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Paris -- Blame It on the Messenger?

5/9/2007 7:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned that Paris Hilton has seen a new lawyer in a desperate attempt to save her ass.

Hilton has already retained famed criminal defense lawyer Howard Weitzman. Yesterday, she met with celeb DUI lawyer Richard Hutton. TMZ spotted Hilton bawling as she drove away Hutton's office Tuesday afternoon, with mom Kathy driving -- and consoling -- her daughter.

Hilton is in a true pickle and it seems she's throwing a Hail Mary by going to Hutton, hoping she can convince the courts she shouldn't serve 45 days in the pokey. This could be the most expensive DUI case ever.


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She should accept responsibility for her actions. The excuse that she doesn't read her own mail is really lame. She isn't "above the law".

2724 days ago


I think Paris needs to go to jail.

She always gets what she wants.

I think this would teach her a lesson.

2724 days ago

Jamie Lynn    

People, don't give the Hilton chain any more of your money. Paris, don't drink and drive. Don't drive at all. Kathy and Rick, kill yourselves. Arnie, don't give this bitch the time of day. Judge, you are awesome. Watch your back, though. :( You know how vindictive the rich get when they don't get their way.

2724 days ago


Put the blame squarely where it rests--on Crazy Kathy the Queen Mother!
Instead of playing the blame game and criticizing Judge Sauer, this moron should tell her daughter that she has been extremely lucky up to this point in time because nobody has been hurt---YET! Of course, Kathy Hilton could not care less about others.
She belongs in a jail cell for contempt of court last Friday.

Look at singer/actress Brandy. She was not even DUI and had a terrible accident in which a woman was killed and relatives are trying to bleed her for $100,000,000!
Imagine what a victim of Princess Paris would stand to gain!

We should all be thankful that another human being has yet to be harmed by this brat's irresponsible actions and thanks to Judge Sauer, the rest of us little people can rest a little easier for a little while longer.

2724 days ago

Naughty but nice :)    

She's 26 years old- she needs to GROW UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and stop all this poor me crap.It's not fair! the only thing that's not fair is that I know people that went to jail on the
spot-could not drive for a year-paid a fine.She should not get a get out of jail free card.

2724 days ago

Jamie Lynn    

Did ya'll see me on tv yesterday?

2724 days ago

Jamie Lynn    

Since all of her fans are writing Gov S to protest the sentence, does that mean that the people who aren't impressed with her which is 95% of the general population of the U.S. can write him and ask for a stiffer jail time for Paris?

2724 days ago


Who is this COWARD KILLER STERN? Oh, I know, he is someone who wants to get into Paris's skanky panties. What a retard. Maybe he should do his homework because, yes, people do go to jail for getting caught driving under suspension, and other things. She deserves everything she gets, she is not a role model for anything good, right and lawful. Everyone needs to start boycotting the HILTON HOTELS so MOMMY can learn a lesson too. Go SKANKS. Here comes the puke!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2724 days ago


I happen to be a friend of Kathy Hilton and have spoken to her after this travesty was announced!
Paris IS American Royalty! Diana is gone and so is JFKJr! You don't treat ROYALTY like this! You'll be sorry!!!

2724 days ago


I did NOT just read Paris Hilton is PRETTY. Gag me, seriously. She's nobody special. She can't sing, she's rude to people constantly who are not equal to her level of "wealth". Sorry to break it to you, but Paris is going to get a dose of reality - which she desperately needs. Knock that bitch down a few notches. She'll be cleaning her clothes in a toilet. Oh I grin with happiness at the thought! I bet Lindsay Lohan is pissing her pants. Jokes on you NOW isn't it, Parasite Bitch?

p.s. I also signed the petition to PUT her in jail. Cha-Ching, biiiiaatch!

2724 days ago


Oh I am so tired of hearing this!! Shut your mouth Paris and deal with it!! If she would not have been drinking and driving in the first place she would not be in this situation. She needs to do the time, everyone else has to pay for their actions and she is no different. Boo hoo hoo, the princess is going to jail, suck it up and face it YOU ARE GOING TO JAIL!! Maybe it will teach her some real reality and I hope she don't get the royal treatment. She needs to be brought down to Earth and see what REAL people have to face when they break the law. What really pisses me off is she wants to be pardoned, so do others that have have been sitting in prison for 30 years!! I know lets let her off so she can get out and party up the night and have another DUI. The next time it could have an added vehicular homicide charge tagged with it. Send her ass to jail just like every other american would be. She was warned once and didn't listen, maybe she will listen when the cell doors slam behind her.

2724 days ago


Didn't PARIS HILTON (1) refer to blacks using the "N" word
(2) refer to gays using the "F" word
(3) refer to kids in public schools the POOR "B" word

Is THAT how my money when staying at HILTON IHOTEL supported those words ?

Where is Jesse Jackson and others - is Paris too rich and above respect of others?

2724 days ago

Ms Kris    

What she has of an a__, skinny a__

"Headline News Showbiz Tonight" is counting down the days until 6-5-07.

Funny, but THIS IS WHAT WE ARE DOWN TOO, watching a piece of garbage rich, dumb, law breaking walking skeleton

2724 days ago


I think Paris the air head needs to just suck it up and do her 45 days that really isn't a lot for someone who can't comprehend and get the point that you can't drive drunk and without a licence. I also think her parents are ridiculous for trying to pull strings and keep her out of jail if it was any other average Joe they would of been behind bars. I think her parents need to let her take responsibility for her actions she is supposed to be a grown woman by now. (I guess they are waiting for her to kill someone first).

2724 days ago



2724 days ago
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