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Trump's Gift to Babwa: Rosie's Underwear

4/19/2007 8:43 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The Donald's stirring it up again with Rosie – this time, by sending her boss, Babwa, an undergarment O'Donnell once wore in a movie.

Trump got the outfit – which Page Six describes as "a bustier" or "a giant pair of panties," which Ro wore in the 1994 flick "Exit to Eden" –- out of the blue from a fan, who had bought it at auction and framed it. Trump says he "didn't want it" in his office because "it was really gross," so he sent to Walters.

Rosie gets physical: click to view photosThen, on Monday's "The View," O'Donnell brought up the bizarre present, only to be squelched by Babs. "You want to hear what a 61-year-old businessman did today?" asked Rosie. "He sent Barbara ..." at which point Walters interrupted her and stopped that dead in its tracks. Walters tells Page Six, "I have no desire to continue a feud with Donald Trump."

Katie Tries to Take Back Her Past?

TomKat Wedding: Click to launch photosWhile the Tom is away, the Kat will play – or at least she'll try to get back to her roots and contact old friends she's been excommunicated from since she entered Camp Cruise. Katie Holmes is in Louisiana shooting her next film, "Mad Money," and she's been getting in touch with old friends, reports Life & Style (via MSNBC), and is planning to visit her family in Ohio. "She's trying to make amends with her family," says a family pal. She's also reportedly been "secretly talking to pastors" to reconnect with her Catholic faith, and according to reports, wants to get Suri into "kiddie Catholicism" classes.

Snoop Demands Xbox Before Playing

It may cost you $150,000 to get Snoop Dogg to play your event, but if you don't have an Xbox around, it seems you can forget about seeing him on stage. Page Six reports that the Doggfather was the headliner at a UNICEF fund-raiser in New York, and that besides his fee, he had to have ten members of his Snoop-tourage flown in first class. But, at the very last minute, Snoop balked at performing because he didn't have an Xbox video game unit in his dressing room. Organizers had to find someone's child's Xbox to placate the rapper, who ended up going on an hour late anyway. Snoop's lateness forced another act – the Pussycat Dolls – to have to ad-lib some gab on stage, which led to one of the dolls referring to UNICEF as "Unicel."

Party Favors: Lohan Not "Necessarily" an Addict ... Angie Weeps Alone over Kidnapping Threat ... Chris Rock Asks for Paternity Test

Lindsay Lohan gallery: Click to launch photosLindsay Lohan says that being in the white walls and parquet floors of Wonderland rehab made her feel "safe," and tells Allure magazine that it's "so weird" that she actually did rehab. Still, even after all those AA meetings, she says, "I don't know that I'm necessarily an addict." ... Angelina Jolie tells Entertainment Weekly that amidst all the kidnapping threats and abduction scenarios, she actually found privacy enough to weep. "If things got too heavy, there'd be a place for me to cry by myself," she says. ... Chris Rock actually wants to know if he's the dad of a 13-year-old boy whose mom tried to file a paternity lawsuit against him last month. Rock's attorney says he's willing to support the kid if it can be proven that he's the father.


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jasmine jupiter    

hey................I have problems of my own.............

2715 days ago


I have no respect for Rosie,and could care less for her views or her dim witted opinions on gun control or anything else for that matter she should spend more time working on food control.As for Troump I Iost all respect for him with the reality show and that trash on WWE......thanks Brandon jctn

2715 days ago

Don Giavanni    

If Rosie raised a leg and asked you to pull her finger, would you do it?

2715 days ago


In my personal opinion Trump is such a loser he is willing to get into feuds on a phony wrestling program, fight with women, and stoop so low that most sleazy (not all) used car salesmen can claim more class than Trump can. Barbara was correct to stop it because to continue it only lends public attention to a man who deserves none of it. The ladies of "The View" should rise above this man and go on with life and leave him ranting and screaming in the dust.

As for Katie I hope she makes her escape and Snoop Dog should be in the unemployment line if not prison. The bright spot is Chris Rock who is showing he is a man among men and if it is his son I hope they both make each other proud.

2715 days ago

Van Zant Rocks    

Donald Trump is addicted to publicity. Maybe Donald could take Paris "The Hooker" Hilton & disappear together. They deserve each other... If I never hear of either one of these "two lumps of dirt" again, the world would be a much better place. Rosie should not take the bate when Trump is use-ing her for his much sought after publicity.

2715 days ago

john allen    

sad to see an old man fighting to keep up , he just needs to take his money and retire

snoop dog , now theres a name to be proud of, just wonder what his mon saw when she first layed eyes on him

2715 days ago


If "Babs" did not want Rosie to comment on the subject, then why did she tell her what Trump sent?

2715 days ago

J Hi    

Donald! Do you have to be a jerk 365 days a year...sheesh.... take a day off. He has shown no class whatsoever and would never be classified as a gentleman. He comes across as a spoiled rotten brat who didn't get his way. Somebody..please..change his diaper already!

2715 days ago


Donald Trump is a bully, I can't take his cruel comments , I've stopped watching Apprentice. I use to love that show. keeping on keeping on Ro, Peace.

2715 days ago

I. Gonzales    

Trump is starting this crap all over again, why do people accuse Rosie of needing to grow up. Trump is the one that needs to grow up and quit acting like a little child.

2714 days ago


Rosie if Trumps so into your business he got to have Love and not loth plus ROSIE YOU ROCKED IN THAT MOVIE! Send me them panties I'll keep them hung up and proudly say those are Rosie's

Trump yeah that is just it he is not teh trump card anymore and has to pull itty bitty stunts to keep going why if anyone else besides a movie star would have done what he did in the first place they surely wouldn't got rewarded with a TV show come on trump suxs Boot him and the show..

Rosie I look forward to seeing you in a new movie. I like you Exit to Eden and Beautiful Girls too.

2714 days ago


Donald just wants to be in the public eye and will do anything to achieve this. He is a 61 year old man who needs to grow up. Donald you need to stay at home and keep your mouth shut. You are spewing garbage that no one wants to hear. It makes me wonder how his reality show The Apprentice is doing.
I am suspicious of his motives in feuding with Rosie. Barbara was smart not playing into it.

2714 days ago


This nonsense feud among the trio of Trump/O'Donnell/Walters serves no real purpose, not even at this point as comic relief. We did perhaps laugh when the feud was new on the boards, but now it's as old as Roy Rogers' hat! Maybe the three of them could agree to disagree and be done with it. Failing that, the three could choreograph a snazzy tapdance and perform it on The Today Show, Dancing with the Stars, or 20-20; or join the circus for a few days and take turns swinging on the trapeze; or attend angry management classes for media midgets and publicity hounds.

2714 days ago

john mail    

I think the gift sent to Barbara Walters was appropriate. All I can say to Donald Trump is, "Your such a romantic". Keep it up. The other thing is, maybe, i's time to let go of past insults. Donald, your better than that. Rosie isn't worth the time wasted thinking about her.

2714 days ago

Ken Rose    

Why can't Rosie O'Donnell just be happy. She seems to be the most miserable person I have ever seen. I used to love her, and her show, now I cringe when I hear her name. Come back Rosie!!

2714 days ago
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