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Imus Slammed by Rutgers Players -- "Why Us?"

4/13/2007 9:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Don Imus got an earful from the Rutgers student-athletes he labeled "nappy-headed hos" last night, as he met with them at the New Jersey governor's mansion, for the first time since he made the racist slur that cost him his jobs at MSNBC and, yesterday, CBS Radio. Adding injury to the insult debacle, N.J. Governor Jon S. Corzine was seriously injured in a car wreck on his way to the meeting.

According to Deirdre Imus, Don's wife, who was filling in for him this morning on WFAN, the shock-jock heard from each player on the Rutgers women's basketball team, their coach, some of their parents, and university administrators during the three-hour meeting at the New Jersey governor's mansion. The common refrain from all the players was, according to the New York Daily News, "Why us?"

Deirdre Imus pleaded with listeners to stop sending hate mail to the Rutgers team members – and invited them to send the hate to her husband instead.

J.Lo – Speaking in Scientology?

Jennifer Lopez may have let slip a little Scientology-speak during her appearance on "American Idol," leading people to wonder if she's more involved in the Church than she's letting on.

J.Lo responded to a question from Ryan Seacrest about Simon Cowell's acid tongue by saying she believed that "concentrating on the rightness brings more rightness." According to Rush & Molloy, "rightness" is a central tenet in the L. Ron Hubbard lexicon, and it's no wonder that Lopez has it on the tip of her tongue: Her dad, David Lopez, has been a Scientologist for 20 years, and one of her best friends, actress Leah Remini, is an avowed Church member as well. Still, Lopez has repeatedly denied being involved herself.

Courtney – Oprah's My Thin-spiration

Courtney Love is insisting that she hasn't had gastric-band surgery, as some are whispering, given her newly toned physique – and she's crediting Oprah Winfrey for her weight loss. "I couldn't get that surgery if I begged for it. I got my inspiration from Oprah losing so much weight on Slim-Fast," says Love on her website, as Rush & Molloy point out. Courtney's been spotted in the last couple weeks wearing tiny bikinis and sporting a very flat stomach, leading to all kinds of speculation as to how she dropped the pounds.

Party Favors: Britney Always Looks Good in Those Boots ... Gwen Stefani Says She's "Always" Dieting ... No Leather -- Always -- for Spider-Man

Britney Spears is no Imelda Marcos, apparently – all she needs is one pair of boots, as Us observes. The $170 Kenneth Cole boots – a relative bargain in super-celeb-land – made four separate appearances on Britney in one week, leading Us to wonder if she's spending more time with them than her own kids. ... Gwen Stefani tells People she's been on a diet since the sixth grade, and that when she was pregnant last year, she had to crawl into her brother's car and lay down in the back seat just to go to Target to avoid the glare of the paparazzi. ... "Spider-Man" star Tobey Maguire says he's going totally leather-free – and he's on his way to becoming completely vegan. Maguire doesn't have leather seats in his car, remarkably enough.


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Lenn K.    

The problem I have with the Rutger's girls is you'd think that they won the championship. Well they didn't, but can you name the team that did? No pub for them. It's over and Imus is fired what more do you want. Jackson and Sharpton have done their thing and without thinking about the black community first, just themselves as always!!!!!

2687 days ago


As far as Reutgers asking why us? I dont think Imus had specifec plans to target them. Imus did this to every ethnic group except white people from the mid-west or south.

He is old, and should retire anyways, besides, you cant understand him anyways.

Maybe his wife will wise-up and leave his old, angry white ass.

2687 days ago


Your "rightness" Jlo, I guess does not pertain to everything, hey Jlo?

2687 days ago


I think these women handled themselves really well. But that's all being undermined by the hypocrisy surrounding this story. I think the way Sharpton and Jackson are using them is worse than the Imus insult.

This is what my new political guru ipinions says:

2687 days ago

Britney Spears Photos    

It figures, I guess!

2687 days ago

Lenn K.    

The white community has to understand one thing that they don't seem to see and that's the liberal media runs to Sharpton and Jackson because they themselves are scare. There are alot of other black leaders they could talk with but they will not do it. 95% of the blacks in America hate Jackson and Sharpton, just your extreme black bigots agree with the things they are doing. God is going to get these two just watch my words, they are pure evil!!!!!!!!!!

2687 days ago


Too much was made of nothing in the Imus case. The man should not have lost his job because Al Sharpton said he should. Jackson and Sharpton have much too much power in this country. Why are we afraid of thugs.

2687 days ago


I hope that the team will forgive him Why is it so difficult for anyone who was offended to say I accept your apology. Dont you think that tells volumes about that person? A good and caring person will do this. I was raised to forgive others. jackson and sharpton need to brush up on the bible. Some of the networks can talk that talk but can they walk that walk. I think not. Some of them have demonstrated how they feell about the comment but have said nothing about forgiving. That is why I will not be tuning in on their networks. They are not that righteous

2687 days ago


Don Imus still looks like an evil reptile to me.

Nasty looking man!!!

And that picture yesterday, with his pointy little reptile tongue sticking out....gross.

Down with the Crypt Keeper!

2687 days ago


These women need to give it up already! Persecution doesn't become them!

2687 days ago


hmmm..a guy loses his job over an insult.....way to go Jackson and Sharpton like you were really losing sleep over this matter...give me a break! They sure like the cameras...and I thought my little girl was a hamm....ok so if that's how the 2 of you want to play then go after all the parents in my area that let their little children play in the streets yelling remarks to anyone and everyone!!! Should I yell RACISM and flop over to cry like a baby...NOOOO I refuse... it's called I ignore it and MOVE on...Find something better to do with your time.....He apoligized.....what more do you want....hmmm I KNOW! I bet you'd feel much better if you had his blood...

2687 days ago


This three word comment is said by many others including those popular and idolized rappers and musicians. The statement is not meant to be so racist as every body here so directs-get over it! What about apologies by Crystal Gail Mangman to the DUke lax team and its coach? She has RUINED and shown the upmost in racism here for more the 14 months. What about a SERIOUS incident? And did Jesse Jackson or AL Sharpton have the guts to be crucified and butchered because they took her side against three innocent lacrosee players. Have we heard apologies from these men? Heavens no! THey will NEVER admit they made racist and hurtful remarks toward the Duke Lax team. And what about the lies of Tawana Brawley, Reverend SHarpton? Did you forget about her lies toward several white men that had raped her so she said? We need some of the members of the black community to stand up and admit to making SO MANY MORE mistakes before going after Imus. He has more than paid his dues within our country.

2687 days ago

how cruel    

Thank you Vickie for your comments, Martin Luther King was a great man, in many ways, also a man who (as we all have) made some mistakes....not many but some. What would he think about 'rap' and how it depicts women - would it make him proud - would he feel God's grace in the lyrics? I think not..

He had the right to express himself - I believe he died for that right. He said things others did not want to hear. This is a freedom of speech issue (Imus) it requires an understanding of our fellow human beings, we ALL have said things that were wrong at one time or another (and just as rap, weather I like it or not has been allowed to exsist and even flurious) Don Imus has the Right to make mistakes, he has the right to be human, he should have the right to keep his job. Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton have the right to be - well WHATEVER they are.

May Free Speech prevail, don't ever let it slip away, fight for it... '"I may not agree with what you say but I will fight to the death for your right to say it", Please remember that - many good men and women have died for that right .

2687 days ago


I am so tired of reading comments about Sharpton and Jackson. It was never about Rappers or these two. It was what Imus said, with out thinking. People of Color spoke for themselves, we wrote, call and e-mail these Networks and the Companies that supported these types of shows. You give Sharpton and Jackson to much credit, they were just two voices.Some people shout forgive, but read on, you wll see there is still hate. People have to realize that this a new day. Racism is just that. If a person is having a National Talk show, which the Public supports. Than watch what you say. If You are a rapper, than you watch what you say. If you make your money from the Public, than don't try to spread hate. We are not going to Support hate.

2687 days ago

tired of it all    

Ok, they fired Imus for racist remarks, kept Washington when he insulted the homosexuals, allow Rosie to run her EXTREMELY large mouth against Christians, our government and the Chinese, Chris Rock can use the "n" word whenever he chooses. WTF is wrong with this picture. Disney are you listening? Get rid of YOUR PET BIGOTS NOW!!!!

2687 days ago
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