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Opri Fires Back

4/2/2007 3:47 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Debra OpriDebra Opri has just issued the following statement regarding the legal fees she charged Larry Birkhead:

"One can only imagine from whom and for what purposes these stories were started. I cannot comment on unauthenticated documents which were disseminated to the media under suspicious circumstances, and which are covered by the attorney-client privilege. I can assure you, however, that all of the fees and expenses incurred on behalf of Mr. Birkhead were reasonable, necessary, and appropriate, given the complexity and magnitude of this very high profile case that was litigated in two different states and a foreign country. Out of respect for Mr. Birkhead, I cannot comment further at this time."


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too sad    

wasnt she empployed to
try to help larry have annas body burried in the states?

it didnt even happen!

2726 days ago

Jamie is a liar and he/she knows it    

What you dumb dumbs do not seem to realize

1) She was ok when she was running around like a viper for him. He was fine with that and he signed an agreement that he WOULD pay her and HE KNEW THE DOLLAR amount before she started working on his case.

2) Birkhead cannot play the poor me as this creap was fine with how much this woman costs as he was going to send the bill to anna. Too bad Anna died on you hmmm birkie?

3) TMZ obviously got the information from Birkhead, they even admitted that they knew first hand what the guy said about her going to the funeral. That shows how biased TMZ has been in its reporting. Birkhead is the typical go behind your back and spread rumors and gossip type of guy. We all have met his type and have been burned by his type. He is not the nice guy you idiots want him to be.

4) HE owes the dam money and Levin knows Larry does owe the money.

5) birkie is just trying to do what he has been doing all along, OH POOR ME - whawwww.

6) Birkhead is a sleeze and Anna wanted him out of her life.

7) You all hate lawyers until the day you need one. I am not a lawyer but used to work for one and it amazed me the amount of lying people did and the lies they told him. See people when your client lies to you and you find out the truth it changes everything.

8) I call on TMZ to start investigating Birkhead. There is juicy infor here and you know it. Come on stop showing how biased you are and drop your associations with him and get down and dirty on this guy.

9) Larry is new to initiating law suits just ask Ashley Judd about him. So this guy knows how the system works.

10) Depending on the fee agreement - some attorneys foot the entire bill until the case is settled. Meaning Larry probably never paid a penny towards here. He would still get a monthly statement but funny it is now that he is having a problem with it.

11) Larry you pissed off the wrong woman - you had the nerve to go to the media about her? OMG do you realize you unleased the worse kind of hell. OMG that woman knows things about you that you probably do not want to be known.

LOL I hope the fireworks begin and she gets even with Larry.

Besides you creeps this woman and her office did do the work and she is entitled to be paid. You might not like it, but all of you would want you money for services you did for someone.

This is a normal bill and TMZ levin knows it.

2726 days ago


HKS is a LOSER!! He's LIED about his involment in possibility accessory in TWO deaths!! STOLE somebody's house!! AND worst of all he's STOLEN another man's BABY!! So to his PR TEAM...YOU can't have enough people working these sites to make him REMOTELY likeable!

2726 days ago

Joan B    

Its amazing that these high profile lawyers can get payed like celebrities..if that bill is even 50% accurate its highway robbery....why should Larry have to pay for her excess...hes already being treated like crap and has been taken advantage of by anna and now by howard..I guess the lawyer had to jump on the bandwagon too....She is scum

2726 days ago



Did anyone by any chance get me any donuts to eat! Sure am hungry. I prefer the cream filled with the extra calories--Thanks much!

2726 days ago

Just Me    

Debra Opri, shame on you! Billing Larry for meetings at restaurants in which he
wasn't even there, your fees are ridiculous! I knew he was getting tired of you
because you couldn't keep your mouth shut, and never let anyone finish a
sentence! I think you feel rejected, your puny you stuck it to him!

2726 days ago


I don't think she charged little nose enough. He loved the lime light now make him pay.

Debra Opri will have him for lunch if he tries to stiff her.

2726 days ago


She can't comment. What a great stance to be able to take. That's sort of like pleading the Fifth. Birkhead, if you need a good atty to arm wrestle this twit, let me know. I'll hook you up.

Burbank, CA

2726 days ago


If she had an ounce of respect for Mr. Birkhead as she claims, she wouldn't be trying to steal his and possibly Dannielynns future. Her statement said nothing. I'd have fired her too if she was writing blank checks on my account. Miserable, thieving, back stabbing, egotistical, maggot. She is what gives lawyers a bad name.

2726 days ago


POOR LARRY____ poor, poor poor poor poor LARRY.

Hopefully he will know he's the daddy soon.

2726 days ago


NO, actually, many people did not care for OPRI's strident and abrasive approach. Larry may not have cared for her demeanor either since he seems more mild-mannered, with a more level temperament.

I credit Opri for getting the ball rolling but I think she did much to antagonize Stern.

Opri seems to have wanted to have the paternity resolved in California, even in the face of the fact that it was going to have to happen in the Bahamas. Right before she was fired, she was still trying in California, even after progress was being made in the Bahamas.

The attorneys in Florida and the Bahamas seem to be doing quite well without OPRI.

Again, I hope the California bar is looking at the frivolous charges on the bill. This appears unethical to me.

2726 days ago


Poor little Nancy Grace wannabe!

2726 days ago


#31 and #32 - AGREE WHOLE HEART! 100 %!

The Larry team loved her when she was spewing against HKS and they now hate her! You are SO RIGHT ON!!

I TOTALLY AGREE - that they KNOW LB IS NOT the bio Dad!!

2726 days ago


TAMI if you work with a defense attorney then I'm Gerry Spence. You haven't a clue what you're talking about. High profile attorneys charge between $300-800 per HOUR. You figure out how many hours Ms. Opri worked on the case and see if she is out of line. Even lesser known attorneys who are in the Mid West and not in Beverly Hills charge $200/hour just to probate a damn will. Larry Birkhead was told in advance what her hourly rate would be plus her expenses. If he found her rates too high he did not need to sign that retainer to use her services. Don't babble off at the mouth if you don't know the facts!

2726 days ago

Mary L    

How much was her 15 minutes of fame worth?

I think she owes Larry!

2726 days ago
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