Birkhead Not Fan-TAB-u-lous -- Lawsuit Imminent

4/18/2007 11:00 AM PDT
If you believe the tabloids, Larry Birkhead is a deadbeat, IRS-defrauding, shoplifting, child-abandoning, secretly gay man who parties 'til the wee hours of the morning with beautiful women, impregnating some of them. A slew of tabloid stories have been adorning supermarket checkout lines this week, and we've learned Birkhead has had enough.

TMZ has confirmed that Birkhead hired ferocious celebrity lawyer Marty Singer to sue some of the tabs for defamation of character.

We're told Birkhead has told Singer that a few tabs have lashed out at him because he sealed a deal with OK! magazine to publish the first pics of daddy with Dannielynn. OK! paid dearly for those pics and the money is going into a trust account for the baby.