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Paris -- Blame It on the Messenger?

5/9/2007 7:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned that Paris Hilton has seen a new lawyer in a desperate attempt to save her ass.

Hilton has already retained famed criminal defense lawyer Howard Weitzman. Yesterday, she met with celeb DUI lawyer Richard Hutton. TMZ spotted Hilton bawling as she drove away Hutton's office Tuesday afternoon, with mom Kathy driving -- and consoling -- her daughter.

Hilton is in a true pickle and it seems she's throwing a Hail Mary by going to Hutton, hoping she can convince the courts she shouldn't serve 45 days in the pokey. This could be the most expensive DUI case ever.


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Lenn K.    

If this wasn't so funny, It would be sad. The rest of us would have to serve jail time. Money and status is all this person has ever known. In her heart, she believes jail is for the poor and people that are lower class than herself which there really isn't anyone. Paris this is the real simple life, now take your ass to JAIL!!!!!

2702 days ago


i really see a great discrace in our country if the gov.lets her out of jail she had a second chance but blew it.if it was anyone else we would be put in jail for alot longer than take your time and do the right thing and get over your being a very wealthy brat and quit trying to buy your way out of trouble thank you

2702 days ago


That's a great question #5 Jennifer. Somebody is going to advise it to her, if they're smart. Or maybe they already have, and she said it was out of the question. As the date looms closer, we'll probably see a desperation ploy to do just that (too late), or some public service announcements. Except Paris doesn't do public service announcements... she will sell her ass to some rich Arabs in Dubai for $1 million, though, as she did a couple years ago for a publicity gig.

People, don't give the Hilton chain any more of your money. Paris, don't drink and drive. Don't drive at all. Kathy and Rick, kill yourselves. Arnie, don't give this bitch the time of day. Judge, you are awesome. Watch your back, though. :( You know how vindictive the rich get when they don't get their way.

Robert Downey Jr, talk to this child.

2702 days ago


I blame that ridiculous Mother of hers. She is a poor excuse for a Mother. She ought to spend time in the pokey with her daughter. They are a joke. I will say that much for Martha Stewart. She didn't behave badly, she did her time, took her lumps, and got it over with. In which I don't think she did anything so wrong!! Paris endangered others.

2702 days ago

Standards are badly needed.    

If Paris had put as much effort and money into addressing the terms of her probation, she wouldn't be in the position she's in now. Naaah. Mom and Dad have obviously taken over.

2702 days ago

judy anderson    

Side view shows a very nice "lip job". Looks like injection to the outer lips that are perfect. Cheeks have had a bit too. Hope she will be carefull. She will not age well based on fat injections for fullness needed now... just wait!

2702 days ago


I wonder if her family a 7-11 or something if we'd hear about her at all? She is NOT a celebrity. Hell, she gives THEM a bad name to be thrown in the same category. She's famous for how much time she spends on her back or her knees (not to mention her STD's)..WHERE ARE ALL HER "FRIENDS" NOW? Thank God I have a son (who thinks shes is a skank) & not a daughter who looks UP to this thing because I'd end up in jail. SOME roll model. Her life makes me realize how much I love my own, blah in comparison. But hey, at the very least I am respected in my simple little world. SOmeone mentioned if the flake enrolled in her DUI class...Must not or we would have heard about that. If she had one OUNCE of sincereity (NOT COKE), she would have done that FIRST THING on Monday. But nope, she whined & has been whining ever since. LOCK HER UP. And I wish she goes away because between her, the red neck Britney & the alcoholic Linsday, I am about to go postal!

2702 days ago


I say it's about time she gets some jail time. If that were any one of us, we wouldn't get a month to put our affairs in order they would haul our asses off the same day. She is so dang spoiled...and thinks that she doesn't have to do ANYTHING by the rules. Hell, she couldn't even bring her sorry ass to court on time...WTF? Can you say bench warrant...they sure should have done that for her...she's nothing special. If her idea of being famous is to screw anything that moves...and drink like a fish...then I guess she is famous. With all the money she has, can't she afford some etiqutte classes? She is what I call trailer trash.

2702 days ago

Alec has no brains    

She will do anything but obey the law. She's a coward who has been raised with a ridiculous sense of entitlement and who will not take responsibility. Someone needs to control her--in this case, it is the judge.

2702 days ago


All this money she's spent on attorneys could have been donated to MADD. Face the music, Paris! You are NOT above the law! By the way, I hope TMZ gets footage of her driving around. They constantly stalk her so it wouldn't be THAT hard to do!

2702 days ago

Beth Halle    

All the money that Paris made is going to the lawyers YEAH!!!!. Most don't realize that she and her siblings ARE the money train. Daddy (david) and Mommy (kathy) have no cash. Daddy was disinherited due to the drugs, the kids had the trust fund from great grand dad (the rest of the hiltons don't talk to them,they are too trashy). So with the money line in jail and risking another bad rap or worse DISINHERITED!!! of course they are scrambling to get her off.
The Hiltons WILL disinherit you.She is dangerously close.

2702 days ago


This is a joke ...she needs to go to jail. These things are called I do not like Paris, she has been allowed to be a brat ..she ruins lives and has no talent.....they stars may be blind...but the judge is not. I say she needs 90 days.....

2702 days ago


maybe the judge should order her to finish high school........she is trailer trash with money.....

2702 days ago


Paris a role model! I didn't know role models made sex tapes, went to bars to drink to the point of getting drunk , and then drive drunk. I do not think Paris sees the seriousness of what she has done. that may be why the Judge sent her to jail. to wake her up! she's still young and I don't think she feels what she did is a big deal!

2702 days ago


Paris Hilton is a slut, whore, and irresponsible spoiled shouldnt-never-have-been bitch!!
The courts should throw the key away when that big door slams shut! Let her live out her life as an owned BITCH to some gal named tank.
I'd say let me do her once before she goes up the river but my pecker may fall off!!

2702 days ago
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