Britney Holds Court at Laker Game

4/9/2007 8:23 AM PDT
Being Britney Spears is no easy task -- just going to a basketball game creates the type of gawking frenzy usually reserved for multi-car pileups, and, of course, trainwrecks.

Before her chaotic shopping spree at Lisa Kline yesterday afternoon, the Britster took in a basketball game at Staples Center, where she was also bombarded by paparazzi. Can't a girl indulge in a new hobby without full court press? No.

Again wearing her apple cap with a built-in oops-I-shaved-my-head-nylon-wig, Spears signed a few autographs for fans as she was rushed to her SUV after the game, with a surging crowd acting like cheerleaders as they screamed her name and yelled "congratulations!" The Lakers lost.