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Baldwin -- Can You Hear Me Now?

4/20/2007 12:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Hours after TMZ posted Alec Baldwin's explosive voice mail message to his 11-year-old daughter, we spotted Baldwin in New York -- on his cell phone! It looked like Alec had already flipped into damage control mode.

Baldwin was spotted making a swift exit from a benefit party for The Old Vic Theatre, keeping his face turned away from cameras as he gabbed on his cell.


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I think he's got some serious issues.

2745 days ago

pattie in cali    

YOUR A PIG ALEC, you need help!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GET THE HELL OUT OF THE USA!!!!!!!!!!! i hope someone flys over to your house and straightens you out, YOURA PAIN IN OUR ASSES

2745 days ago


STEP 10.....DO IT!

2745 days ago


I can only imagine how he treated his wife!!!!!!! LOSER

2745 days ago


Tell us how you really feel, Baldwin! That's pathetic! Glad you're not my dad.

2745 days ago

Mom of two    

Leave the poor guy alone. he is a dad that needs to discipline his daughter and we need to respect their privacy. we don't know the whole story and it is not right to judge him from this incident. Kids need to respect their parents and you can tell that there is no respect from the daughter and as a father he is not asking too much for his daughter to respect and love him. we need to leave them alone to resolve this issue privately. who are we to judge him or any one.

2745 days ago


“Abuse can be defined as any behavior that is designed to control and subjugate another human being through the use of fear, humiliation, and verbal or physical assaults” (Forward & Torres, 1986, p. 43)."

(This is from )

2745 days ago


mr. baldwin obviously has a lot of control issues. his frustration and anger got the better of him. instead of venting in an appropriate manner, he unleashed on his daughter, which was totally inappropriate. ireland may or may not have intentionally left her phone off, we don't know. i have reported cases in commissioner nelson's courtroom in the past. i am sure she will make the right order.

2745 days ago


mr. baldwin obvously has a lot of anger and frustration and control issues that he did not handle appropriately. whether ireland intentionally or unintentionally left her phone off is something we do not know, however that doesn't excuse mr. baldwin for his behavior. i hope he finds a way to vent in a more appropriate manner. as a court reporter in los angeles superior court, i have been in commissioner nelson's courtroom in the past and i am confident she will make the right ruling.

2745 days ago


Alec you have a lot of issues, I would keep my child away from you to. Kim does not have to bad mouth you that child grows up knowing the real you.. you get love and respect from those around you by giving it first.... Kim keep your daughter away from this mad man... you are so out of control.. you sounded so nasty ass.. If my husband ever spoke to my kids or me like that his ass would have been out the door long before then.. A person just does not flip out like that over one missed phone call... Alec you are so full of your self.... Sounds like you want to control Kim and uyour Dtr even when you are doing your own thing... PS I will never watch another movie youa re in , by the way copared to you Kim is an awesome human being and a great actress, I hope she took you to the cleaner in the divorce and you pay big bucks in child support, is that why you think you can be so nasty to your daughter because you have lost the right to do mean things to your x-wife... Kim if you gave TMZ the tape good for you... now every one knows the nasty ass your x really, he will be going into spin mode... Every time he says nasty things about you he is showing the real him... You are doing the right thing by standing back and letting him self implode..... Kim know you are a good person and the problems his problem.. It sounds like he just lost control of you so now he is taking it out on his little girl... He sounds like he needs a kick up his ass... maybe he just got it.. do you get it yet Alex... oops I mean Alec.... as in showing respect to anotehr person even if they are 11 or 12... geeze didn't even know your own kids age, are you that self centered....

2745 days ago


i used to love alec's performances and i liked him especially on the movie the edge. I used to be married to a man who looked very much like him who had the same control issues and bad mouthed me to my son when ever he got the chance, as such my son grew up not learning how to trust his feelings and my ex could not let it go to this day. that was 13 yrs ago we split. now my son is 22 and left the country and is disgusted with both of us to some degree. I think this girl will end up like my son in the end, not wanting to get in the middle of it when she reaches majority and live her own life not wanting to know either one. oddly enough, my mother did the same thing to me about my dad, and i eventually ending up taking his on the spin long after he died. i dont know why the parents have to brainwash their kids one way or another but judgeing form him lack of being able to contact his daughter on the phone at a specific time frame that may have been piut into place by a court order, his daughter should ahve been reachable to him is it was so court ordered for him to have telephone privledges at certain time. I had this with my son court ordered for me to call him at certain times before the cell phones came out, and his fathe used to try to thwart my calling my son at those times intentionally to disrupt the flow of communication. however, my anger was not directed towards my son it was directed towards my ex who used to do this. eventually i got my son his own cell phone also and things were fixed. but at no time would i ever yell at my kid like this and i dont condone alec's tone or choice of words. they clearly hurt his daughter. i would not be surprised to learn that a judge limits visitation with ireland and alec or even have a supervised visitation policy for a while and make alec go into some kind of anger management control before he lets him have her unsupervised

2745 days ago


Alec is actually a good actor and an articulate guy. But he's always had trouble picking scripts, and he seemed to like being a celebrity more than being an artist. Damn shame...

2745 days ago


I,ve raised three kids, and we all know how snotty pre-teens or teenagers can be. I know I've told my kids off many times, and they deserved it. If you let them walk all over you, they will take it and run with it. So, yeah he probably could of handled it a little better, after all he is the "adult ". But she is also a product of divorce, and we really don't know what goes on behind closed doors.

2745 days ago


there are two sides to every story ,now it comes out the lawyer of the mom released this tape ,and we know why, i agree he should have had less hostile language ,but she and her lawyer are just as low for releasing this tape ,to get the publics reaction which they knew what it would be is COLD and LOW

2745 days ago

A. Fresh    

We don,t know the whole story but !regardless if u luv your children u don,t degrade them in that way,by calling them names. Big negative for u Alec

2745 days ago
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