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Spencer Fights to Free Paris

5/11/2007 8:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"Hills" villain and PR Svengali Spencer Pratt has a new attention-grabbing gimmick -- he's joined the Free Paris bandwagon with a "Free Paris" MySpace page. The pseudo-celeb told Us Magazine that-when not frolicking on the beach with newly pneumatic girlfriend Heidi Montag, he's leading the pro-Paris fight. "I've always thought that the punishment should fit the crime. Paris has changed her image dramatically over the last couple years. Now she is such a good role model and a smart businesswoman. So it's a shame that a miscommunication between her and her people is landing her in jail. She should get probation with community service, but no way should she be put in jail with real criminals."

Spencer claims that once 100,000 supporters sign his online petition he will take up Paris' plight with Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa. Good luck, guy.

Lakisha and Simon: K-I-S-S-I-N-G

Ousted "Idol" wannabe LaKisha Jones may not have been thrilled with Simon Cowell's criticism, but she did love his kiss! Jones told People magazine that the prickly Brit was "a good kisser" and that she would happily smack lips with him again, noting that his smackers were "really soft and thin." Their love affair is apparently more than physical; after her last performance Cowell told former front-runner Jones that "he was really proud of me and he knows I'm going to have a successful career."

Sting Stung with Lawsuit

Ooh, that's gotta ... sting! Singer Sting and wife Trudie Styler were found guilty of engaging in "shameful conduct" by a British employment tribunal for firing their pregnant chef in April 2006. The tribunal found that Jane Martin, Sting's chef of eight years, was discriminated against when the tantric twosome discovered that she was pregnant. Martin claimed that Styler created a "climate of fear" in which she was forced to work 14-hour days during some of the roughest points of her pregnancy. Said Mrs. Sting in response: "I am devastated by this decision and I will appeal." Cash compensation for Martin will be determined early next month.

Party Favors ... Joe Francis Making a "Wild" Move ... Sherri the new Rosie?

In a case of what Joe Francis might call "Judges Gone Wild," a federal judge ruled that the "Girls Gone Wild" founder will be moved from Florida to Nevada to face federal tax evasion charges -- once he finishes serving time in Florida. Francis was arrested in the Sunshine State earlier this year for filming minors in sexual situations. ... Comedian Sherri Shepherd told that she may be a Rosie replacement. She's heading back as a co-host May 24 and 25, and told show host Chris Yandek that "if Barbara Walters is around, I will shove a note under her door and go hey, you want to talk? So we'll see."


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Welcome to Vegas, Joey!

2721 days ago


Spencer Pratt

They already tried the commnity service option when she was charged with DUI-- she would not do it-- so she was given probation with suspended license and alcohol education course in lieu. She did not follow any of her probation requirements even after she was stopped and signed another form saying she was not to drive.
Spencer I really think this young woman has to work on her image a bit more. I would not call it positive and the young teenagers are influenced by her actions.

2721 days ago


Give her probation for breaking probation?! Yeah, that's a smart idea. That'll work... *rolls eyes*.

2721 days ago


Good Luck La Kisha!!!! and SIMON rocks.... so you do have a soft side after all

2721 days ago

Naughty but nice :)    

Good ROLE MODEL ? What a joke :) Lets see she can make sex tapes-she can make fun of people of color-gays-and oh us compton"public school B--CHES.She's late to court,-The only people that think shes a good role model are idiots:) Do they think that she will put them on her BFF list or something?After this is all said and done,she will once again think she is interesting.Role model my A$$............................

2721 days ago


spencer pratt needs to shut up, he seriously has no pull with the government, he's just trying to get his name in the media, TMZ PLEASE DONT COVER ANYMORE STORIES ABOUT THESE TWO NOBODYS!!!!!

2721 days ago

Lenn K.    

I know that the Anna Nicole saga has ended, but why do you guys find one person and just keep writing about them? Case in point, Britney, now Paris Hilton. This is very simple as in life, you do the crime you do the time, period! This is not rocket science.

2721 days ago

sick of seeing him...hes ugly    

The quack Spencer is just trying to find anohter reason to get some face time....He is such a QUACK

2721 days ago

Jennifa O Jenny    

Spencer Pratt - a media whore and delusional blathering idiot.... He's not doing Paris any favors by taking up her cause. Apparently risking one's own life and the lives of everybody on the street by drunk driving and then adding to that a blatent disregard for the law isn't that serious in Spencer's eyes and he thinks there shouldn't be any real punishment for risking everybody's lives by stupid behavior.

What a freaking loser this "man" is.

2721 days ago

baby girl    


2721 days ago

concerned citizen    

Is it just me or are the majority of celebs siding with Paris? I just don't get it. She commited a crime and violated her probation . End of story!

If this continues, maybe the public should start boycotting everything that has to do with Hollywood until they see that the public is seriously not going to condone their reckless behavior. I am so sick of hearing about poor Paris and she doesn't deserve it. Well excuse me but the average joe would have recieved 90 days in the lock up with a 1 year suspended license. Also, they would have been taking into custody right there. NO TIME to get their affairs in order.

I for one am glad she is going to jail. I hope they make some room in jail for her and not let her off with good behavior. Anyone who chooses to drink and drive is a selfish person and cares less for another person's life.

Shame on Hollywood!!!!!

2721 days ago

Jennifa O Jenny    

#7 ,

So you have no regard for human life by drunk driving and got off easy - so you think because you got of easy, paris should too? You really make it seem as though Paris' "fans" are really low brow - "FREE PARIS BECAUSE WHO CARES ABOUT PUTTING PEOPLE'S LIVES AT RISK AND HAVING A BLATENT DISREGARD FOR THE LAW AFTER MANY WARNINGS - I DO IT ALL THE TIME AND LOOK AT ME, NOT ONE DAY IN JAIL! WHAT I WANT AND IS CONVENIENT FOR ME IS MORE IMPORTANT THEN HUMAN LIVES Y'ALL!"

2721 days ago


Spencer why are you even try to nudge in on Paris' "tragedy". pathetic are you? Or maybe you just are STUPID!! Let Paris do her time....if you can't do the time....then don't do the CRIME!!

2721 days ago


I can't wait until she goes in the tank and I don't have to
see or read about her in here anymore!!!
Please TMZ, find someone else to write about besides
Britskank and Parasite! PLEASE!

2721 days ago


This made the news!!!!!

2721 days ago
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