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Britney's Baby -- Reaching for Attention?

4/27/2007 11:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A skirtless, cowboy'd up Britney Spears two-stepped out of her dance studio yesterday with two li'l cowpokes by her side -- Sean Preston and quite possibly Jayden James.
While one of Brit's female assistants held Sean Preston on the way out of mom's workout, another member of her entourage could be seen lugging a carrier with a baby's arm sticking out of it.

As TMZ pointed out yesterday, only Jayden's foot has been seen in public since his birth in September.


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Papa Bear    

to #66 a real mom? lol I feel sorry for your pathetic kids having to have someone like YOU raise talk about how Brittney should drive off a cliff and that her kids need to be given back to a lieing,cheating, whore monging, give me money for nothing, bad check writing KFED? WOW..your judgement really sucks. And....where are your kids? In school with someone else teaching/watching them..while your no working ass is on the computer dissing others??? lol You're a JOKE!

2707 days ago


Uhh Irene she DOES hold her own children. She's probably tired now. Everyone gets mad cause she is never photographed with them but now that she is they have different things to be upset about. Get over it.

2707 days ago

Jennifa O Jenny    

God forbid she should carry either of her own children herself. Geesh. I bet the staff has a closer bond to her children the she does.

2707 days ago

Jennifa O Jenny    

#67 - people only bitched about Brit when she carried her son and nearly dropped him. Or wearing pants that drag on the ground and catch under her feet - making a spill more likely. don't get it twisted - at least be honest in your posts.

2707 days ago

Jennifa O Jenny    

oopsy meant the comment for #68 - #67 seems to be me lol

2707 days ago


She is trying to get the same attention tom cruise got when he was hiding Suri. PLEASE DO NOT GIVE IT TO HER.

2707 days ago


Lets see....
When she did take her kids everywhere, she was labled a bad mother and actually stalked for pictures of her making misstakes with the kids (and believe me no mother is perfect) Now she doesn't have them in the spot light and you think she is a bad mother for NOT being with the kids. The girl can't please anyone with anything.

Remember he tripping with her son in her arms? Maybe she doesn't hold them in public so it doesn't happen again...who knows.............

Anyhow, lay off this girl. Let her go take a poop without a picture and a headline. The media needs a new story to cover!

And please Brit for the love of god get a stylist!!! Bring classy back!
Take off those retarded hats and tacky clothes and start dressing with some class. It will be good PR :)

2707 days ago


She is a media whore and I hate to tell all of you fans, but Britney had no talent before so what kind of a comeback will she possibly be able to pull off? Her original fan base has grown up and lost interest. She was a pop cultural phenomenon that has defnitely run it's course. Now she is a pathetic has been who will do ANYTHING to stay in the healdlines. She has already proved the depths she will go to for attention (Chaotic, shaving her head, rehab, etc.). She is a joke that is just not funny anymore. Go away you skank!

2707 days ago

Papa Bear    

haha #70 screw you! No one says anything about the amish and their long dresses that hang to the floor and the boots with 3 inch heels they wear...all while carrying their kids on a horse pulled buggy...Oh and NO CAR SEAT! lol...this is how ridiculous you haters is life and her kids are a hell of a lot MORE luckier than your kids! So stop being jealous a-holes! You're not Brittney, you don't and NEVER will have her money or fame so just GET OVER IT! :)

2707 days ago


Looks to me as if Ms. Britney might have some Thunder Thighs!

2707 days ago


Britney holding Sean going INTO the dancing studio,,20036479,00.html

Obviously she is sweating and didn't hold the baby when she left.

Britney has done NOTHING to affect your fat soccer moms posting here. Go take care of your own damn kids.

2707 days ago


She is incredibly repulsive now. . . just completely trashy. It seems obvious to me that this particular gossip column caused her to decide to show her with the children. However, she cannot even HOLD ONE OF THEM HERSELF???

It's one thing to have assistants, and nannies, and bodyguards, but they are now toting her children while she walks empty-handed and unconcerned that she continually makes herself look like a parody of the old Britney Spears.

It APPEARS that Britney doesn't care too much afterall. Maybe she thinks that showing her maternal side makes her less-sexy and she wants to return to MORE sexy. She's really out of it. Maybe it does make her seem like less of the sex symbol she wants to be, but holding her children and being maternal would make her be more of the PERSON she should want to be.

And, btw, motherhood isn't exactly unsexy. In theory, maybe, but look at Angelina. . . she's still as hot as can be, recently bore a child and has three more, too. Britney is not at all as hot as Angelina.

2707 days ago


She is incredibly repulsive now. . . just completely trashy. It seems obvious to me that this particular gossip column caused her to decide to show her with the children. However, she cannot even HOLD ONE OF THEM HERSELF???


Are you REALLY that much of a retard?

Please don't mention Angelina. Remember she hates Shiloh.

2707 days ago


Remember she nearly dumped Sean Preston in New York while holding on to her drink..Let anyone else hold them.

2707 days ago


And Brit hates Jayden, which is a sign of postpartum depression - you reject the child.

2707 days ago
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