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Opri Fires Back

4/2/2007 3:47 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Debra OpriDebra Opri has just issued the following statement regarding the legal fees she charged Larry Birkhead:

"One can only imagine from whom and for what purposes these stories were started. I cannot comment on unauthenticated documents which were disseminated to the media under suspicious circumstances, and which are covered by the attorney-client privilege. I can assure you, however, that all of the fees and expenses incurred on behalf of Mr. Birkhead were reasonable, necessary, and appropriate, given the complexity and magnitude of this very high profile case that was litigated in two different states and a foreign country. Out of respect for Mr. Birkhead, I cannot comment further at this time."


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I am glad Larry got rid of her. She was not worth the money she claims he owes her as she did most of the stuff on her own and probably did not tell Larry, Hey, by the way, I want to help you through the funural, but forgot to mention, my hourly fees will be charged??

2701 days ago

what ashame    

I support you Larry
do what you have to do for your daughter

2758 days ago


Translation: I don't overbill my clients any more than any other lawyer.

2758 days ago

Alec has no brains    

She can't comment because there is little to say when you are caught with your hand in the till.

2758 days ago

Sylvie Mtl    

Oh please, what bull. 620,000 attorney fees, give me a freakin break. Come on this isn't Donald Trump. The guy works for a living.

2758 days ago


I can't believe she sleeps well at night.

2758 days ago

what ashame    

I took advantage of the situation and went shopping and ate at expensvie restaurants
and in some ways I am no better the HK$.

2758 days ago



2758 days ago


respect?????? come on!

2758 days ago


All this negative publicity is killing me and my future business. I need to put some spin on this now....Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha

2758 days ago


Bull crap... she knows she is greedy and wrong and caught by the entire public now and she does not know what to do or say to cover her over charging arrrrrrrssssss if u ask me.... go Larry GO Larry... U go GUY Go get your baby....... oh she wants to get paid to go to a funeral and out to eat numerous expensive meals etc etc.. she is a rip off....

2758 days ago


Like I said earlier, "given the complexity and magnitude of this very high profile case that was litigated in two different states and a foreign country, Mr Birkhead should invoice me at a rate of $6000 an hour, $100 a minute, for all the network and cable prime time publicity that I was so fortunate to garner". That is such bargain. Any company, firm or individual would take that deal all day long. It's safe to say that network airtime in prime time is way more expensive than $100 a minute.

2758 days ago

Alec has no brains    

Also, she should quit while she's ahead and make a deal with Larry that makes her look better. Otherwise, her reputation will continue to erode.

She's in trouble and just keeps making it worse. She's probably used to suing, but that would be a really bad idea on her part. She has a nerve talking about atty.-client privilege after what she said when she was dropped from the case. I guess the privilege only extends to her.

2758 days ago


I work with a well-known defense attorney & YOU are WAY out of line!! You just added more fuel to the fire about attorneys with you ridiculous over-billing!! I'm embarrassed for you!

2758 days ago


Liar. Liar. Pants on fire. Why is Larry paying for Debra's husbands dirty laundry. Why is two nitghts dinner over three thousand dollars. Opri is a thief. A Disgrace.

2758 days ago
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