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Depp's Daughter Laughs in the Face of Harmful Infection

4/18/2007 12:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Johnny Depp's daughter, Lily-Rose, looks well as she takes a stroll along the Thames with dad.

Lily was originally thought to have had blood poisoning, but was later diagnosed as having an E. coli infection, which affected her kidneys. Johnny kept vigil at her bedside in a London hospital until the tot bounced back.

Depp is in England filming Tim Burton's version of Stephen Sondheim's "Sweeney Todd," which had halted production during Lily's illness.


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Depp's middle finger    

lexie spy eye said
--------------What we've wrtten, he's admitted to himself.
He wasn't busted for allowing drugs ?-------------------------------

Johnny Depp has never ever been busted for selling drugs at his club or anywhere else.
You know what Johnny think do you? how do you know what he has admitted to himself.!!! You are such a loser you are tripping yourself up with your own delusions.
I must have missed the post where someone conceded to you so I don't know what this was in reply to but as with all your statements you are off the mark. Listen I know your getting your rocks off by posting these fantasies of yours but you will never be able to prove any of you lies so stop repeating yourself and get a life. Because I am now bored of you.

2715 days ago


Yet Mac, you keep responding!

2715 days ago

Sharp Eye    

Moron the truth stung you again.
Here's just a taste of your butt pirates degenerate mind.
You failed before vermont and you've failed again.
As lexie said you keep coming spread your lies.
Notice how he took off just like last time.

"Although Johnny Depp received considerable Media attention in the past year for anti-American statements, as well as his claim that he would procure drugs for his children when they came of age, the Media has almost completely ignored the disappearance of his business partner. Depp has appeared in celebrity-friendly venues for interviews, which of course have not approached the subject of the drug dealing in his nightclub that left young people dead, nor the fact his business partner appears to have been murdered.

Attorneys for Depp have now very quietly settled their lawsuit, signing over Depp’s interests in the Viper Room to Anthony Fox’s daughter. "

I found the article for this lexie, written by one of the best investigative journalist in the business! Depp is afraid of this guy!
His fans can't refute facts!
Just like he waited to get his daughter proper treatment!

2714 days ago

Depp's middle finger    

You got the article from the american mafia site you piece of trash. That was discredited years ago after the second article was written. James Ridgway de Szigethy is NOT the best investigative journalist in the business moron you actually thought that! Can' t believe ou thought that. Even the people from the site discredited his work!! Your a bit behind on your 'facts' there buddy as I said he was discredited the first one was also reinvestigated and also discredited after guess what - the author had no proof to validate his claims.
You believed that Oh dear god!!! LMFAO

2714 days ago

Depp's middle finger    

Not that I need proof of your stupidity that just takes the cake, from now on I will look back at your previous posts and just laugh, I do enjoy laughing at people like you you amuse me with your determined stupidity.

Investigative journalist, best in business ! lol
Best in the business! lol

Thank you and Investigative journalist! lol

2714 days ago

Sharp Eye    

You came back like a dog to its vomit!
And you were proven wrong again!
Your butt pirate is exposed!!
I backed it up, and you've nothing to say!
Haha, the truth hurts!!!!

2714 days ago

Sharp Eye    

Those are also facts that Johnny boy and his lawyers have not been able to stamp out no matter how hard they try.
That's what kills you fans even more!
He should be taking care of his children so that untreated "infections" "blood poisoning" "ecoli"
don't set in.
More facts to add to that swills resume!

2714 days ago

Depp's middle finger    

Investigative journalist, best in business ! lol

2713 days ago

Sharp Eye    

Yes the best!
And the truth your Johnny and his lawyers can't silence!
Just like his fans can't ignore!
That's why you keep coming back, when you've left several times.

2713 days ago
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