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Sharpton Marches Against Words He Won't Apologize For

5/3/2007 4:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Reverend Al Sharpton took to the streets of Manhattan today to protest sexism, racism and homophobia in music, however, the soapboxer has a history of firing off blatantly offensive slurs himself -- for which he's reportedly never apologized. Hypocritical?

According to published accounts, Sharpton publicly bashed former NYC Mayor David Dinkins as "a n----r whore," and once referred to his political opponents as "recycled white trash." Sharpton has also never publicly renounced his 1991 inflammatory public remarks against "diamond merchants" -- after which a Harlem mob singled out a random 29-year-old Jewish rabbinical student -- and stabbed him to death.

During a recent debate at the National Action Network Convention, Sean Hannity resurrected the bigoted soundbites from Sharpton's past ... which begs the question: If Imus had been armed with the same research during his face-to-face with the influential Rev, would he still have his job? Too little, too late.

Calls to Sharpton's rep were not returned.


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Black people do not have any boundries or rules that they must follow regarding racism. But if white people make a remark that even seems to be going the wrong way, liose their jobs & their dignity. Blacks have their own music awards, tv network, and they pretty much are they only people that can make a racism claim against any race (though its pretty much only whites) and have a ridiculous amount of consideration, support & outcome. COME ON WHITES - QUIT WALKING ON EGGSHELLS - IF THE BLACKS WANT EQUALITY, THEN EQUALITY IS WHAT THEY SHOULD GET. E Q U A L I T Y
N O T C O N T R O L. We have payed our share (X) that much more for the mistakes & injustice the blacks received from our past leaders. But when is it enough? GET OVER IT ALREADY. IN THE FAMOUS WORDS of Rodney King "Can't we all just get along?" APPARENTLY NOT!

2694 days ago


Al Sharpton is a racist and he starts racial marches against whites as a form of attention getting- Mr Sharpton? What is your beef with white people? You dont even have a real job, do you? Why, cause of the whiteman? You are a fraud and should be ashamed of yourself for creating race riots and anger among your own race. You are a fool.

2730 days ago


That man makes me sick. Why even give him credence by writing about him?

2730 days ago


I am a native New Yorker and lived through the Tawany Brawley fiasco. This man is the biggest bigot of them all!!!! What a racist!!!!! However, it is the LIBERAL MEDIA who created this monster. If they didn't pay attention to him, we wouldn't have this moron on the news all the time. He is A DISGRACE TO ALL PEOPLE OF COLOR, ESPECIALLY AFRICAN AMERICANS. He only speaks for himself and people too ignorant to realize he is only interested in himself. He is the racist and has said far worse than Imus ever did. STOP ASKING THIS GUY FOR HIS OPINION AND INTERVIEWING HIM. YOU, THE MEDIA ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR GIVING THIS MONSTER AIR TIME. STOP IT OR ELSE YOU ARE AS HYPOCRITICAL AS HE IS!!!

2730 days ago


Al Sharpton is nothing but a loudmouth trouble maker who only supports Black issues, yet he wants to run for President? If Al Sharpton gave a damn about people, how come he never shows his ugly face when a bunch of white kids get murdered on a college campus or a suburban high school. People like Sharpton and that shake down artist Rev Jesse Jackson, who cheats on his wife by the way, can both go straight to hell, they make me sick with their grandstanding B.S. F-You to the two of them!!

2730 days ago

skeptical at best    

To answer the question posed by TMZ; Imus still would have been out of a job. Let's keep it real. Imus did NOT lose his job because Al Sharpton was protesting. He didn't lose his job for saying what he said. He lost his job b/c his employers were losing money once MAJOR advertisers started pulling out. I remember when the story came out that Procter&Gamble, et al. said they would no longer advertise w/ CBS and MSNBC, I said to myself, "NOW he's going to lose his job." And sure enough that's exactly what happened.

Never cared much for Al Sharpton or what he says b/c he doesn't speak for me. But he's still a hypocrite.

2730 days ago




2730 days ago


Now, Now. Seriously wo isn't a Hypocrite now a days... You might as well throw BackStabber to that one.

2730 days ago


How about Back Stabber too?

2730 days ago


Sharpton is a big attention whore just like Jesse (I'm everywhere) Jackson.
They're both liars and full of BS.

2730 days ago


This pompous windbag is the most unapologetic and hypocritical rabble rousing, obstreperous, turgid douche bag ever to disgrace the term ‘ civil rights’. Slime like him reinforce this entitlement addicted housing project society and keeps them on the system. He’s a racist ass and I can’t stand the site of him.

2730 days ago


Sharpton is the biggest racist alive! I'm black and I've heard more racist crap from the man than any other person on this planet. He promotes hatred and intolerance. Hypocrite is to mild a word for that lowlife.

2730 days ago

madeleine mauve    

vote for maks superstar dancer monday nights

2730 days ago


He's nothing but Brown Trash.

2730 days ago

I hate this woman    

I HATE AL SHARPTON!! What a racist. He hates white people and incites hatred between the races, I am sick of seeing this fatass creep as well as Jesse Jackson (2 of a kind)..... GO AWAY YOU 2 IGNORANT RACIST MEN!!! I have no respect for either of you.

2730 days ago
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