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Jen at Vince's Party -- Kisses Other Guy

3/29/2007 12:57 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Perky "Dirt" guest star Jennifer Aniston was photographed laying the lips on a tall, handsome dude outside Vince Vaughn's birthday party -- er, not Vince.

Jen was saying goodnight to friend Courteney Cox, who was there with "Dirt" co-star Ian Hart (who apparently dresses exactly like his character even when on the town). Aniston hugged all of them, but the unknown dude got a kiss.

Alas, dear lovelorn Jen then went home ... alone.


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James Stouffer    

what is up, done any door knocking with shellie richter lately jennifer, say hi to zach brown, i mean matt perry...i need some speed humps, and a new loft at waikiki

2645 days ago


Jennifer Aniston has handled herself with nothing but class!! I don't see how anyone can say a bad thing about her. That's alot more than I can say for her classless ex and that thing he lives with. And don't forget Angelina herself in an interview said that Jennifer was Brad's best friend. He is a liar and a cheat. I don't give her or them kudos for anything. Here is a woman that steals other women's men (Billy Bob Thornton was also engaged I believe) and she is also a woman that won't have a relationship with her father or let him see his grandchildren. She acted like total trash with Billy Bob Thornton on one award show with her dad watching (I think she was talking to him then). Kisses her brother like they were lovers (which I have no doubt they have been). She is total sleaze and so is Brad. Heck I don't even like the actors that I hear are his friends anymore. Like George Clooney where there were rumors about they were going to get married at his house and other friends. And you can hardly act like she was so boring or wonder Brad left her...they had a long marriage as far as Hollywood marriage goes. I think Jennifer is gonna have the last laugh though because Brad and Angelina will never last. I think she's fallen in love with all her leading men. She needs to stop acting or Brad better watch out but my guess is that he has regretted leaving Jennifer MANY times. Those poor kids!! She don't even seem to like her & Brad's baby....."she was born into privelege!"~her own words. Someone who is so kind hearted would never get involved with men that are taken or not talk to their father. She may fool some people and I think she has a serious problem as far as adopting children and she should be stopped. Remember Joan Crawford adopted kids too.

2641 days ago


Most beautiful body in Hollywood. Most beautiful hair in Hollywood. Most beautiful eyes in Hollywood...and her husband still cheats. What hope do the rest of us have? Sniff..sniff...

2648 days ago


Who gives a damn what this woman does.

2712 days ago


I know many woman prettier and more talented than Anniston. What is the big deal? Who cares .

2712 days ago


being a beautiful single woman, she can kiss who she wants.

2712 days ago


She kissed everyone who walked her out!! Not just the mystery man! And just what makes him a myster man?? The fact YOU don;t know who he is??

Leave Jen alone!! She looks happy & healthy!! Who cares if she's single?? Women don't need a MAN to validate them!

2712 days ago


Get a life TMZ! Who cares, she kissed everyone. Is the best you have?

2712 days ago

Movie Ticket Buyer    

Jennifer sightings are becoming more and more rare as she is such a private person. Nothing wrong with being satisfied in your own skin. It was great to watch her on Dirt and see her work her magic on the screen again. She's one class act.

2712 days ago


Thanks TMZ, no matter what the others say. Give us more pictures of Jen smooching it up.

2712 days ago


Is the guy Courtney Cox with the guy from her show she's supposedly screwing?

2712 days ago

Funny Girl    

Big deal - so she kissed somebody good-bye. She has always shown class and people who can't see the difference between class (Jennifer) and trash (Angelina) are just trash themselves. There is no arguing she is beautiful, but some people are so jealous because they are trolls that they always have to trash her. Get a life!

2712 days ago


Call me crazy but guy looks like David Schwimmer and if they were out partying with friends why not have him tag along?

2712 days ago


the pap are more pathetic than ever. first of all shame on me for even watching because it is her business but it is so perfectly clear that she gives the guy a quick kiss and then a good ol hug. And if it was more than that - good on her.

2712 days ago


Jennifer Aniston is no friend of mine! I think she is an appallingly bad actress and she is a legend in her own mind. She is a total whiner about the paps and she bores me to tears. Who gives a f--- what she does?!!

2712 days ago
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