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Did Rosie Want to Boot Babwa?

4/26/2007 7:34 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Rosie O'Donnell's exit from "The View" had nothing to do with contract terms and everything to do with Rosie wanting to kick Barbara Walters off the show Babwa created, according to reports this morning.

Yesterday, Rosie claimed that her departure was the result of a contract dispute, but the New York Post reports that what Ro really wanted was to take over the show by herself. What's more, the Post's source says that ABC could've kept her by buying out Babwa's share of the show, but decided they had had enough of the outspoken O'Donnell.

Rosie's rep says that the report is "categorically false." Meanwhile, buzz about what Ro will do next is just that -- buzz -- and her rep says she's "going to sit back" and decide.

Alec – Hate-Spew Was Meant for Kim, Not Kid

Alec Baldwin claims that the ugly venom in his voice mail message to daughter Ireland that TMZ posted exclusively last week was really directed at Ireland's mom Kim Basinger, not at the 11-year-old herself. "I took [my anger] out on the wrong person," said Baldwin yesterday during his taped appearance on "The View," slated for broadcast Friday morning, according to a transcript obtained by the AP.

Baldwin told Rosie & Co. that "there's nothing wrong with being frustrated or angry," but when asked by Barbara whether he meant it for his ex-wife Basinger and not for Ireland, he replied, "I think that goes without saying." Still, he wouldn't say whether he had actually spoken to Ireland since the voice mail was made public.

Did Prince Diss Paris in Public?

Prince challenged Paris to a sing-off at his Las Vegas show -- and Paris Hilton couldn't step up, if a report in Us is to be believed. The hotel heiress was in the audience at Prince's Club 3121 show at the Rio Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, and Prince invited her onstage. When, according to Us, she skipped up to take her place in the spotlight, Prince handed her a mic and called out to the crowd, "Let's see if she can really sing," a challenge that so dismayed Paris that she ended up ditching the stage and leaving just two songs later. Paris' rep denies the incident.

Party Favors: Even When Mandy Moore's Bad, She's Still Good ... Could Jacko Come to Big Apple? ... Spidey Needs Rocking Chair

Mandy Moore tells Parade magazine in an exclusive interview that she's been very, very bad: Her abuse of her celebrity, she admits, includes cutting to the front of the line at roller coasters. Uh, OK, Mandy, you naughty girl. ... Talk about a circus: Michael Jackson might be coming to Manhattan for a June 18 trial date of a case in which a New Jersey financial firm is claiming they were stiffed for $48 million. Federal marshals, say Rush & Molloy, have been alerted, but it's unclear whether he'll actually turn up. ... Spider-Man might be capable of flying through the concrete canyons of the big city, but his real-life alter-ego Tobey Maguire needs a rocking chair, according to Page Six. He travels with an entourage of 10, a personal chef, and a rocking chair wherever he's at.


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Hey Alec - when an individual is angry - they are not angry at another person, they are angry at themselves. I'm not a doctor, but a mature human being. You need some time to reflect on your behavior.

2676 days ago


Alec is one mentally sic dog.. he thinks its ok to talk that way to his x wife ... he needs to be fixed so he does not produce any more off spring, pity pity pity for any woman in his life he does not respect women.. He thinks its ok to talk nasty oh brotehr,, you have big problems...

2676 days ago


Alec is riding the celebrity band wagon! he needs anger managment... Kim has always said Alec had a problem with his anger now we can all hear what she was talking about!
What a lame excuse to say his anger was directed at Kim and NOT Ireland.. why did he keep calling Ireland a little pig?

Kids are smart and with time Ireland will be brave and strong enough to make her own mind up who is the bad guy in her life!

Alec You will reap what you sow

2676 days ago


Rosie, take that anger of yours and bring it to standup and burn it off that way. You got what you deserve

2676 days ago


Lets hope ol' Mandy doesn't cut in front of a line when there's disabled or elderly people waiting their turn. Hey, their money is just as good, too. Relieving your guilt by chuckling to Parade doesn't forgive "line-cutters". LOL

2676 days ago

concerned citizen    

If this is true of Rosie, it doesn't surprise me at all. She is a real b***h! Maybe Babwa has learned her lesson and will pick the next host very carefully!

Alec has issues, but lets not forget that Kim does also! What goes on between both of them is their problem and not their kids'. All of them need couseling and let Ireland be a kid. Shame on both of them for using her as a pawn.

Ha, ha, ha. Now that's Hot! Good one Prince!!!!!! Wish someone caught that on tape.

2676 days ago


So now Alec is claiming the anger was meant for Kim. WHATever.

2676 days ago


rosie really is full of herself--i frankly am just feed up!

2676 days ago


Rosie and Barbara sounded so phony yesterday..
It was about time for ABC to take the garbage out to the curb. Hope Mizz Walters learned a lesson.

2676 days ago

searching for truth    

TMZ - please fix the New York Post link for Rosie's article, thanks

2676 days ago



You talk about others as if you're a moral person. You adopted a little girl & then after taking care of her for only a few years, you GAVE HER BACK LIKE A HAMSTER AT A PET STORE. She had been in abusive homes and raped by foster parents and you complained because she would wake up in the middle of the night and cry??!!


2676 days ago


Releasing that tape was a horrible thing for anybody to do. If Kim Bassinger had anything to do with that, she would also be an unfit mother in my eyes. You dont do that to a 11 year old child no matter what. This is going to scar this child for life, and if her mother had anything to do with releasing that tape, she is just as guilty as Alec. Shame on you Harvey for getting on national tv and saying that it was ok for you to release the tape, because you have it from reliable sources that a 11 year old CHILD was glad it was released. She is a child, and you exposed a child to alot of grief in the future. You didn't give one thought about what kind of reprucussions this will have on the child in the future, all you cared about was how many hits you would get to this site. If you are a father, you should be ashamed of yourself. Sometimes you have to make tough decisions in business, and in this case you made the wrong one. She is a CHILD, what were you thinking. What Alec did was horrible, but I am thinking of the CHILD here, and that should have been kept private.

2676 days ago


ALEC---GET PROFESSIONAL HELP!!! It nauseates me that the audience at "The View" felt sorry for him---feel sorry for the child. Feel sorry that, even if angry, he thinks it would be ok to talk to another adult (Kim) like that. It was disgusting language. This isn't isolated--there is a long history of people reporting that his anger frightened them. Last year, in a play in New York, a woman dropped out of the play because she feared him. He is a bully!!

2676 days ago


NEW YORK POST -- story in full from the national news page

JUNE BUG-OUT:Rosie O'Donnell and Barbara Walters announced on "The View" yesterday that O'Donnell will cease her regular daily gig on the show in June, but will return occasionally to guest-host.There are currently no comments. Be the first to contribute!
posted by nypostClick here to commentApril 26, 2007 -- Rosie wanted Barbara's job.

Rosie O'Donnell approached ABC during new contract negotiation last winter about getting rid of Barbara Walters and taking over "The View," according to several ABC sources close to the situation.

On yesterday's edition of the daily coffee klatch, O'Donnell and Walters announced that Rosie would leave the show in June, after failing to agree on a new deal with the network.

ABC had wanted her to stay for three more years, but O'Donnell wanted to sign up for only one, they said.

But the pair were not telling the whole story, claim sources both inside ABC and around the close-knit daytime-TV industry.

"They're talking [publicly] about how they couldn't come to terms . . . but . . . her leaving had nothing to do with that," an insider said.

While Walters is the creator and co-executive producer of "The View" with Disney-owned ABC, the business side of the show is controlled by ABC brass.

Had ABC officials chosen, they could have bought out Walters' share of "The View" to keep O'Donnell happy, the source said.

Other TV insiders say that ABC brass was fed up with O'Donnell's unpredictable and occasionally insulting commentaries, which included scraps with Donald Trump, Asian-American organizations and even her own co-hosts.

While the well-publicized on-air feuds helped bring "The View" its highest ratings ever, Trump yesterday took partial credit for O'Donnell's departure.

"Rosie made Barbara look like a fool," he told Fox News Channel. "Barbara can say what she wants and of course she's trying to put the most positive spin on it, but it's nothing short of getting fired."

Cindi Berger, the high-powered publicist for both O'Donnell and Walters, said all the allegations - especially that O'Donnell was trying to oust Waters - are false.

"That's absolutely not true, it's categorically false. People are making things up because they want to pit two powerful women against each other," Berger said. "Rosie just did not want to commit to three years."

Within ABC yesterday there seemed to be two factions: one that wanted to do anything to keep O'Donnell on "The View," and another that couldn't get rid of her fast enough.

O'Donnell's unpredictability created the chance "that sooner or later this thing was going to explode and they [some ABC officials] did want any part of that," said a source close to the situation.

But another ABC staffer said, "They really had hoped to re-sign her because without Rosie, they're going to have a lot of trouble keeping up their ratings and filling two [co-host] slots."

O'Donnell had replaced Meredith Vieira, who left last year to join "Today," while Star Jones' slot has yet to be filled. O'Donnell is expected to land her own daytime show, possibly by 2009.

2676 days ago


We'll probably never know exactly why Rosie left---but, THANK GOD SHE'S LEAVING!!!!

2676 days ago
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