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Did Don's "Ho" Remark Screw Wife Deirdre's Book?

4/10/2007 1:31 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Today was supposed to be a big day for Don Imus' wife Deirdre: Her first book about her pet cause -- environmentally safe cleaning -- comes out today. But now that her husband's racist remark is burning up the airwaves, could her promo tour for "Greening Your Cleaning," which includes high-profile appearances on "The View" and Martha Stewart's show, go up in toxic vapors?

A source tells TMZ that Don was supposed to appear on "The View" with Deirdre next Monday, but a "View" rep says that he won't be on the show with her (though he declined to say whether Don's appearance was scheduled). No word yet on whether the Martha Stewart booking still stands, and several bookstores where Deirdre is meant to appear tell us that there's no change of plans.

Despite his two-week suspension from CBS Radio which was announced this morning, Imus will still be able to broadcast for a charity fundraiser this Thursday and Friday, where his wife is supposed to appear to hawk her book.


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stringy dog-hair ho

2750 days ago


iman will return he's not going anywhere thinking of you iman madhorse god bless posted at1137 on april 10 by aer

2750 days ago


I think Imus is creepy, whether he insults races or not (I do like his wife, however). Even so, I think suspending Imus was stupid.. If someone who was hurt by his remark wants a public apology, give it to 'em and move on; suspending isn't an answer: it just means they'll drag the story out another two weeks, giving the radio station 14 more days of national publicity. The suspension basically benefits the station, not the people who were insulted by Don's comment.

2750 days ago


...just watch the GTC video and ask yourselves: do the kids at the imus ranch/camp just show up and do all the work? greening the supplies at hospitals...give me a break! whoever posted it was all a big tax write-off is right. imo, imus is mean-spirited. this was not a slip of the tongue, nor was it a "comedic bit" gone awry. this is what he feels. i've watched the show enough to realize he gleefully jumps on/into the racist/sexist rants of "his crew" while behaving with a certain "chuckling indignation" about the whole thing.. it's an old trick and he's not fooling most people. time to give someone with a little more intelligence and lot more tact the highly coveted air-time this bufoon has been hijacking with his anitquated nonsense...

2750 days ago


money and fame must be powerful aphrodesiacs-but you'd think that at least she could get her hubby to trim his eyebrows? oh- but i'm sure she keeps the lights out- can you blame her?

2750 days ago


First of all let me say I'm an African American who believes we should forgive and forget the comments by Don Imus...Why should Don Imus apologies for something he meant to say?????...Don is a racist and most of Americans are racist to some degree....why waste the time talking to the Rutgers Womans basketball team...when he meets those girls in person the ugliness is not going to go away it might be worse...lets just keep it Real the girls on the Tennesse Team were attractive compared to the Rutger girls...It was really hard to watch the game and not think the same thing Imus thought ,he was just stupid enough to say it...The Rutger girls were rough to look at compared to the Tennesse girls...that's just keeping it real..If i saw those girls out on the street they would qualify for ugly real easy...i mean no harm ,but the TV doesn't's not sexist to say if a woman is attractive or not ,nor is it racist to call a girl a Ho...example Jennifer Lopez is attractive an J-lo is a Ho....J slept around Hollywood to get famous and that's a fact....She was once a Fly girl on In living Color and Jamie Fox used to Hit it back in the day.....any woman that sleeps around to get acting roles in hollywood is considered a HO...sorry ladies but its the truth....SO stop being Hypocrits AL and Jesse if they fire IMUS there's always another racist ready to take IMUS's place....The young woman at Rutgers need to take a look in the mirror next time they take the court and look accordingly....Stop trying to look like Dudes and Look like Ladies....Pat had her girls ready to compete so recruit girls that have feminine characteristics not just a talent for basketball....Learn from this people Image is just as important as skill....Imus didnt use the N word on air he was just speaking the truth... The Rutgers girls basketball team needs to work on their appearance next time out in doesn't matter if the girls were black, white, green or purple....Pat's girls were HOT and the Rutger girls were NOT....

holla back


2750 days ago


Wow...I stopped to read the opinions on the sale of the Deirdre Imus book. There were a few intelligent things said, but mostly I'm seeing the same kind of hatred that y'all proclaim to be coming from Imus. It's time everyone takes a look in the mirror.........hypocrisy is not the answer.

2749 days ago


I never listened to Imus but because of how the black community is dealing with this I am going to watch and listen to Imus. What about the remarks about Jews from the people who are screaming so loud that Imus has to be fired. They (these people)should be ashamed about them selfs.

2749 days ago


This is an unbelievable OVERREACTION. I have listened to and watched the Imus in the Morning Show for years and totally enjoyed the mixture of music, politicians, and downright entertaining television. Boo to MSNBC. I will sorely miss Imus in the Morning. It was the only unique morning show there is and the ONLY one I cared to watch!

2749 days ago



2749 days ago


Imus's behavior is the price of freedom. Freedom is not all it is stated to be, is it? It is too bad that he got caught up in something that he had the god given right to do This is the land of the free for some people.

2749 days ago


The View has cancelled Diedre Imus book promotion visit, also Martha Stewart. OMGGGGGG We're talking major double standard here. Rosie is allowed to continually spew her hatred, and stay on the show ...Martha is jailbait, who is trying to turn her life around ...Yet, Diedre, who is simply the wife, doing good things is cancelled. I never watched Martha, No more View for me. Thanks, Diedre for standing by your man.

2749 days ago


"jailbird" not

2749 days ago


I'm not to crazy for don Imus but he shot off his mouth at the wrong people with the wrong words,.,i don;t think they should be firing him and acting like he just killed Kennedy or something that bad,.,. slap his hands ; fine him and let him go on but no more remarks like that ever again,.,.

2749 days ago


Imus needs some time to reavuate where he is and where he wants to go. His producer should be banned from the airways permanently and Charles is such a good man; he can help Imus get his life together. Imus is a good man. He needs some time.

2749 days ago
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