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Heather Mills: Out on a Limb

3/29/2007 4:06 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Armed with two artificial legs in hand, prosthetic pirouetter Heather Mills ankled away from her busy "Dancing with the Stars" training to visit a Beverly Hills clinic, although it's unknown who's footing the bill.

It's nice to see that if the pedestrian soon-to-be-ex Mrs. Paul McCartney happens to lose her fake appendage while doing the Cha Cha, she has ample backup.

Break a leg, girl!


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#34 I suspect that Heather is bi-polar because she had an abusive father and her mother left her as a child. She also has anger issues which is common because her father had anger issues. I had the same situation as Heather, but chose not to be like my father, so I do not have anger issues or a mean streak. I do suffer from minor depression, but have managed to control it by exercise and meditation.

2765 days ago


#37 Your are truly ignorant!!!! She is a media whore!!!!!!

2765 days ago


#37 Your are truly ignorant!!!! She is a media whore!!!!!!

2765 days ago


#33 Paul is no saint but he has good character. Heather is no saint and she has bad character. She never resolved her childhood issues which can cause a person to have anger issues. I am sure that her anger issues were very difficult for Paul, but Paul has always been a dedicated husband to Linda and to Heather. Heather's ex husband said that Heather was a compulsive liar and had anger issues too.

2765 days ago


I do not like Heather. So if you dont want to here this negative message, move on. Her amputation is below the knee which gives her alot more mobility than someone who has an amputation above the knee. Her dancing is giving the impression ALL amputees can dance...not the case. People think she is an inspiration...TO WHO? Most disabled people I know live pay check to pay check...dont marry someone famous and live each day without the publicity she craves so much. Send her packing!

2765 days ago


#42....not ignorant...just TRYING to be somewhat polite....but what the heck, you are right, she is a media whore!

2765 days ago

David Paul    

I was against her in the beginning. Now, I like her. I think she is a beautiful woman with alot of class. As far as Sir Paul goes, he married a woman 30 years younger than himself. I am sure in the beginning she was in love with the x-Beatle, one of the greatest musicians to have ever lived. Then she woke up a few years later and realized she was married to an old man. You call her a gold-digger, I call him a man going thru a mid life crisis and she paid the price. All of this I blame on him. He should of known better.

2765 days ago


Okay, I'm not saying this to get burned at the stake, but maybe she just doesn't care who knows she has a disability and she is embracing it by not having to be ashamed of it to carry a leg in a bag or not do a dancing show. She has definitely proven something to me just by being on the show with only the 1 leg. That is enough for me to really like what she is doing for other disabled people and even little disabled girls who know they can pursue a dream now and do things like others can who have all their limbs. I just think she doesn't care who knows she has only 1 leg. She's not ashamed of that and she shouldn't be. She is doing wonderful with only 1 limb. As for all the gold digging, he said/she saids, I don't care personally. You're telling me that all these other people who marry for money are so wonderful too and that others don't go into relationships based on money or fame. She's not the first to marry someone wealthy and she won't be the last. And any other things that happened in their marriage are between her and Paul. We don't know the facts and we weren't there. He might be "Sir" Paul, but that doesn't mean he isn't human and doesn't have faults as well. I am not going to judge someone for things being said in the media because we all see what the media can do and how wonderful they are. If she was such a monster, then why would he send her flowers for the dancing show. If he despised her that much, regardless of their daughter, why would you do that? I wouldn't if she had done that to me. And you can say it's because he's being a bigger person, but we still don't know the facts and that is between them. I am only judging the disability and I think in that regard she is an inspiration to anyone without a limb, especially after doing back walkovers and everything else she has been training so hard to do.

2765 days ago


Heather Mills got what she was after all along, Sir Paul's hard earned money. With that she can buy her way into Hollywood and garner celebrity status, of a sort.

2765 days ago


I am an amputee. Heather is no hero to me. I am sick to death of able bodied people saying she is an "inspiration". PLAEEZE. I agree with an earlier about every day peeps who go on each day living with far worse things in their lives. A little girl watching this show will NOT grow up to marry a millionaire. Most likely will NOT be on a show like Dancing with the Stars. I admire people who volunteer and do it privately.

2765 days ago


She had no problem doing a cartwheel while "dancing", but yet she needs a handicapped parking badge!?! Why not donate THAT to someone who truely needs it.

2765 days ago


i would love to see her leg fly off and hit one of the judges in the head.

that would be great.

she ain't nothin' but a GOLD-DIGGER

2765 days ago


Why are we even waisting out time with this gold digger?

2765 days ago


Take your funky ass & legs back to Britain.

2765 days ago


Heather Mills has been vilified in Britain. I think most of the hatred toward her is is because 'Sir Paul' is regarded more like 'Saint Paul" across the pond. Look, Paul McCartney is a grown man who's been around a long time. If he had been smart at all, he would have made sure there was a PRE-NUP signed but he DIDN'T. As for Heather, I like her and hope she does well not only on the show but in life. She's no more addicted to publicity than Paul McCartney. Granted he's a musical genius BUT he's flawed just like the rest of us. So settle the divorce, stop calling each other bad names and set an example for your little girl!

2765 days ago
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