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Heather and Richie Livin' in Splitsville

4/12/2007 11:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Heather Locklear, Richie Sambora, and childHeather Locklear and Richie Sambora have officially finalized their divorce, this according to People magazine. They are now free to marry each other's best friends, if they want to. Or even David Spade.

Lawyers for the former couple met with a judge on Wednesday, according to a mag source, and finished working out all the details of their split, which was filed more than a year ago, in February 2006. No details were given as to the specifics of money or child custody.

The couple were married for 11 years and have a 9-year-old daughter, Ava Elizabeth. Locklear has more recently been linked to her former "Melrose Place" co-star Jack Wagner, and Sambora has been dating Locklear's ex-BFF Denise Richards.


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Former Bon Jovi fan    

I was a die-hard Bon Jovi fan until all of this happened. You can't control your feelings, but everyone should also realize there were rumors that Heather was a diva who demanded to be the center of attention when she was around the band and their families. So, maybe everything you read about is not just black and white. I don't care for any of the three (Richie, Denise, and Heather) any more.

2614 days ago


Stay single!

2689 days ago



2689 days ago


I hate to see it end but Heather can do so much better. She is beautiful and sweet. What kind of a guy goes after his wife's friend? What a loser!

2689 days ago


Heather was way too classy to be married to this guy any way you slice it. The fact that he is screwing her former BEST FRIEND, that Denise helped coax Heather to dump (obviously so she could stel him for herself) proves that he is as low class as her first husband.

Heather, hold out for a NICE and decent guy. One day Richie will dump Denise and you'll have the last laugh. She is a skank. The world knows it and you know. Karma is a bitch and Denise will get hers. I used to think Charlie Sheen was a dirt bag but he actually makes himself look great next to Denise, his X. Turns out we all should have been feeling for CHARLIE all along while they were going through their own divorce. In one word...Denise Richards is BITCH.

2689 days ago


What a loser Sambora is. You never go after a womans ex-best friend. Makes you wonder, was he eyeing her all along.

Heather must feel so betrayed. She now has to question any relationship with a woman friend. Is it real, or will their be a motive.

Denise, should be ashamed of herself. No we cant help how we feel, but we are responsible on how we act with our feelings. I cant imagine sleeping with my ex-bestfriends man. She was never a true friend.

Heather, not all people are scum like this. Some people have boundries.

2689 days ago


You said it ALB!!!!

Richie is flabby, old looking and not even good looking!!

2689 days ago

Britney Spears Photos    

Can't believe it!

2689 days ago


Just remember ladies to be careful about who your best friends are and what you tell them, or else they will encourage you to dump your husband, so they can have him. Denise is a selfish bitch.

2689 days ago


I've said it before all denise is in for is the financial ride,she will end pregnant and getting child support from Richie.She has no talent,she's dumber than mud and she really is not that good looking.Heather you can do better.

2689 days ago


I AGREE! Heather wants the money and child support. She will get pregnnant IMMEDIATELY after they marry. You watch! She is low class, manipulative, evil, nasty and viscious. No one likes her...only Richie..and that's because apparently he's not too bright!

Even Bon Jovi and the band can't stand her..

2689 days ago

malinda jackson    

yes it is ashamed. he had a good women. and gave it all up. richie you are so yesterday you and that witch deserves each other, i hope she makes your life so unhappy, just like she did for poor charlie. AND REMEBER ONCE A CHEATER ALWAYS A CHEATER. HEATHER U ROCK

2689 days ago


I thought Heather and Richie were a beautiful and stylish couple, and I loved to see their family photos in the tabloids. I was shocked to hear they were splitting up.
Then, when Richie began seeing Denise, which is a friend of Heathers, I immediately lost all interest in him. What a scum he is and his true colors came out.

I wish all the best for Heather.. She deserves classy.
In time, she will gain better and win in the end.

Do like me Heather, don't have best friends around... Just enjoy your man once you find him, and enjoy your time with family.
We love you,
From Arizona

2689 days ago


Mirandi - I think you meant Denise. Karma will get her though. Heather is so much more classy and cool. She actually seems down to earth and someone you could hang with.
It's true. Women can never trust other women.

2689 days ago


Richie looked sooo much better when he was with the classy Heather,now his looks and body has gone to the way side. I guess its true you start to look like what you hang with.YUK....

2689 days ago
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