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Britney Blows Off Road Rules to Dance

4/18/2007 10:58 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sidewalks aren't safe when Britney Spears is around.

TMZ had to get the hell out of the way when a car carrying the Britster sped off the road and up onto the sidewalk in an attempt to drop her off in front of Millennium Dance Complex in North Hollywood for a workout yesterday. Talk about curbside service!

Britney was just as dangerous on the way out, showing off her revamped bod in a very sexy grey micro-skirt. However, this time she got into her vehicle in the safety of the parking lot.


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I think we are all getting tired of her. She shouldn't be given this much attention.

2716 days ago


When did driving on the sidewalk and endangering people become legal,or is that yet another perk,along with underage drinking...Where are the Police, or at least some with the balls to do something....

2716 days ago


#13 Katie Holmes is way on the other end of the spectrum. She dresses like a 60 yr. old not a young mom. Brit does indeed need sme fashion esons bu not from Tom Cruise! Lose the wig already, her hair has to have grown out enough to ditch those awful wigs.

2716 days ago


yawn~ yawn~ yawn~ so tired of her every frigging day ~ shopping, tanning, dancing, eating sushi ~ what a life.... where do the kids fit in???? i swear i will shave my head bald if she has a "comeback" and her stupid fans continue to believe in a self absorbed woman child, a selfish, egocentric, spoiled little brat! act like a mother already you loser! funny, you never see her with any family... alli is her new felicia, what a life alli must have being britneys sidekick.... pathetic! britney is a pathetic piece of crap who needs to stop focusing on herself and her "comeback" and being a good mother to those 2 babies she just had to have.... she acts like shes 16 still.... GROW UP! your boys only have 1 childhood, loser.... IT SHOULD NOT BE ABOUT YOU ANYMORE!

2716 days ago

Piglet Baldwin    

Starting outside linebacker for the Texas Longhorns... B. Spears

2716 days ago


who's to say Britney isn't with her kids at night, i mean the press only shows bad stories about her and anyway don't most parents with children work during the day ? i mean really how many parents do you see going to work with their children there too...she has to get herself back together to be a positive role model for her kids and i applaud her for working on it...anyway where has Kfed been lately- haven't seen pictures of him toting the kids around...working on his career too??? or getting back with Star...i mean funny how she's fixing herself up lately having lipo or a tummy tuck?? was that with kfeds ..i mean britney's money from the divorce settlement?

2716 days ago


the short empire waist dresses only look good on pregnant women! can't believe that fashion came back into style!

2716 days ago

uh oh    

For someone who wanted out of rehab to be with her kids, she seems fine with the fact that other people are raising them. Maybe she will catch on in a few years when her kids appear on Oprah and want to know where "MOM" was all their life. The people close to this girl should be ashamed for not getting her into a Psychiatric Hospital. She needs mental help. If they REALLY cared about her, they could make her go. (It can be done) Instead, they keep letting her make a complete fool of herself, over n over. All the world is watching Britney and you and those around you are responsible>>>>>SO don't whine when people comment on what they see. What a waste..

2716 days ago

concerned citizen    

All she needs is a good old fashion country ass whooping!

2716 days ago


She is so amazing.. The most beautiful woman in the world. Angelina is so jealous of her too. o O

2716 days ago

J Doe    

its britney whos jealous of angelina..she landed brad pitt
the one guy britney has fantasized about for yrrrrrs, and she couldnt even get brad.

2716 days ago

L.A. Native    

Her Malibu mansion, which comes with a dance studio, is on the market...surely she still has access to the home. Why would she want to go through this carry on every day??? Could it be possible that she's an "Attention Whore?"

2716 days ago

J Doe    

furthermore angelina gave birth to a baby girl,
angelina has what she wants-a girl and brad pitt.and he sees how good she treats her kids and takes motherhood very seriously. brad sees britney as no motherhood material.

This entire situation is getting old, if its not one thing its another with britney. and of course there isn't any stability in her career decisions when she has zero stability in her personal life.

i think she wants a comeback but not for the fans its just to prove that she's still got it,
to feed her bulging ego,which is fine but she doesn't want to put in the work to achieve a successful comeback.

she seems content on half assing it as long as she gets her attention which she does by just acting a fool (showing her vadge, shaving her head, hitting photographers). she's lazy. she thinks any attention is good attention, but she doesn't realize that being a tabloid star DOESN'T sell records *ahem Paris Hilton*.

she also wants to be more involved in her career decisions, which again is fine as long as she has someone who is experienced guiding her way. she seems to be under the impression that she is smart enough to take the reigns of her own career and make all of the necessary decisions. wrong.

the video rant is one of her stupidest ideas ever, it wasn't professional and she didn't achieve her objective. she would have been better off keeping her mouth shut or maybe filming a short message for the fans, not her bitter rant which made her come off like an immature brat

2716 days ago

big joe    

she look's hotter then ever . welcome back brit.

2716 days ago


isn't that what sidewalks are for

2716 days ago
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