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Virgie to the World: I Don't Care What You Think!

4/30/2007 4:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Virgie Arthur doesn't care if the public isn't on her side regarding her attempts to gain custody of her granddaughter, Dannielynn Birkhead.

Anna Nicole Smith's mother tells "Inside Edition," "I don't have to have the public ... to do what I think is right." Unfortunately for Virgie Virge, the courts weren't on her side either -- and awarded Larry Birkhead sole custody of baby Dannielynn.

But Virgie says being perceived as the bad guy isn't easy, and admits that "Yes, it does hurt."


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Virgie we are still praying for you! You do have support out here. I hope you find justice for Anna and Daniel and Dannielynne. Do not give up!

Debby, I was reading old posts and saw you came here today just to belittle Mrs. Arthur. Did it make your day? We all have choices in life and Anna made hers. You can not blame parents for everything. Virgie would have never fit into Annas lifestyle which was drugs partying, and sex. That is why Anna did not want her Mom around. Stern has started lies about Virgie so he can wipe out all of Annas money. Well what he has not already wiped out! Why do you think Howards family has so much money and Bonnie has her little chocolate company? All the Sterns have trustfunds?? IMO Anna paid for it all and probably never knew about it. Or did she find out what was going on??? Daniel too???

2644 days ago


What would be wrong in Annas family making a graceland ? Elvis family did it!! But it is ok for Stern to wipe her out??? Dannielynn will have nothing after Stern and Larry get through with the estate.

2670 days ago

or dannielynne    

i do not normally hang out here but i was browsing and i cannot believe how awful some people can be. are we no longer caring ,compasionate human beings?has society and gossip and lies warped our common sense?so far what i see in this whole mess is a child who will be raised wthout a mother and a brother and so far i have`nt read anything that comes close o an explanation of why.on virgies side when did houston beco a small town and exactly how much moey has she made off of her daughter or granddaughter i`?ll bet not as much as HKS and LB, and how much crap on the interntet or media can possibly be true? i was under the impression she intended to bury ANNA and DANIEL in a small town where DANIEL`S father resides .ANNA GRACELAND?how gullible have we become?is LB really allowing VIRGIEa reationship with DANNILYNNE like so many other rumrs i heard she has`nt been allowed to see her since she returned to the this a good enviroment for DL should`nt she be exposed to all of her family?if shes raised right she will have the good sense to distinguish who the most nurturing and loving people in her family were.ANS was so out it i dont think she knew why she was angry with her mother but there was a time ANS trusted her enoug to ask her to take her to rehab once seems ANS pushed away everyone who tried to get her help or didnt go along with the lifestyle she chose.i geuss i sound like im rambling but there are too many unanswered questions . my question is this if noone else will seek the answers out does`nt VIRIE have the right too,she seems to be the only one that cares a young boy and his mother are dead and nothing makes sense.she must be in agony over her losses and not knowing what realy happened.just my thoughts.hope everything turns out the way it should for everyone,especially that precious baby girl.

2670 days ago


Anna didn't want you around so get the hint! Stay out of your grandaughters life too, so you don't mess her up like you did your own daughter.

2644 days ago


Virgie, it is quite obvious you DON'T CARE about anyone but yourself. I think that's how we all got here in the first place.

2701 days ago

I hate that Bitch    


2701 days ago


Selfish woman. Glad there is a God and all things worked out right.

2701 days ago

Mrs. Watkins    

Vergie... I don't believe you. You need grief counseling NOW! You need to take a break and get your life together. You have a very beautiful granddaughter that should motivate you to change your life and attitude.

Time to grow up Vergie.

2701 days ago

Daddy Dearest    

Just go away.

2701 days ago

ann is my name    

no one cares about you Virgie!!!

2701 days ago

Down with stupid people!    

Yup you are the bad guy, I mean Mom. If you even fall under the catagory "Mom"

2701 days ago



I think you're nice and you only want justice for Vickie Lynn and Daniel. You could care less about any "so-call" money.

Vergie saw what the pursuit of "MONEY" did for Vickie and her son -- they're lives were cut short far too early.

Do What You Have To Do - VERGIE.

2701 days ago

What Am I Missing Here    

Yes, greed tends to trump other feelings.

2701 days ago


Well I don't care what Virgie thinks of me either!!!!!!!!

2701 days ago


Get lost, you ruthless woman. What a liar!!! You don't care about the money??? Then drop the lawsuit!!!!

2701 days ago
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