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Introducing: Dannielynn Hope Marshall Birkhead!

4/27/2007 5:02 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Larry BirkheadA new birth certifcate has been issued for the 7-month-old daughter of Anna Nicole Smith. The certificate lists the little girl's new moniker as Dannielynn Hope Marshall Birkhead -- not Stern. It's about freakin' time!

DNA testing unequivocally proved that photographer Larry Birkhead is the father of Dannielynn, and not Howard K. Stern, whose name appeared on the originally issued document.

Earlier today, Anna Nicole's mom, Virgie Arthur, lost a last-ditch appeal to block Larry Birkhead from leaving the Bahamas with Dannielynn.

Now Birkhead can bring his daughter home!


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Very sweet picture of daddy and Dannielyn. Welcome home to the United States of America. I used to be a Larry supporter but now I support Grandma Virgie. I do wish Larry and his family well they seem like nice people.IMO

2718 days ago


TO: Howard is a Greedy Murder
and Don't Bother

Thank you for your comments. Ron Rale was
supposedly Anna's attorney, but he and Howard
were big buddies from all indications. Rale
was always evasive when Nancy Grace or Greta
asked him questions, continued to emphasize
that Howard was "the father", and he stated
outright on TV that there would have to be
"settlements" signed by Larry. I never liked
Rale because he had a furtive look about him.

A good poster on "Reunited" said he saw
Dominic Dunne on Larry King Live say openly that he
thought someone currently on trial killed the woman who
was shot. I saw Dominic Dunne ssay that to Larry King, too.
and I agree that he, and many others, state regularly on national
TV that they think someone is guilty of murder. People are entitled
to their opinion, and freedom of speech is still allowed here. 
This isn't a communist country.  In fact, John O'Quinn can speak
out as openly as Dominic can.  Speaking of John O'Quinn, you
can rest assured that he is fully capable of handling every situation. 
I am sure it is true that there is a lot going on in the background,
and a lot about which he is aware.  He is not bothered nor
intimidated by anything filed against him by Howard Stern and
his lawyer, and why should he be?

2718 days ago


Hi, Peggy,

I just got another note posted on "Reunited", but I have to
say as much as we posted there I have never seen any
posters as hideous as two of the posters, both of whom
not only pretended to be many, but who also stole the
names of others to make inappropriate posts. They
were rude, insulted other posters constantly, and in their support
of Howard Stern they overstepped the bounds in tactics
and in false statements.

I posted in here before I started posting in "Reunited",
so we can continue. I want to know what is going on
with the Horizons house, and am interested in all
proceedings in the pending Inquest.

2718 days ago


Yea, what is going on in the Bahamas. We don't hear anything. What about the
inquest??? What about the Horizons house???? What is Larry and Danielynn
up to lately??? We want the info!!!!! Don't leave us hanging

2716 days ago

hurricane katrina land    

It would be nice to know what is happening in the Bahamas!

Daniel deserves the right, under these extreme circumstances, to have an inquest held pertaining to his death. It is a traversty of justice for a 20 year old to step foot on foreign land, die within hours and their justice system care so little as to do nothing.

The legal system is fickle. It works when it wants to and doesn't work when certain "members" use and abuse it.

Being involved with the legal system for various reasons throughout my lifetime, I have learned that the system can be delayed to suit ones own agenda. It can be bought when the "key players" run in the proper circles. It can be concealed and swept under the rug when it is a situation of unwanted attention. There are times when it seems and is, extremely unfair and times when we are thankful that we have such a system.

What will happen in the Bahamas? Will we feel justice had prevailed for young Danniel or will we feel betrayed by a system who failed him?

2716 days ago


TO: Justice for Daniel Smith

A while ago I read two posts, one saying Howard Stern had
posted the will. Does that mean he filed the will? Since the
will was said to be invalid numerous times on TV, what good
will filing it do?

The other post said Howard was going to the film festival.
WHAT? Evidently he mistakes notoriety for fame. Also,
from being supported by his parents and by Anna, he seems
to now spare no expense.

2716 days ago

Anna Bell    

She is the cutest baby I have ever seen!!! she looks just like Anna and Larry!!!!!!!! I wish Larry and Dannielynn the best!!!!!!!!!!

2711 days ago
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