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Ellen --

'She's Gay?!'

5/11/2007 5:49 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

rosiemouth-1In a long video post on her blog, Rosie O'Donnell claims fellow out lesbian Ellen DeGeneres is not allowed to talk about anything "gay, gay gay!" on her daytime talk show. Mum's the L word?

In her video, Rosie claims Ellen signed a contract that forbids her to mention anything to do with gay issues, adding, "I talk about 'gay' because I like to and she doesn't talk about it because she doesn't want to or she can't."

TMZ contacted a rep for Telepictures, producers of "The Ellen DeGeneres Show," who jokingly said "She's gay? Who knew?" The rep then added that this is completely untrue, and that they have no such contracts with any of their hosts, saying,"Ellen is free to talk about whatever she wants and we encourage her to do so."

On an episode this week, Ellen joked about being able to stand upright following her recent back injury, saying, "I'm not quite straight. Well, you know that."

In 1997, Ellen publicly came out of the closet in a groundbreaking episode of her ABC series, paving the way for hit gay-themed TV shows like "Will & Grace" and "Queer Eye for the Straight Guy."

TMZ is a joint venture between AOL and Telepictures, which produces "The Ellen DeGeneres Show."


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so rosie says it'sok to swverbally abuse your children and drive drunk? ok, now i believe everything she says!
ps her adoptions should be revoked

2687 days ago

Captain America    

Will that obese toad Nosie ever go away? So talentless and worthless. If everyone would ignore her, she would vanish into fat air.

2687 days ago

My Two Cents    

Rosie is nothing more than trailer trash. She is a loud mouth piece of crap. Ellen is great!

2687 days ago



I feel the exact same way. Yeah, so Ellen's gay. Who cares? She doesn't need to talk about her personal life or make gay comments or jokes to be funny. Rosie needs to take a lesson from Ellen.

I used to like Rosie too before she got so obnoxious to watch.

2687 days ago



2687 days ago


First it's depression, then it's a dui, Rosie, are you that insecure with yourself that you have to jump on every bandwagon, and make sure you've had every ailment, every disease, now have to pick on Ellen? Whatever is happening in this world we can hear it without a comment from Rosie,
You are an absolute idiot, not only anti-American, but now you're mad because Ellen doesn't talk about being gay.
What is your problem? we can at least know you won't say you're anorexic, but you may say you were at one time if that's the topic of the day. Go hang upside down, take a few anti-depressants, drop about 1 or 100 lbs, and get a different life, I for one am sick of your rantings and ravings. As for Ellen, she's gay, we know it, and she's funnier than you could ever hope to be.

2687 days ago


I like Ellen, she's funny. But Rosie gets on my nerves! She has issues with everyone and everything.

2687 days ago


Rosie answered a question on her blog, that's all, people! Then went on to say that Ellen PAVED THE WAY FOR ALL GAY PEOPLE ON TV and to remember that she was pre-Will and Grace. Rosie gives Ellen props for being a pioneer. Too bad TMZ couldn't post then entire statement that was made.

2687 days ago

Put UP or Shut UP    

I stopped watching The View because of Rosie!! Now I just click the TV off at that time in the morning! The View use to be enjoyable and I even enjoyed the debating between the ladies until BIG MOUTH got there! Why does she have to be so LOUD!!!!! She attacks everything she seems to google and even those in the same career! What is up with this Rosie? I use to love your talk show but you were NICE then!! Now your just a ranter without a cause!! Get a grip on life and put your broom stick in the closet instead! Leave Ellen alone!! She is what is GOOD in the world!! You could learn alot from her and should take note of her fun loving nature for others! YOU use to be like this!! Too bad you forgot how!!

2687 days ago

Amy Silverman    

Ellen's show is upbeat,funny and she never cuts people down or stirs up crap. You feel good watching her show. Watching foul mouth Rosie starting fusses with everyone makes you feel like you need a shower after her nasty mouth. Everyone knows Ellen is gay-big deal-she doesn't have to keep talking about it. Do other show hosts go on about how the are straight??? No. Shut up Rosie and go eat eat. No one wants to hear from you. By the way I am a gay man.

2687 days ago


Love Ellen! She is seriously cool, came out when hardly anyone else was and moved on from the shock and awe of it with dignity and class. I respect Ellen as an entertainer, wouldn't matter if she was gay or straight or in between! She's just a fun person to watch and enjoy!

2687 days ago


What is Rosie's problem?!! Why does she feel so compelled to share her opinion on everything with everyone?!! I'm embarrassed for Ellen that Rosie would drag Ellen's business into the limelight regardless of the issue!

Furthermore, for Rosie to publically discuss the terms of anyone's contract is just not done, period the end. Is it OCD? Is it Turetts(sp)? I don't know what her problem is but she's obviously got one and I am sick and tired of her opinion and her mouth and her constant apologies for having offended anyone - always guised in a joke so it doesn't really sound like an apology. She and Imus related? She talks about being gay and her gayness ALL THE TIME. Who's she trying to convince? We KNOW she's GAY. So what?!! I wish she would SHUT UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and stop smacking everybody down with HER OPINIONS!! UGH!!!!!

I'm beginning to think Trump was right about some of the things he said about Rosie. I think she may be petty, jealous, spiteful, a bully who USES the gay community to promote HERSELF and HER OPINIONS and I am TIRED OF IT!!!!!!!!

(OK...I feel better now. Thanks for letting me vent, TMZ)

2687 days ago

poohonyougolddiggin ^&^%^%%$    

and yes sheryl crow might be able to use 2 squares of tissue rosie... but you did not have to remind us that you need half a roll we new that already roll roll

2687 days ago


Ellen is a professional, I like her humor, she's smart and very entertaining. I watch her show and tape it when I can't watch. Her sexual preference is none of my business.

Watch out for Rosie. She may stab you in the back while smiling to your face.

2687 days ago

Kevin Keckeisen    

I wish Rosie would truly, truly just FOAD (Google it if you don't know what it means). Yeah, sure her kids would probably miss her, but they'd get over it in time and be better for it. Ellen's aces in my book. Rosie is (circumutilating) SLIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2687 days ago
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