bye Sam    

Britney go be with your kids. I had my boys at your age and my butt was at home with them...not running around until after their bedtime.

2739 days ago

He's Boring now    

Nice to read the first report of Brits post rehab outing wasnt like some others who have gone through it and headed straight to a Club sipping on water. Maybe she put her kids to bed, who knows, but part of her recovery may include getting back to her craft.

Snoop? you're worried about not being able to get into Britain? I"m worried that a felon who is out on bond on 2 charges is even allowed to leave his own Country. Hurry up with the court and get this felon back behind bars...

2739 days ago


Why can't she just stay home with her kids? Kevin, sue for full custody right now. She obviously doesn't want those children or she would be wanting to change herself FOR them.

What a pathetic little bitch.

2739 days ago


Never cared for Britney as she always reminded me of a very disobedient, spoiled child who lacked common sense. I just heard one of Britney's songs for the very first time - My Prerogative. This is a Bobby Brown remake. Britney did a wonderful job with the song. To redo this particular song at the time it was redone is a sign that Britney was always suffering in the lightbulbs of the parazzis. So here is to that hope Britney makes a come back. Only one suggestion, get rid of that attitude - yes people do care if you act crazy and stupid - so stay real, maintain, and you will perservere. PS That song was great! Good Job! Stay sober, stay real and wish you, Sean Preston & Jayden the best!

2739 days ago


Why on earth does Britney wear the wigs??? It just proves that she's embarrassed by her head shaving incident!!!! Everyone knows what she did....why hide it!!!!!!!!! What an IDIOT!

2739 days ago
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