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Britney Pimps for Personal Pap Army

4/24/2007 10:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Britney SpearsBritney Spears is contacting her fans through e-mail lists and asking them to "sneak up on their friends and photograph them." Translation: Become a paparazzo.

Spears is holding a fantasy photo contest through her Internet fan club where fans can submit photos of their friends and family to try and win a Video iPod signed by the former Mrs. Federline herself. The contest is a promotion for her new fragrance "Midnight Fantasy." What's that smell?

The pitch to her fans is, "Share what happens to you when the clock strikes 12 ... where are you? Who is with you? Pay attention to yourself -- what are you doing? How do you feel? Savor every last detail and when you think you have it down, recreate that perfect moment and capture it as best you can in a digital photograph." Say cheese, y'all!

Oh, and by the way, "No images containing nudity, obscenity or violent depictions are permitted." That means no pantyless crotch shots, people!


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I wonder how long it took those two little redneck brain cells of hers to come up with this?

2708 days ago

my opinion    

Who writes her website to her fans? The verbage sounds like Madison Avenue and not the dimwit with the 6 grade education.

2708 days ago


This one is lost on me. I don't get it.

2708 days ago


Grow up and become a mother. She has the maturity of a 16 year old. Neither one of these two parents should have custody. Step in grandparents and give these kids a chance to have a normal life.

2708 days ago


Hummmm... wonder who's great idea this was?

2708 days ago


Britney doesn't need rehab, she needs a shrink.

2708 days ago

concerned citizen    

Who gave her this idea? Surely she couldn't come up with it herself. Besides, who the hell would want to buy her smellyass perfume.

"Midnight Fantasy" yeah right! More like "All Day Funk"

2708 days ago


She is so STUPID! Doesn't she have something better to do than bother what little fans she has left?? I've got an idea- how about people take pictures of her whenever she spends time with her kids, you would have NO pictures. LOSER!

2708 days ago


She is still out of control. She needs to go home, take care of her kids, and come back in about 3 years (maybe she'll be somewhat grown up by then).

2708 days ago


Sounds like a great marketing plan to me....but what do I know......

2708 days ago


2. Who writes her website to her fans? The verbage sounds like Madison Avenue and not the dimwit with the 6 grade education.

Posted at 9:50AM on Apr 24th 2007 by my opinion

That would be VERBIAGE, dumbass

2708 days ago


She's trying to tell you that if YOU have your supposed "friends" taking your picture every moment, that they wouldn't be friends for long, and you would soon see how horrible it is to be constantly recorded.

2708 days ago


Yikes..why is she still around? I don't get it, and I never did.

2708 days ago


Try it. Have a friend follow you around every minute for one whole week. Every bite you take, every time you bend over, have them waiting there when you get out of the bathroom to catch the aroma. Follow you down the street in your car, hide in the bushes to get those really intimate shots. Record every shopping trip, every single action you make outside of your house. Have them photograph every pimple, hair and wart.

The next week, you do the same to them. You will see Britney in a whole different way.
Do you get it now, Dottie?

2708 days ago

Brian Llewellyn™ Please wear more yellow ladies!!!!!!!    

Alright Britney. I'll send you my picture too. Then I will get one of my five sisters to draw straws. And then the winner can get your perfume. This is one of those times when having five sisters is gonna be hard. Five sisters. Oh.. Lord...

Brian Llewellyn

2708 days ago
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