Where's Britney's Baby?

4/25/2007 2:07 PM PDT

Where's Britney's Baby?

Not since Suri has there been a baby mystery of these proportions. We here at TMZ got to thinkin' ... just where has Britney's son Jayden James been? He was born September 12, 2006, and he's really never been seen in public -- except for this shot of his foot.

The only picture we've been able to dig up is reportedly a shot of Jayden, dressed in disguise as a little girl. We can't even verify if that's really him.

It's a whole other Oprah with Britney's oldest, Sean Preston. He's been seen here and there since his birth back in September of 2005.

There are rumors that the divorce settlement between Britney and K-Fed require them not to expose Jayden in public for the prying paparazzi eyes. We've confirmed that is NOT the case.

As for other rumors, we can say for sure that Jayden is just fine and extremely cute to boot.