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Paris -- Cops "Pull Me Over to Hit on Me"

5/7/2007 11:12 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Paris HiltonParis Hilton is making the sensational claim that the police pull her over with the express purpose of hitting on her, not citing her.

In an interview given before she was sentenced to 45 days in jail last Friday, Paris tells Harper's Bazaar (via the New York Post) that policemen routinely stop her and ask, "What's your phone number? Want to go out to dinner?" Hilton says she finds the alleged accosting "annoying."

"I think I get in trouble because of who I am," says Paris. We couldn't have put it better, Paris.


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She's famous for talent there. You break the law, you serve the penalty. Just because you have money or your famous doesn't mean you infamous, and that you are almighty powerful to not be touched. Think again sweetie....I don't feel bad at all for her. Hopefully she'll realize that she's not perfect and untouchable. She's not that sweet.

2728 days ago


PARIS YOU ARE NOT PRETTY, ONLY TRIM AND RICH... those are lasting but if this is the best you're going to look, you're on your way to homely. Now you'll use any excuse to pretend you're ok drunk and the cops are the bad guys. If I were them, I'd be looking for you and every time you're driving drunk (and you will because you are a moron, have a scumbag mom who is a low life and doesn't demand a classy daughter, they should arrest you. How dare you all of a sudden disclose the cops are asking you out 'all the time'. They won't be... and everybody sees how you handle adversity and will make fun of you now. You're the lowest and the ugliest of all the screamers in Hollywood and you haven't anything going for you but your money. Get over yourself, you're nothing.

2728 days ago


Oh Paris, get over yourself. I'm sure my husband serves on the LAPD just to see you driving on Sunset to pull you over to hit on you!!! You are such an obnoxious selfish little bitch. You deserve to go to jail and everything else that comes your way. If I were you I would not drop the soap during your 5 minute a day shower.

2728 days ago


Does she crave attention whether it's good or bad? Is her behavior about getting constant attention - all about HER - how famous and important SHE thinks she is?

Does she think we are all jealous and envious of her, all men want to sleep with her, everyone uses her name in the press to advance their own careers because she is soooo talented, beautiful, rich and famous?

There may be a very serious psychiatric/medical diagnosis for her. Is her latest statement about how the cops are "hitting" on her all the time more of her grandiose, unrealistic thinking? Who's advising her now since Minz left? Her mother, Tanya Harding and Zsa Zsa Gabor? LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am bored with watching, reading, or hearing about the Paris fiasco. My suggestion to other readers, viewers, etc...don't feed the troll. Oh I'm sure there will be some who'll continue to follow her attempts at getting attention like the freak show crowd enjoys going to see the woman whose nose could open both sides of a beer can.

Knock-knock? Who's there? Paris. Paris who?
How soon they forget.

2728 days ago


Paris is still getting off with out doing the MANDATORYand may get off completely due to "overcrowding", America please. Why is this and when is enough going to be enough for the rest of us? From now on anyone who is finds themselves in a similar situation should claim the "Paris Hilton defense" for I'm sure in their own little worlds, those lawbreakers are just as celebrated.

2728 days ago


Please don't have Nicole drive you to jail. This is my public service message because obviously she doesn't have any common sense!

2728 days ago


I think the cops who pulled her over should file charges against her for making false statements about the police! I'm sure her new acusations have upset some of the officers wives and commanders. What gives her the right to tarnish those officers good names after she refused the court ordered 21 day out patient treatment, and then got "two" tickets for driving on a suspended licenses. Oh, wait a minute thats right, this is Paris Hilton. The person who treats everyone like they are second class grap! I know you think your better than everyone else Ms. Paris but your not. You hurt people, like Britney, Lynsay, and that desparate for attention "friend" of yours, Nicole. I have seen a little bit of the simple life. You two trash moneys act like your better than the people on that show, but I can promise you that your not. You come off as someone with no class, no morals and no ethic. If I were your mother I would be ashamed at your behavior. You have every oppurtunity in the world to help people, to get a great eductaion, to make a difference and to make something of yourself, instead you run around whoring it up like it is the coolest thing in the world. You want our daughthers to admire you, yet you act like someone who was raised by a gold digging whore. If you really want to be famous, do something worth while.

2728 days ago

Finally exposed - shes a wierdo    

It was inevitable. Now that she has lost her case (after trying to convince the court that is was her publicist's fault that she didn't know her own drivers license was suspended), and is headed to prison, Princess pampered poodle has nothing left except to start crying "I'm the victim" and "everyone's so mean to me". Yeah, right. BOO HOO.

Now everyone can see exactly what this "princess" is; a stupid spoiled brat. Have fun in prison, princess. I hope you learn something there, like you're no better than anyone else. In many cases, you're worse.

2728 days ago


You HAVE to be kidding me!!! How arrogant is this girl? You are being pulled over because with ALL of your money, you can't handle calling a taxi instead of getting DUI's & driving on a suspended license (after being warned!)....She had BETTER serve the 45 days...I say again..How arrogant is this girl? ...& her parents?!?! Your daughter makes this big of a mistake & you are going to blame it on a about calling someone & writing the date she can drive again on a calendar?......RRRrrrrrrrr

2728 days ago

jadedjenny, honey, they pull you over to see if that humungo jaw and wonky eye are for real. Then they go back to the station and laugh and laugh and laugh.....

2728 days ago


Hey Paris you probably should taken some of those phone numbers you could really use the help right about now, huh! You could have called in a favor I'm sure they would have done the favor for you since your so HOT!, NOT!!!!! Still blaming others for things that happen to you. Can the next drunk teen that crahes their car into someone and kills them blame you too?????? Paris can do it why can't I????

2728 days ago

As I see it    

Boo-hoo! Feel for you but I can't reach you!

2728 days ago


Can someone muzzle her? she's giving me a headache. I have never heard so much stupidity come out of someones mouth.....

2728 days ago


Get Over YOURSELF!!!!!!!!!!!
I am surprised she didn't give him a hummer!

2728 days ago


"I think I get in trouble because I believe I own the world, and everyone in it."

2728 days ago
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