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Jacko Celebrates Paris' Birthday -- Not THAT Paris

4/4/2007 1:13 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Jackson took his beshrouded daughter Paris to FAO Schwarz in one of Sin City's most famous casinos shopping areas, turning the place into a complete circus.

MJ and his tot, flanked by matching bodyguards, strolled through Caesars Palace yesterday with an enormous mob hot on their tail, as they made their way to the toy store, which was closed off just for them.

Paris was celebrating her 9th birthday, with Poppa Jacko giving her a private shopping spree.


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madeleine mauve    

why the face covers???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

2760 days ago

Celebrity News    

Omg, we don't care. Give us more news about Paris Hilton

2760 days ago


I hope he bought her a sane parental figure.

2760 days ago



2760 days ago


Can't he buy that poor girl some decent clothes? 1987 trailer park? That's the best they could do?

2760 days ago


god have mercy on the poor kid whats wrong with this goofball show the children faces already thats just wrong for the kid

2760 days ago


What an absolute freak MJ is...what will his kids turn out like???? Walking around with terrorists masks on their heads all the friggin time. Nutjobs like this should never have been permitted to have children. JMHO. Dumbass.

2760 days ago

Right Again    

OMG...when will Child Protective Services take the children away from this obviously deranged "man?"

He is abusing these children...can you imagine the fear he must be instilling in these kids. They will fear everyone and everything.

He has money (?) but does that give him the right to emotionally abuse the children?

When his children (if they are actually his...DNA anyone?) reach their teenage years they are probably going to rebel against all of this insanity.

He blames his parents for his "bizarreness," so what excuse is he going to give his kids for what he has/is doing to his?

Abuse is abuse...take those children away from this "NUT CASE."

I hope his kids don't commit suicide before they have a chance to escape this very sick, dangerous "man?"

2760 days ago


GREAT VALUES WACKO JACKO: Taking a 9 year to Sin City to celebrate a birthday. I can what addictions lie in her future as well.

Once we finish with Howard K. Stern, you're next insane Jacko.

P.S. This is not the middle east. Remove that retarded scarf from the girl's face, please !!

2760 days ago

concerned citizen    

I thought he was broke. Where is he getting the money from? Shopping sprees!
Maybe he's is buying her a new shroud, pink maybe this time.

2760 days ago


Why has nobody taken those kids away from him? It seems to me making a child walk through stores with her face covered has to be some kind of abuse. He is a freak and is making the children just like him. What happened to their mother? Paid off, maybe. This is a crime. Child molester pig!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2760 days ago


Michael stop making the kids look like freaks! We know you are one.

2760 days ago


kid must be as ugly as him

2760 days ago

Whammer Jammer    

#9: CPS won't take away those kids because this freak is rich and famous. They aren't even his kids, he PURCHASED them. Someone really needs to put a bullet in this pedophile's head. I truly hope someone does, for the good of all mankind. He is insane, and someone should do something about the freakazoid. Those kids are going to grow up to be serial murderers, thanks to this child molesting waste of flesh and bone.

2760 days ago


why does wacko jacko make his children dress like freaks? I would love to sit down with in of his kids. I am curious to know where they get educated and what type of 'normakcy' they have once they are older.

2760 days ago
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