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Imus: "There Is No Malice in My Heart"

4/12/2007 3:53 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

With his suspension not taking effect until next Monday, Don Imus took to the air today for WFAN's 18th Annual Radiothon to try and raise money for a good cause -- and to apologize. Again.

"I am horribly sorry I said it," he bleated this morning. "I know how it hurt these kids and they're going to tell me. But everyone knows what I've been doing for 30 years. It was a joke." Oh yeah, he's a riot.

MSNBC announced yesterday that it was dropping its simulcast of the "Imus in the Morning" radio show, after his disparaging remarks about the Rutgers women's basketball team. CBS Radio has suspended Imus for two weeks, effective April 16.


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There is a GIANT Double Standard in America. If Imus should be fired, so should Sharpton!!

2752 days ago


I am for free speech...he should be forgiven anyhow...he apologized...

2752 days ago


Oh, don't act so superior, TMZ! There's been no shortage of despicable "humor" on this site, so get off your high-horse.

2752 days ago


For the love of.....whatever.....TAKE THAT PICTURE DOWN! ugh!!

2752 days ago

Just me??    

What a that suppose to be something it's not......Glad you're gone.

2752 days ago


That is one NASTY picture ugh , I wanna puke

2752 days ago


Imus said it. It was stupid. He apologized. Move on people. I don't see these two losers Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton running to this piece of crap Duke accuser good or bad. The latter two are disgraces to MLK. He is surely rolling in his grave over these asswipes. Give me a friggin break.

2752 days ago


could you have picked an uglier pix of imus? he's not that ugly and he's not that guilty!
he said a terrible thing--however, i feel his heart is in a diiferent place. many have said worse and were not crucified to this level!

2752 days ago


Sharpton could be fired...if only he had a real job. I suppose we could technically "fire" him for being a danger to himself and others. That's called "involuntary commitment."

2752 days ago

Troubled by all the mystery    

I was astonished that ON AIR he called little kids with cancer "LITTLE BASTARDS". Why is the news media not reporting this? This was just one time that he called these kids names. If he does this on air, what does he call them OFF AIR. He should not even be around kids. I think parents should re think even sending their kids to HIS RANCH. What else is going on that we don't hear about? Why would someone send a kid to him? He should be investigated closer. Calling sick kids this and using this language ON AIR is unacceptable. This is dispicable.

2752 days ago

Sandy Underpants    

Imus should have never pussed out and apologized and neither should have Kramer. Even if there was malice, "you people" are never going to forgive them anyway. All apologizing has done in these cases is give credibility to thin skinned joke police from blowing up a sentence that isn't even important enough to care about.

2752 days ago

Dawn Day    

That picture of him gives me the creeps. Well just about any picture of him gives me the creeps but this one is pervertedly disturbing.

2752 days ago


I do not get it: If an African- American said something possibly derogatory about a white person for instance would they lose their job etc?? I do not think so... I am not predjudice etc.. just in favor of equal rights.. not any one over another....just total equality...and also free speech : this the the US of A...furthermore he did apologize and thus should be forgiven who hasn't said things they did not mean, later regretted, or were taken in the wrong way??? HMMM NO ONE>>>we are all only human.....

2752 days ago


I too am sick of the double standards and think Sharpton is a bigot! I am through watching MSNBC!

2752 days ago


From the looks of this photo...I kinda feel sorry for Deirdre. Just sayin'...LOL.

2752 days ago
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