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Paris -- Cops "Pull Me Over to Hit on Me"

5/7/2007 11:12 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Paris HiltonParis Hilton is making the sensational claim that the police pull her over with the express purpose of hitting on her, not citing her.

In an interview given before she was sentenced to 45 days in jail last Friday, Paris tells Harper's Bazaar (via the New York Post) that policemen routinely stop her and ask, "What's your phone number? Want to go out to dinner?" Hilton says she finds the alleged accosting "annoying."

"I think I get in trouble because of who I am," says Paris. We couldn't have put it better, Paris.


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God, Paris is such a cry baby. Martha Stewart actually did prison time and we didn't hear her whine about it. Unlike Martha's crime, Paris could have killed someone while she was drinking and driving, and then breaks probation by driving some more. Would her mom still have made that outburst if Paris actually killed someone? what if she hit a car that had kids in it...would people still think " oh poor paris". I think MADD should use Paris as an example. And the judge could have sent her away for much much longer...remember that paris!

2673 days ago


She gets in trouble cause she drives drunk, breaks probabtion repeatedly, show up late, and over all in general thinks the whole think is a joke.
She is very errogent and ignorant, and that is exactly how people get killed by repeat DUI offenders.
I have to admit I thought it was good (and hilarious!) that she had to o to jail. She needs a wake up call. And all this is doing is making her even more errogent.
I can not believe someone can be this clueless!

2673 days ago


Dear Ms. Hilton, If you feel you are being singled out for any other reason, take badge numbers and file formal complaints.

2673 days ago


She gets pulled over by the wanker ugly police. Boo Hoo! Paris in jail...too bad she'll miss all the Hampton's parties for the "beautiful" people this summer. HA HA HA....This makes my day!

2673 days ago

tuna marie    

she is one ugly stupid slut.
have fun in jail, parasite

2673 days ago

big fat, bald white guy who loves everyone except Paris    

Paris here is little bit of advice that might help. If your going to slam the police, you might want to wait until you get out of jail.

2673 days ago


I guess the judge was hitting on her, too ... AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!! Paris, you're a schmuck.

2673 days ago

jane smith    

Like her ex BFF Brit, she see's things like she wants to see them, not as they really are. Paris, you are not that fine Puleeze!

2673 days ago


My son is equivelant in the looks department of Paris Hilton..He claimed that the cops were jealous of his good looks and were picking on him! He apent 8 days in jail for getting second DUI. I couldn't sleep or eat the entire week.I was so devastated! I imagined the worst about these evil and hopeless and how he would have to defend himself! He is much more attractive than these Hollywood people and very well groomed and dressed (but not gay). I tell you this because he does not fit the profile or pattern of those who reside in jail! I taught him all of the lessons of life and he chose to live in denial about his drinking problem. The car is a weapon to kill when you have a drink and drive! He has to learn the hard way even if it kills me! He has to stop the "blame game" and take resposibility of his own actions! He is going to die or kill someone-else if he doesn't get control of his own wheel in life!

2673 days ago


"I think I get into trouble because I drink too much and then try to drive."

2673 days ago


Not hot! And I don't believe her story.

2673 days ago

Zlex Smith    

Who does she think she is? I hope she gets her ass kicked in the slammer! I wish I would have picked her for my team! She would have got me major points last friday!

2673 days ago


Why is this girl even popular? Why do guys fall over her? Why do her friends hang on to her? Why do clubs open their doors to let her in when other people far nicer, better looking and also with money are turned away? It is a complete mystery to me what anyone sees in this no talent, unattractive, self absorbed and down right nasty person. Everyone ought to send her mail during her jail term (convicts can receive mail at the jail) to let her know how much she is really disliked and pitied!! All the Hilton money will not change the fact that she has not an ounce of class or intelligence.

2673 days ago

big fat, bald white guy who loves everyone except Paris    

Everybody is failing to see who the real victim is here. What about Tinkerbell? What on gods green earth did Tinkerbell do to deserve this. We must protect and save Tinkerbell before its too late. Please sign my petition.

2673 days ago

what has happened to the law??    

I'm all for if u make ur bed u gotta lie in it but come on, she was under the influence, but a lot of other celebs have done much worse and nothing happened but a few bad articles. For instance, R KELLY has sex with a 13 year old ON VIDEO and has no consequences. I jus think the courts shouldnt be able to pick and choose what celebrities they want to make an example out of. If your gonna send 1 to jail, send them all. Its not fair that Nicole richie admits she was drunk and high driving the wong way on the freeway, but no one really cares about that. Im sorry, but the legal system should really think about the message they're sending to the public.

2673 days ago
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