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Another Rehab Romance

for Britney?

4/5/2007 8:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It looks like Britney Spears sparked up another romance while in rehab – this time with musician Howie Day.

The newly detoxed Spears met Day while at Promises, and according to Life & Style (via MSNBC), "fell hard" for the troubled singer-songwriter while in the facility, so hard that she's bringing him to a family wedding in June. Britney "just lights up" when she talks about Day and apparently thinks he's "the best kisser ever."

Still, Mama Lynne Spears isn't so stoked about Brit's new paramour because of his troubled past – he's been arrested -- once for locking a fan in his tour bus bathroom and another time for verbally abusing a flight crew while he was drunk.

Tabs Turn on Angelina

Angelina Jolie's cozy relationship with one celeb magazine is getting her a roasting by the other Jolie-deprived celeb glossies, Page Six is reporting. According to sources, Us Weekly, Star and the rest are "so fed up with getting scooped by People," they've gone after Jolie and Brad Pitt "with a vengeance."

One of the tabs reports that Jolie has a "twisted double life," and another alleges that she leaves her kids at a day care center instead of with her four nannies – and amongst other special arrangements, that no cell phones are allowed in the center because Angelina's afraid that pictures of the kids will be taken (because they're not already photographed all the time?). Angie's rep says, "I wish people would leave them alone. They're trying to do something good." And even though Page Six suggests Jolie share pictures of her next kid – supposedly a child from Chad – TMZ has been told that no adoption is in the works.

Joe Francis Ordered Back into Jail

"Girls Gone Wild" founder Joe Francis has been ordered by a Florida judge to turn himself in and start serving jail time for contempt of court. According to the News-Herald of Panama City, Fla., Judge Richard Smoak has demanded that Francis report to the feds by noon Thursday and sit in the clink. Francis was supposed to settle up with seven underage girls who said they were "victimized" by Francis and his cameras, but when he didn't negotiate in good faith last weekend with the other party, he was hit by the judge for contempt. "He may have snookered us and gotten out Saturday," said Smoak, "but he's coming back.

Party Favors: Halle Pulls a Britney? ... Timberlake Does Not Bring Sexy Back on Film ... Rock Chick Gina Booted Off "Idol"

Halle Berry's new flick, "Nappily Ever After," will force the Oscar-winner to shave her head, according to WENN. The Spears-ian shearing is scaring Berry "to death." ... Justin Timberlake's bare buttocks got the butt-axe in the final cut of "Black Snake Moan," he tells Rush & Molloy. JT's (sexy) back was visible in his sex scenes with Christina Ricci, but he nixed them later. ... Gina Glocksen, the rocker chick replete with tongue stud and scarlet highlights, went home last night on "American Idol," while Haley Scarnato and Phil Stacey just avoided the chop.


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Britney is in NO way or NO HOW "cured" by her ONE MONTH stay at Promises in "Plastictown Malibu". She can fool people all she wants. It takes a LOT longer than one month to fix all of the DEMONS that have possessed her since being thrown into the Hollyweird scene at such a young age. If you really want to help yourself Brit..... MOVE AWAY FROM California and visit Tinseltown only when it's required.
Oh, and fire your P.R. people. It ain't workin'.

2760 days ago

Lenn K.    

The problem you have with Britney is she putting herself before her children. She could easily bring in a guy who could abuse her sons, think about them first instead of yourself. Halle Berry with a shaved head looks better than 95% of the women in Hollyweird.

2760 days ago


The tabloids should leave Angie and her family alone.She's amazing person.

2760 days ago


I saw "Us" magazine with the picture of Angelina and the slanderous headline. I never buy these types of trash magazines because they are equivalent to "The National Enquirer." Also, the reason "People Magazine" gets the better stories is because they are truthful. "Us" magazine, "The National Enquirer" and other trashy rags think the general public are ignorant and will buy anything and believe anything-----not so!

2760 days ago


...are you not supposed to avoid relationships in the first year of sobriety? talk about not taking it seriously...

2760 days ago


perverted "girls gone wild" loser is going to jail. it's now his turn to be taken advantage of. Kharma is a bitch!!!!!!!!!

2760 days ago



2760 days ago


Us magizine is trash I never buy one in my life because I know 99% story not true.

2760 days ago


Post #1...........well said!! AMEN

2760 days ago


Doesn't she have really short hair to begin with, and all that hair she has now is fake extensions? So, shaving her head isn't really that extreme.

2760 days ago


Britney; stop thinking about getting laid and focus on your kids.

2760 days ago


You can't argue that Jolie said she would be a stay at home mom while the children adjusted. She did fly to Chicago 8 days after bringing the newest child home. She did sign on to do a new movie after saying she wouldn't be working. Sucks to be hung by your own petard, but there it is. US is not at fault here and may be the only one with the balls to say what people think: a former addict is now addicted to collecting children but is too ego-driven to stay at home being a mother... she is a media whore; as they all are.

2760 days ago


#10: You can't argue about Jolie either because you nor I live in this woman's house. I have a son, and I know a person cannot stay with their child(ren) all of the time. Now, even is she does have caretakers, that is okay. More people to love the children. People are so jealous of this couple.

2760 days ago


People magazine is no better than the TABLOIDS, only thing different is that Jolie has them in her back pocket. She is their "gold mine" right now. They put her on the front page of their magazine, they sell millions of magazines, and so they let HER spin her OWN PR..........its a nice little racket they both have going..........she gets to spin her "magical, wonderful, life", and receives money for her various foundations, off the EXPLOITATION of her own children, and the magazine makes a mint off the fact that they get their "story" straight from the HOrses mouth. So People magazine is to be believed because Angelina spins the story, to reflect the "truth"? Or does she use that magazine, to gloss over her own image, and that everything is bright and beautiful in the land called Brangelina??

These various media have courted Angelina for a few years now, they have put her way up on a's the PUBLIC at large that is now questioning her "antics", and so the tabloid magazines reflect what the general public is thinking.

Angelina does it to herself. She opens her mouth, and inserts her foot. She never stands by anything she says she is going to do. She is constantly speaking with forked tongue....and anyone with an I.Q. above 80 realizes it. That and the public is starting to question whether these adoptions, the EXPLOITING of those children, are for the best interest of the CHILD, or a need to bring attention to herself....and a need to fill some dayum void that she has within herself, rather then REALLY caring about the welfare of the child she brings into that family. The latest adoption was to bring in a child that LOOKED like MADDOX, and to balance the "race" in their family and that Maddox could have someone around his age to play with.. That is NO kind of reason to adopt a child........and YES that came FROM Angelina's own mouth. She never speaks about the welfare of the child, she speaks in WANTING, and I, I, I...... I can afford to adopt a child, why shouldn't I? I WANT a LOT of children. I WANT to stay at home and help Pax, adjust to his new life. Yea..that lasted a whole bit of 30 seconds, after she dumped him with Nannies and ran off to she has signed up for Wanted, is probably going to sign on for the Sin City pre-quel......yea....she really wants to play the "mommy" role, huh? So excuse us, the public that doesn't buy into her "spin" anymore.....and are starting to question, if she is constantly adopting only because of the ATTENTION it brings to her........this latest adoption got her 2 days of attention, before the media went back to the ANS story...........that had to hurt her........

Oh and by the way, number 3....those tabloid magazines, are a multi-billion dollar the public IS buying into the trash... Especially when the celebrity has been pushed down everyone's throats for years, as some kind of "Our lady of Charity, Saint Angelina". When its far from the truth...........she is NO kind of "saint", throwing money around 3rd world countries and doing photo ops, and adopting a brood, does NOT make one a person of "moral fiber", it doesn't erase what she does in her private life... She's just has been lucky enough that the media has painted her that way for so long, that NOW they are seeing her for the whack job she is. They are using HER own words to discredit her...

2760 days ago

Dawn Day    

Britney, didn't your doctor warn you about 'barnyard romances'?

2760 days ago
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