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Slim-Fast on Anna's Death Nightstand

3/26/2007 7:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Anna Nicole SmithSeminole detectives found Slim-Fast on Anna Nicole Smith's night table in the Hard Rock Hotel room where she died.

According to a scene investigation report released by the Broward County Medical Examiner, Smith, a spokesman for the weight loss supplement TRIMSPA, had nicorette gum, Tamiflu and several cans of soda on her night table next to the diet drink.

In the document, there is no mention of TRIMSPA products being anywhere in the room.


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Yvonne Sarver    

I think HKS is some kind of monster. What kind of a person would keep a child from its biological parent? I hope everyone sees through HKS. I could write all day and night about HKS, and then some. Larry is getting a bad rap. It looks like that child will never be his. It is all about the money.

2672 days ago

Yvonne Sarver    

The fact that HKS has an attorney that is president of Bar Assoc. seems to give him more clout as far as Dannilynn is concerned. He is being a real jerk to put it mildly I do not know how Larry Birkhead is going to stop this man. He has got a full house so to speak. Larry Birkhead has nothing to say it seems. I feel so bad for him. Will he ever get that child. Will the inquest ever get started? I guess we will have to wain and see.

2672 days ago


POST 314 and 315 by a nurse

If anyhthing happens to HK$ aka Snidley Whiplash, BELIEVE me, it will be HOMOside.

2671 days ago


ATTENTION! This is a response to rm's blog number 328

If a 100 year old person is killed's a life TAKEN.
If a prostitute is killed's a life TAKEN.
If a viable fetus is born breathing and it's killed's a life TAKEN.
If a drug addict is killed's a life TAKEN.

Anna’s and Daniel’s lives may have been TAKEN from them.
They deserve Inquests into their deaths --to be done by Medical Examiners of integrity.
They deserve an investigation into their deaths by professional INVESTIGATORS --just like any other possible homicide.

Do some research about Perper and Wecht --two money-hungry JERKS.

Posted on Apr 1st 2007 by mary

I am going to call Dr Perper an outright liar! Someone posted on one of these blogs that Dr Perper was on one of the TV shows dribbling his usual defensive cover up. He stated he did not know who Dr Wecht was and had never spoken to him. Perper is an outright liar.

He spoke to Dr Wecht when the court was deciding who should get Anna’s body and Wecht said after speaking to Perper that it was an overdose.

I have stated so many times that as soon as I heard Wecht was involved this is going to be ruled an overdose and a cover up will ensue. I am posting some links to prove to readers Perper is a geriatric liar conspiring in a cover up.

Perper sue me - but you wont because you have perjured yourself. You miserable old HKSniveller defender.

Oh and add ego maniac and arrogant - he said from on the comments I saw that the police cannot overrule him.

Well bless my duffel bag Perper.

Dr. Perper's tenure as coroner here was sandwiched between terms that Dr. Wecht served, from 1970 to 1980 and 1996 to 2006. In fact, Dr. Wecht met Dr. Perper at a medical convention, and in 1972 hired him as Allegheny County's chief forensic pathologist.


2670 days ago

Yvonne Sarver    

Are we really going to find out who the real daddy is? I am positive it is Larry Birkhead. He has been so patient I don"t believe I could have been as much so. I think he will do anything to get his child. Well, we hope tomorrow will tell the truth. We hope that HKS does not throw another monkey wrench in the proceedings. Why does he so much power?

2670 days ago


Slim-Fast on her night stand is only one of many fishy things going on with all this....

2669 days ago

Yvonne Sarver    

Well Tuesday is the day. Everyone will know who the daddy is. We know it is not HKS. I am hoping that it is Larry Birkhead he deserves that child. He has been fighting for that baby from the very first when she was born. He is one nice person

2665 days ago

Yvonne Sarver    

Well we finally know who the real daddy is. Larry Birkhead, what a happy guy. He deserves that baby. He has waited 7 long months.

2659 days ago

Hoodia Gordonii    

Anna was in a drug rehab program a few times. Lets guess what they said, shall we? They said do not enable her. And how much do you want to bet that all those doctors who wrote prescriptions for medications to every name given did not know each other. But you know who did know

2626 days ago
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