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Don't Hold Your Breath -- Daddy Time Still Hours Away!

4/10/2007 10:25 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Despite reports that Anna Nicole Smith's babydaddy would be revealed at 10:00 AM EDT, TMZ has learned that the hearing to determine custody of Dannielynn will start in the Bahamas at 2:30 PM EDT -- so keep your pants on.

We're told that all the usual parties -- Larry Birkhead, Howard K. Stern, and Virgie Arthur -- will be present. You can expect Virgie to declare her intent to seek custody of the baby, even if Birkhead is the biological father.


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This is just a stall tatic.The world knows that the baby is NOT HK$'s, but what happens if it isn't Larry's? I believe the baby is Larry's, but remember Anna liked to get her Hoochie on.

2751 days ago


if larry enters any agreement with the devil (howard) then virgie still better fight or larry may turn up dead!!!!

2751 days ago

Jennifer Jo    

Finally a climax for this seemingly never-ending saga of Anna Nicole Smith/ Howard K Stern drama......And the winner is........... (my money is on) Larry Birkhead!!!!

2751 days ago


wow go eat yourself... where the hell is the baby going to go if neither father is the real daddy today?????????? Simmer down. ANS was constantly drugged up and besides this woman raised Daniel most of his life because ans was too buzy getting work and drugs. Like really, where do you think the baby should go if neither of these guys is the dad. Lets hear your intelligent solution to a problem instead of bashing pple with names like go eat yoursel.f How gay is that? child!

2751 days ago


Virgie SUCKS. I was a foster kid, because I had the crappiest parents imaginable. Unfortunately I did know them (I was a little older when I went into foster care), and even as a kid I knew they were self-serving, b.s.-spewing, opportunistic creeps. They would talk about how much they loved me, even as they were so awful the state had to intervene.

And one thing I've had to do in my adult life is change my name for professional reasons....the reasons being that I have made it, and if anything happened to me, those scumbags would be the first in line to take advantage of the situation, talking about how much they "loved me" when they actually did anything but.

This is EXACTLY what this woman reminds me of.

True story.

2751 days ago


Message from ANS, June 6, 2006:

"I haven't said who the real father is yet. I will when I'm ready. But one of the guys who claims to be might be in for a big surprise. I know a lot more now than I did when I used to talk to him. And won't the media feel foolish?"

2751 days ago

A nana of seven,    

Good luck Larry, Virgie and baby.With Gods grace and your perserverence the truth will be told, and healing can begin for all of you.

2751 days ago

concerned citizen    

Wow! What a shocker! Another delay!
Who would have thought. Get real, all this has been is one delay after another. What's the deal. Read the damn results already!

2751 days ago


I am certain that when the judge reeds the results and says, with 99.9 percent accuracy Larry Berkhead you are the biological father of one Dannylnn, the juge writes and order giving immediate custody to Larry and he then can go and pick up his little girl and then they can start to bond... Howard K. Stern, get a real job. Once Larry is named the father we will see what and disservice you have done to Anna's little girl and what disservice your so-called client ( May She rest in piece) Ann Nicole, did to that baby's father (Larry). When an adult keeps a child away from it's biological parent, that is sad and pathetic.. Shame on both of you.

2751 days ago


Vergie what part of Anna Didn't want you around her baby. She didn't want you around Daniel and you are so stupid to think you are a good grandmother. You only want the money.

2751 days ago


Go Larry!

2751 days ago


Who cares?!? Enough already!!! We know who the sperm donor is, so let's stop pretending like it's some big surprise.

2751 days ago


Its better to "yank" Dannylynn away from this Scumbag now b4 its to late!

And u think Anna really love Howie????? Cmon people Please!

2751 days ago


If HKS hot-foots it out of the Bahamas, we will know what his olive branch was really about, now won't we......running from the law! As far as Virgie goes, she has every right to do what she is doing. I wish you folks would leave her be, and let this play out. Even the Prince said he would let Virgie raise the baby and give her child support, if he turns out to be the daddy. The baby needs a home where she can grow up out of the spotlight and have some peace.

2751 days ago


Love you Howard!!!

2751 days ago
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