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Paula Abdul -- Consumer Confuser

4/28/2007 4:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained video that aired Friday on QVC, and it seems that "Idol" judge Paula Abdul was having a little trouble expressing herself. Tongue-tied?

Abdul was attempting to promote her jewelry line, and seemed quite confused as to what the hell she was talking about.


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It's obvious she is high. She fumbles everywhere she goes. What a loser.

2701 days ago


Betty: How rude are you to make such a comment and not even know the reason behind why she is on drugs.

This is sad that TMZ would make fun of Paula's problem and lead idiotic readers to believe she's taking illegal drugs.

2701 days ago


dude she is sooooo messed up. she is TOTALLY taking some kind of opiates. she cant even speak right and her eyes keep closing 2 BIG signs of opiate use. she is probably taking some oxycontin or lots of vicodin. she might even be on heroin who knows. what a loser.

2701 days ago

Naren is on crack    

Paula just needs a man like me to do her regularly. she said on the late late show the other night that guys keep going limp on her. I'll keep you going for hours Paula!

2701 days ago


People are so incredibly cruel to Paula. Anybody who knows ANYTHING about this poor woman knows that she has had many physical problems because of an accident she had years ago and has had to take painkillers and God knows what else. She is not HIGH, you stupid morons, she is in PAIN. Leave her alone and get on with your own pointless lives. Let's put it this way: SHE's on TV; YOU'RE not.

2701 days ago


OK, so maybe she is taking painkillers for her "accident" of a few years back. But let me ask you this DEECEE52, WHY THE BIG SECRET ABOUT BEING ON DOCTOR PRESCRIBED MEDICATION? Why does she deny that she is taking anything let alone PAINKILLERS? Why can't she admit that she has to be dependant upon medication because of her injury? SEEMS TO ME, THAT REVELATION WOULD PUT AN END TO ALL THE ACCUSATIONS OF DRUG AND ALCOHOL ABUSE! She could even become the spokesperson for stem cell research or spinal injury victims if she truly has an "injury". She has been accused of being drunk and high on more than one occassion and she could have defended herself months ago instead of that ridiculous tirade she made when it was suggested that she was "drinking" while giving an interview for American Idol in which she stated that she wanted to be where the reporters were on that particular night so she could be a part of that party? Paula Abdul does appear to be intoxicated by some substance and I agree with DEADLIKEME that she is on OPIATES. Looks more like "pill form" of METHODONE ABUSE which is now being prescribed for chronic pain patients in more cases than VICODIN AND PERCOCET, and we now have a MIRROR IMAGE of ANNANICOLESMITH with Paula's "speech problems". Your defending of Paula is admirable, but I would save the loyalty and use it for someone truly deserving. In my opinion at the very least Paula Abdul is lying about her usage, she is clearly on something. Kinda makes me wonder what else she is less than honest about. She really makes a great role model for American Idol now doesn't she? What with all the young people tuning in each week and all. Let's get real people and see if we can VOTE PAULA OFF AMERICAN IDOL. Now that would be worth tuning in for!

2701 days ago


I am not a fan of hers, but she is still fairly good looking, she's not bleeding the system and none of us are forced to watch, read or buy anything she is involved with.

2701 days ago

uh oh    

I have no idea what is wrong with her, but it reminds me of the Annette Funicello movie. People always thought she was drunk or high, but it was because she had MS. It hampers communication skills, so it could be a real possibility. It might explain why Paula denies drinking or being on drugs. I'm not defnding her, it just came to mind.

2701 days ago


There is nothing wrong with taking prescribed medication for chronic pain.. But you would think that Paula being a celebrity would be careful when she knows she is going to be on TV or radio, to watch the amount she is taking so that she doesnt look like a fool..


2701 days ago

Angela Channing    


I could not imagine being so passionate about Paul Abdul. It is possible it is all an act, so people keep talking about her. But since most young girls think Paul Abdul is ancient, I doubt here sphere of role model influence is that great.

2701 days ago


I don't buy the constant pain theory. If she is in that much pain, I would think she'd know better than to aggravate her condition by gyrating and waving her arms over her head while the males are performing on Idol. It amazes me how many people defend her actions when it is obvious that she is either high or more likely drunk during many interviews.

2701 days ago


We have audio of Paula that proves she is hardly a Diva. In fact her own people do not even keep her in the loop. Maybe she acts like a Diva but shes washed up B list dance meat.

2701 days ago


First question I would ask is what time did the show air? I looked at the program guide and it was a live show at 10:00 AM EST, and the studios are in Pennsylvania. Did she fly in that morning or late the night before? Was she jet lagged? C'mon people! Sure she has shown some questionable behavior on television in the past, but as of late she has seemed to have pulled herself together whenever she's been on Idol...she's been more articuate, more focused, and even her opinions about the contestants have been more to the point. Before you a start getting on your high horse (no pun intended), try watching one of the shopping channels like QVC or HSN. I would imagine it's pretty tough to sit there and think of endless things to say about whatever product you are showing in order to fill time. Then try doing it if you are tired or jet lagged. I would imagine anyone would come off as a little loopy. Don't be so quick to crucify her if you don't know the whole story, and a few seconds on a well cut piece of video on this website ain't necessarily the whole story folks.

2701 days ago


What about the possibility that she's actually NOT on drugs and that she's just a moron who can't speak?

2701 days ago


You should all know the more over the top you are on QVC and more you sell. Keep it up Paula.

2701 days ago
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