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Virgie, Howard, Larry -- Ready to Rock

4/13/2007 3:33 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Both Virgie Arthur and Howard K. Stern have joined Larry Birkhead at the Bahamian custody hearing for Anna Nicole Smith's daughter Dannielynn.

Court TV cameras caught all three players sitting together in the courthouse. A jovial Virgie even smiled and waved at the waiting photogs.


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Cheryl Soto    

Larry, you should be with Virgie, she will be on your side, NOT Howard K Stern ( A disgrace to the real howard) How can you ever trust him? he stole your baby, he kept her from you for several months, he is evil, if he really cared for your baby, he would of kept anna off drugs, & wouldnt of kidnapped 7 lied about dannieylnn, You need to send Howard k stern all your lawyer fees & press charges to have him arrested, Do it for Danny, Anna, you, Virgie but most of all do it for DANNIELYNN!

2582 days ago

F that    

why is howie even there? it ani't his issue no more!!!

2659 days ago


Why is it a Bahamian custody hearing, the baby and the parents are from the United States of America.

2659 days ago


Oh C'MON..."it is unknown whether Howard will attend." You, I and a million others know that wherever there's trouble, THERE'S HOWARD.

What a surprise that he's there now.

2659 days ago


why does Virgie have any right to be there... she doesnt deserve any custody - her daughter said on national tv when she was alive she wanted her daughter to have nothing to do with her mother.... how much more clear can she be.

2659 days ago


Stop it TMZ they are all 3 sitting in court next to each other like they are in church. Stop trying to stir things up. You evil monkeys.

2659 days ago

I'm Back Biatches    

Limelight Larry is ready to roll!!! Go get you some money Larry.

2659 days ago


Larry, please do not listen to Stern. When you see him you should be with your attorney. You do not need him.

2659 days ago


I dont understand why this is so hard to figure out. The baby is Larry's so just let Larry have her and Virgie needs to go home. I do hope the right decision is made today.

2659 days ago


Don't you mean that Virgie and Howard have joined the hearing to settle who gets custody of Anna Nicole Smith AND Larry Birkhead's Child?????

2659 days ago

Janice Saunders    

I'm not a fan of Virgie but every once in awhile I've defended her and tried to see her side. This custody is just BS. Who does she think she is? Larry Birkhead has said he will allow her to be a part of Dannielynn's life - why can't that be enough? She just can't leave well enough alone. I lost a whole more respect for her on this one.

2659 days ago


Give that baby to Larry already Dammit!!

2659 days ago

Gregory Kaighn    

I think that Virgie has stupidly gone from a somewhat sympathetic person to a complete jerk. In the United States she would have no case whatsoever. Just because she is the grandmother (and the mother of a druggie) does not give her any rights other than to cooperate with Larry. In the United States, once Larry moves back here, no Court will give Virgie the time of day. I guess Anna was right, she is turning out to be a first class b....tch. When children are involved the case is never "closed" and Virgie and her idiot lawyer ought to realize that no court in the United States has to honor any so called custody rights that a Bahamian Court may grant to Virgie. All she is doing is alienated the one person with whom the law in the United States requires her to cooperate with. Virgie is out to lunch and her lawyers are equally stupid.

2659 days ago

my opinion    

please give Larry his daughter today...........God bless you larry,vergie and family..

2659 days ago



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2659 days ago
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