The Master of Rosario's Domain -- Revealed!

4/27/2007 3:55 PM PDT
Rosario Dawson was looking mighty fine outside the after-party at club Home for her new film, "Descent." She took the time to show some love for our cameras, and for a fan who runs her website. Also kibbitzing for TMZ, sexy hunk co-star Marcus Patrick (whom you may know as Jamal on "All My Children"), and co-star Tracie Thoms from "Cold Case."

Across town at the after-party at club Marquee for Kevin Connolly's new film, "Gardener of Eden," we spotted a sexy Petra Nemcova chatting away on her cell, Seth Green visiting from L.A., Lukas Haas, an all grown up Anna Paquin, scruffy Adrian Grenier, MTV host Damien Fahey -- who apologized for not being funnier for TMZ ... and a petite Erika Christensen.

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