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Trump's Gift to Babwa: Rosie's Underwear

4/19/2007 8:43 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The Donald's stirring it up again with Rosie – this time, by sending her boss, Babwa, an undergarment O'Donnell once wore in a movie.

Trump got the outfit – which Page Six describes as "a bustier" or "a giant pair of panties," which Ro wore in the 1994 flick "Exit to Eden" –- out of the blue from a fan, who had bought it at auction and framed it. Trump says he "didn't want it" in his office because "it was really gross," so he sent to Walters.

Rosie gets physical: click to view photosThen, on Monday's "The View," O'Donnell brought up the bizarre present, only to be squelched by Babs. "You want to hear what a 61-year-old businessman did today?" asked Rosie. "He sent Barbara ..." at which point Walters interrupted her and stopped that dead in its tracks. Walters tells Page Six, "I have no desire to continue a feud with Donald Trump."

Katie Tries to Take Back Her Past?

TomKat Wedding: Click to launch photosWhile the Tom is away, the Kat will play – or at least she'll try to get back to her roots and contact old friends she's been excommunicated from since she entered Camp Cruise. Katie Holmes is in Louisiana shooting her next film, "Mad Money," and she's been getting in touch with old friends, reports Life & Style (via MSNBC), and is planning to visit her family in Ohio. "She's trying to make amends with her family," says a family pal. She's also reportedly been "secretly talking to pastors" to reconnect with her Catholic faith, and according to reports, wants to get Suri into "kiddie Catholicism" classes.

Snoop Demands Xbox Before Playing

It may cost you $150,000 to get Snoop Dogg to play your event, but if you don't have an Xbox around, it seems you can forget about seeing him on stage. Page Six reports that the Doggfather was the headliner at a UNICEF fund-raiser in New York, and that besides his fee, he had to have ten members of his Snoop-tourage flown in first class. But, at the very last minute, Snoop balked at performing because he didn't have an Xbox video game unit in his dressing room. Organizers had to find someone's child's Xbox to placate the rapper, who ended up going on an hour late anyway. Snoop's lateness forced another act – the Pussycat Dolls – to have to ad-lib some gab on stage, which led to one of the dolls referring to UNICEF as "Unicel."

Party Favors: Lohan Not "Necessarily" an Addict ... Angie Weeps Alone over Kidnapping Threat ... Chris Rock Asks for Paternity Test

Lindsay Lohan gallery: Click to launch photosLindsay Lohan says that being in the white walls and parquet floors of Wonderland rehab made her feel "safe," and tells Allure magazine that it's "so weird" that she actually did rehab. Still, even after all those AA meetings, she says, "I don't know that I'm necessarily an addict." ... Angelina Jolie tells Entertainment Weekly that amidst all the kidnapping threats and abduction scenarios, she actually found privacy enough to weep. "If things got too heavy, there'd be a place for me to cry by myself," she says. ... Chris Rock actually wants to know if he's the dad of a 13-year-old boy whose mom tried to file a paternity lawsuit against him last month. Rock's attorney says he's willing to support the kid if it can be proven that he's the father.


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Lenn K.    

This thing with Trump and Rosie is old. No one really care anymore. Katie, you thought that you were in wonderland and now you know it's really hell, should have asked Nicole. Chris Rock if he's your son do the right thing.

2742 days ago


How desperate for publicity is Donald Trump? Just when you think the feud has died, he keeps adding fuel to a dead fire. First Rosie, then WWE. His mind must be going. Maybe he's not mentally capable of running a big corporation anymore?

2742 days ago


Trump will fall. Ro will self destruct. Barbara will go on and on.

2742 days ago


I lost all the respect I had for Trump! He seems like a caricature of himself lately. Love Rosie (not in a romantic way) and think it's great how bravely she speaks her mind. Critizising her is "unpatriotic", not her views. Remember "freedom of speech"?!? Rosie for president (ok, maybe not...)!

2742 days ago


Rosie and Donald-Grow up, we dont care about either one of you so just go away,
Snoop Dogg- You no talented murdering, drug-selling, skinny crackhead looking a$$hole, you make enough to have your entourage af retards to bring one with them. I do have to say one thing though it is fun to play video games while you puff a blunt, remember PUFF< PUFF< PASS
Katie Holmes, you have done it now, I bet Tom the Dictator Cruise is on his way there with his minders to keep an eye on you now

2742 days ago


I love Chris Rock!

2742 days ago

concerned citizen    

The Rosie and Donald thing is so old! Who really cares anymore!

Katie file for divorce before it's to late and run for the hills.

Snoop is a total loser anyway! He is lucky he was asked to perform despite all the trouble he's been in. What an a$$hole!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2742 days ago


Donald AND Rosie are both acting so immature!! It takes two to argue, and if neither is willing to back down, it will continue-as boring AND stupid as it already is! If either had any self-respect, and/or cared what anyone else thought about them, they would of handled this much differently. It doesn't matter anymore who started this whole thing originally, they have BOTH kept this thing going instead of just walking away and trying to be the bigger person. NOW they both look like fools. And what is known to most people and is a compliment by being called the "bigger" person, to them it seems to mean something else. They fail to realize that it's a compliment in their eyes only! They are both spoiled and pathetic, and very sad since they could both do a lot more good in this world by speaking out FOR things that would bring positive change instead of childish antics. But guess with their money and being a celebrity going to their head, they forgot where they came from and don't want to be like the "rest of us" unless there's something in it for them. Pitiful!!!!

2742 days ago

oh no, not Rosanne    

I think baba wawa kept Rosie from responding because since the firing of Imus, everyone is really paying attention to what people say, and Rosie may be next in the line of fire.

2742 days ago


How can Katie sneak around with Tom at the filming? Chris Rock said he will do the right thing, its nice to see some integrity in some movie stars.

2742 days ago

who cares?    

were there skid marks???

2742 days ago

Funny Answers    

Mr. Trump and Rosie, well both of them need to close this subject. I did see the show, the view, and Joy said, don't say who and what, you will just give Trump fuel for fire as his show is really slipping in the rating. These two are like little children who won't let the fight end. As people mature, you begin to ignor the games adults play for attention. Trump is so spoiled, if people don't kiss his ass he has a fit like a child, and Rosie just dose not know when to stop talking about him. Both of you have gotten on our last nerve, stop the attention game, and get back to your jobs. You have lost respect, especially you Mr. Trump, you are a deal maker, lots of money, education, yet you don't know when to shut up. Stop it now!!!! Shame on you...your children do as you do, not as you say. Show a good example for your children, both of you. There is enough hate in this world. So sad!!

2742 days ago

Dr. M    



20 IS KINDA YOUNG TO BE ADDICTED (alcohol only !)

ALCOHOL TAKES A WHILE (unless you started really young) -

Damn - they busted another one of my pot-houses in diamond bar

i gotta go -

Lindsay -

Denile is more than a river in Egypt -


Dr. M

2742 days ago

Finally exposed - shes a wierdo    

"Still, even after all those AA meetings, she says, "I don't know that I'm necessarily an addict." ...
Here we go again. Just how moronic or uninformed are these young people out there? This now makes 2 in a row of young hollywood types that are questioning their stay in rehab; first little Britney blames her manager for being forced into rehab (then does her 90 second valley girl imitation, quite possible the most un-funny sacastic thing I've seen; grow a personality please); now we have this Lohan chick questioning whether she's an addict or not. Which means either they're empty headed for going to rehab in the first place (both exibited very BIZARRE behavior, which caused those around them to worry significantly about them), or they're empty headed & uninformed for not bothering to pick up the main message of rehab (which is ACCEPT RESPONSIBILITY FOR YOUR ACTIONS, ADMIT YOUR SHORTCOMINGS AND WORK TO OVERCOME THEM); who knows, maybe this isn't emphasized enough at this 5 star vacation rehab resorts like Promises to get through to those very thick headed like these 2. Either way, they're both acting like petulant little children who have been punished, and now they're both throwing hissy fits.

GROW UP, YOU STUPID CHILDREN. You're lucky enough to have people around you who want to see you grow old & have a life. Blaming others for your problems is a childish way to deal with them; you need to accept what you've done, make amends for it and move on. You're both additcts, whether you like it or not; DEAL WITH IT.

2742 days ago

Brian Llewellyn™ Please wear more yellow ladies!!!!!!!    

Yall are shippin' peoples underwear around. That's terrible. I don't care who's it is. Throw it away.
Snoop. Tighten up Buddy. It's unicef. It's not about games. If that is true. Then Snoop is immature in my opinion. Come on' dude.
And Lindsay. Lindsay rocks like a diamond studded death metal baritone on fire. Thanks for being happy Ms. Lohan
I love this world and all of yall in it.
Brian Llewellyn

2742 days ago
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