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Lowly Subjects! Behold $22 Mil Beckingham Palace West!

4/30/2007 2:13 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

After months of searching, the Beckhams have finally landed a pad in Beverly Hills, and TMZ's got a look at King David and Queen Victoria's castle-to-be. Do not look the monarchs in the eye, please.
David Beckham and Victoria Beckham's new palace.
It's a 13,000-plus-sq.-ft. Italianate villa built just this year, with six bedrooms (barely enough to hold the Beck-brood), and nine bathrooms (conveniently enough as David flushes what remains of his soccer cred away) in an appropriately posh part of the 90210. The long narrow entrance hall looks like something out of the opening credits of "Get Smart," just for good measure.

No word from real estate sources on whether the kitchen will enable the veddy-veddy-British couple to produce edible food.


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Who the hell are they and how do they have that kind of money for playing a damn soccer game??????????Beyond me!

2699 days ago


I'm a real estate agent in Chicago and I have much nicer listings in Chicago than that house. If you want to view a picture of a $3.9 Million home over 15,000 sq ft go to to view. We also have homes over $1 Million that blow that home away.


2699 days ago


There is no denying this is a beautiful home, but I agree with Molly...I would expect more for $22 million!!!

2699 days ago



2699 days ago

Sick of the Shrillness    

I agree with both Molly and Kori... wtf? There should be alot more to this house! Possibly they just didn't want us to see all of it? I don't want to be that green eyed monster, but it is a shame that Posh is such a materialistic person. At her level of wealth, it seems she should at least find a cause in life... shopping 24/7 isn't a way to give back to society when you've already arrived. With her beauty and checkbook, I'm sure that she could be a leading figure in an important platform. Posh? Pick something honey... cause you're starting to look more shallow with each minute that passes.

63. There is no denying this is a beautiful home, but I agree with Molly...I would expect more for $22 million!!!

Posted at 9:13PM on May 3rd 2007 by Kori

2699 days ago


I think Posh was a singer of some sort, in a girl band, totally forgetting the name - as if they were popular!! So much so, I forget their name!! NBD.. Anyway, what DID she do to become famous, other than marrying Beckham, and his fortune...

2699 days ago


Well, if they just gave 1 percent of this money to malaria vaccines, they could have just saved about 1,000 children from death. Could either of them face even one dying child and let them know that they were enjoying their very posh home? I know you are dying honey, but that Viking range was essential....

2699 days ago


This house has Bad Feng Shui - Three Doors all lined up like that in a straight line - all their luck will fly on right out the house!

2699 days ago


why do they need such a big kitchen? it's not as if Victoria actually eats anything, although i'm sure she takes care of her children. it just seems like such an enormous place for one small family. oh well, i guess it's not about necessity at this exaulted level, and so if you CAN, you DO.

2699 days ago

Capt. Jack    

Both are washed up. They sailed from merry old England to take our merry old US of A money. We givth...they takth!!!

2699 days ago

Johnny Kim    

A great house. I love it. Very good taste. Looks like my home except it is about 3 times larger than mine in Beverly Hills.

2699 days ago

Tight Scotswoman    

Their front hall is longer and bigger than their swimming pool. I have looked at all of your celebrities homes and it just proves my point: money can't buy class! These are prime examples of the nouveau riche and how they waste their money!

2699 days ago


i love the kitchen!!!!

2699 days ago


WHY IS she SO SNOBBY ANY HOW SHE CANT SING ,and all he has is his Looks...

2699 days ago

Get Over It    

Yawn! Why are these people taking up space in this world? At least the guy played football, soccer or whatever the hell it is, he was useful once. How many child soldiers or starving people could they save in Angola or Darfur with this money, let alone in their own backyards. It's gross, man!

2698 days ago
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