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Stern's Girl Rocks On

4/8/2007 4:04 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Howard Stern's fiancée Beth Ostrosky waited a long time to get engaged to the shock jock, so she's flaunting her engagement ring big time. The model girlfriend and riotous radio host got engaged this past Valentine's Day, and Howard treated Beth to a beautiful 5.2-carat diamond ring.

According to OK! Magazine, Ostrosky's ring recently made a list of biggest celebrity engagement rings, coming in at #2, behind Rebecca Romijn's 6-carat sparkler, given to her by actor Jerry O'Connell.

When Ostrosky found out about her silver medal finish she joked to OK! staffers that she should have been given a first place standing because, "mine is worth more. Rebecca's ring is only a yellow diamond."


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abby are sooooooo right. it won't be long until we hear the pitter patter of little money baby feet. it sounds vulgar, but there is an entire group of woman nowdays breeding for profit. guess it is only fitting that howard stern has one of them.

2700 days ago


NYCriminal, r u serious. First of all America Idol has turned into a joke and second why waste all the ink saying "vote for Sanjaya?. get a life.

2700 days ago

Basic Human Rights    

Beth is not ugly, she simply has a long face and a protruding jaw. She can get the jaw fixed. Long faces can be attractive - consider El Grecco's 'Madonna'. Moreover she can get bangs to cover the long forehead.

Beth is also not a gold digger. If she was, she would have demanded equal value in stock in lieu of the diamond. As most know, the market price of a diamond ring is only about 30% of what you paid for it. In fact, diamonds are fairly common - it's a well known scam that only a few are released each year to give the illusion of scarcity. They are quite common. (Look all this up if you don't believe me).

In summary, if Howard paid $1 million for the ring, Beth will be able to resell it for $300,000 (if she's lucky)

And th th th that's all folks!

2700 days ago


WHO CARES!!!! People are starving & she's faulting. She needs to work in the inner city to see how real people really live.

2700 days ago

Bob Abouey    

Beth is definitely not a "horse-face," no matter what Sal or anyone else says. Nor is she a "gold-digger." Why try to deny them their happiness? And bobbabuuuie to y'all!!!

2700 days ago

THese sternies are mean people who have no feelings    

HEY NOW :: Howard is constantly saying how great Sirius is ;

I'm sick to death of him spending 4 hours telling us how great it is paying for radio.

Beth ? WHen Howard stops playing dress-up with his Barbie DOLLS he can give me call.


2700 days ago


You guys are pretty stupid, it is pretty well known that Rebecca Romijn and Beth O are pretty close, back when Howard and Beth first started dating they would regularly go out with Rebecca and John Stamos. However celebrities are never allowed to make a joke about anything because it always gets spun to seem like she is a total bitch.

2700 days ago

Esther Fisher    


2700 days ago


To each his own. And diamonds r a girls best friend. But diamomds depreciate just as quickly as u put a mile on a vehicle driving it out of the dealers parking lot. (used goods). Ones may trash is another mans treasure.

2700 days ago


No diamond is worth having to spend your life with that revolting piece of garbage. No matter how long he grows that hair....he can't cover up the vile slime that oozes from his every pore. You didn't come in got the booby prize and came in last.

2700 days ago


Beth O's a Fox Chapel girl from Pittsburgh. Fox Chapel is $$$$. She seems nice enough, but she could have married class. Instead, she chose to marry an ass. Lots of luck to them. He wouldn't be my first choice for husband material, that's for matter how much money he has.

2700 days ago

Lenn K.    

First thing #28 get out of your parent's basement and get a life. You're toejam to Howard Stern. Secondly, Ann is totally correct and I don't blame these women for taking these old farts to the cleaners. If you saw Howard on the street most women won't piss on him. Of course it's the money, but also it's the notoriety that marrying a well-known person bring you!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2700 days ago

Empathy Matters    

How can any woman want to have anything to do with that filthy, gross, dysfunctional sorry excuse for a man? The man is putrid, vile, despicable and you, girl are sick!

2700 days ago

Empathy Matters    

Calm down, people. She is only joking! Furthermore, you ought to pity a girl who gets mixed up with a trash like Howard Stern. Hopefully, it is just to take him to the cleaners. She probably keeps a container close to her side of the bed so she can vomit, which she probably will do often. One look at that fiend, and oops, here comes the puck!

2700 days ago

Basic Human Rights    

It's really difficult for non-celeb women when we see women like Beth marry old farts like Howard. Why? Because most non-celeb men think "if ugly Howard can get a young model chick, so can I. I'm better looking than Howard"

Substitute Howard for Larry Kind, David Letterman, etc. Because men seem to think it's all about looks. They completely neglect that these young model chicks marry for

1) money
2) celeb parties
3) connections
4) other tangible materialistic stuff that has nothing to do with their ugly looks, personalities, etc.

So we non-celeb women have to put up with these loser non-celeb men that think "hey if Hugh Hefner can get 3 young playmet gfs at his age, I should be able to at least get one"

And everyone is single! Because no way in hell will a non-celeb young woman (even a non-model) would ever let one of these old farts touch her. We have much higher standards.

2700 days ago
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