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Britney: One Fashion Day (and Nightmare) at a Time

4/23/2007 2:09 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Britney Spears was seen in these fur-eaky pelted getups on Saturday, looking (right) like a Radio City Rockette headed for a hoedown in Morocco. The girl just can't pick a look!

Britz was all ovah the place this weekend, changing hats and wigs faster than you can say "Giddyup on over to Target!"

Hop your saddles and take a ride on the weekend fashion trail of the bewigged pop star. Yee haw!


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shes not the queen of the low lifes hilton is . i guess that means she has to step up her nonsence

2689 days ago


I was just looking at the double picture posted and did a double take. Does anyone else think that Spear's picture on the left side makes her look a lot like Liza Minelli??!! Must be the eyebrows and eye makeup. Yuck!

2743 days ago


If she didn't have children, this would be funny.
Is there such a thing as fashion rehab?

2743 days ago


Yes, #1---I think she is Liza in the making!!!! In every way!!

2743 days ago


Brit...girl, get a stylist. You obviously don't have judgement when it comes to picking out your own clothing. The cowboy hat doesn't even FIT, much less go with the fur and top....and just because you own a fur (or faux fur whichever it is) doesn't mean you gotta wear it with everything.

Your looking like a side-show freak again.

2743 days ago


OOP'S, I dressed myself again.

2743 days ago


Doesnt she have a stylist?? If so she needs to fire her! Money can buy alot of things but it cant buy class or style. Brit is a mess.

2743 days ago

Glee (I'm baaaaack)    

some advice.....if its shiny, furry, low cut, thigh high or makes your head 2 feet bigger.....stay away from it britney!!!!!

2743 days ago


Does this trailer trash POS ever take her children out? At least you see Reese Witherspoon with her kids; she's a good mom.

2743 days ago

Jinxy Cat    

Some people can pull off wearing fur, others can't...
Brit's fur looks like a dead animal carcass she found laying
on the side of the road!
BLAH!!!!! FUR is so OUT!

2743 days ago


she looks even crazier than when she shaved her her. i feel bad for her kids when they get older. their mom is a nut job

2743 days ago

Piglet Baldwin    

What an insipid little life. Why doesn't she take her $138mil and donate it to cancer research, go back to Texas, finish junior high school, and drive around "country" style on the farm in her battered Chevy pickup with her newbie piglet offspring on her lap as she catapults over gopher holes?

2743 days ago

E. Alneda    

I know the people at "What Not to Wear" are probably in a corner, in a fetal position, whimpering and shaking at these pictures. What in the world????!!?!!

2743 days ago


i love what not to wear
someone should nominate her ASAP!
im sure clinton and stacey are going crazy about these pics
imagine them making fun of her>lol

2743 days ago


I'm guessing no stylist because she's paying dearly for Nannies. How else can you explain that she's always out and about without her children. She's got some "jacked up" priorities - but when you need to be seen, ya do what you must!

2743 days ago
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