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Perper: Anna's "Anus Is Unremarkable"

3/26/2007 2:32 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Composite of Smith and PerperAlong with the list of nine drugs found in her system, Anna Nicole Smith's autopsy report also bizarrely reveals that her "anus is unremarkable."

In the eight page report obtained by TMZ, Dr. Perper describes, in detail, the condition of Anna's body.

The report lists every mark on Anna's body, even tattoos. Smith's body art included the words "Daniel" and "Papas," a pair of red lips, a Playboy bunny, a combination of a Christ head, a bible, a naked women's torso and a smiling Marilyn Monroe among others.

On a positive note, Anna's fingernails and toenails were both listed as "clean."


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Loser O'Quinn    

#6 - Unremarkable means that it is of normal finding and there is no need to make comment on that organ... Normal is all it means. Hope this helps

2771 days ago


I was born without an anus.

2771 days ago

Go KY    

You know who probably has a remarkable anus.....HKS!!!!!!!!

2771 days ago

Inspector Morgan    

Dr. Perper and Dr. Wecht are friends. Dr. Perper used to be UNDER Dr. Wecht.

Dr. Wecht on Court TV said that he didn't like that people were putting the severed head of Howard Stern on a platter. (odd statement that seems personal)

Dr. Wecht was HIRED by Anna (really Howard because what the hell does she know about patholgy or WHO to contact) for a SECOND autopsy on Daniel.

Dr. Perper says that Anna had complained of pain on her buttocks during the flight to Florida before she died. (Hearsay-
many things he mentioned during the announcement of his findings are things that were TOLD to him)

What I'm moving toward here is that Dr Wecht and Dr. Perper are relying heavily on things that were told to them to conclude their findings OTHER than the overdose of drugs.

Pay attention to these things and you might conclude a friendship between HOWARD and Dr. Wecht.

Does Dr. Wecht know Howard through any past legal associations? Why does he say he does NOT want to see Howard's head on a platter.

All sounds fishy to me because here are TWO medical examiners who are PUBLICLY relying on hearsay from Howard and associates.

2771 days ago


If Larry King has Harvey Levin on tonight, someone needs to ask him why he would allow this kind of a headline to run on TMZ. It should be removed immediately-it has no value and is completely disrespectful, unnecessary and not funny in the least. CNN has no business having anyone directly affiliated w/this site on a legitimate news program. The free press in the country is in a crisis.

2771 days ago


unremarkable just means it was normal; they found no abnormalities or diseases

2771 days ago


"Unremarkable" means there was nothing wrong with it, no sign of trauma, etc. Just like any organ of the body referred to on an autopsy if it says the "liver" was unremarkable it means there was no liver people looks like Anna wasn't as nasty as people thought!

2771 days ago


I AGREE WITH #30,#54.......................................

2771 days ago

Go KY    

This whole story is in bad taste.....funny, but bad taste....yeah for bad taste and unremarkable assholes!

you know the old saying..."live by the asshole, die by the asshole" LOL

Hey, ANS and HKS brought all this on themselves!

2771 days ago


When a doctor says something is unremarkable, for example your chest x ray, it means it is normal.

2771 days ago

Just me??    

BET bIRKIE WOULD DISAGREE WITH THAT....he loved her anus too. TMZ your are disgraceful...Know your gonna be sued anyway RIGHT

2771 days ago


That is a common remark on autopsies. I do transcription for doctors and there is nothing unusual or bizarre about this comment being on an autopsy. People who are not familiar with these reports might find a lot of what is said "bizarre", but this is the norm.

2771 days ago

Free BabyGurl Now    

the tmz headline is on PAGE FOUR of the autopsy and is part of a normal external examination report portion of an autopsy report.

what 12-year-old tmz "reporter" went straight to this portion of the report?

what perv thought that was important?

pathetic. tells us nothing significant. typical tmz "journalists"

2771 days ago


Why would you even post this ? I feel so bad for anna, people are so rude to her even in death. This is sick!

2771 days ago


You have crossed the line.

2771 days ago
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