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Britney -- Back in the Danger Zone?

5/16/2007 2:14 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ caught up with the freshly rehabbed Britney Spears twice inside Hollywood nightclubs in the past week. Is it potentially "toxic" for the recovering train wreck to be hanging out in the L.A. club scene?
Britney Spears walks into Teddy's nightclub
This past Thursday Ms. Spears hit up hotspot Teddy's at the Roosevelt Hotel and took over two large booths in the back of the club. A group of massive bodyguards held up large black curtains to obstruct the view of anyone trying to sneak a peek at Brit and her posse as they partied the night away.

Then just last night, Britney showed up at Les Deux in Hollywood -- and didn't leave until 2:00 AM. Sources tell TMZ that Britney again had a mountain range of security guards lining her VIP booth, set to confiscate cameras from anyone who tried to photograph the partying pop mom.

A rep for Spears told us "So what?!? It's not a crime."


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what a slut

2725 days ago


i give her less than 28 days to be back drinking. one thing she should have learned in rehab.....STAY OUT OF BARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2725 days ago


Why would this dumb girl put herself in that situation? Thats like putting a compulsive gambler in Vegas.

Go home you washed out woman, and be with your children.

Your days are over, except your fate.

2725 days ago


And the train-wreck continues!!! Face it folks. Britney is washed up. Her career is in the sewer and her reputation is shot to hell. Christina Aguilera has more talent in a fart than Britney could dream of.

I give it one year before she joins Anna Nicole Smith at the washed-up-blondes table in the sky.

2725 days ago


Time will tell.

2725 days ago


Posters - - Harsh!

2725 days ago


What a total loser. She's going the way of Anna Nicole, and who really cares anymore? I'm tired of hearing about her.

2725 days ago


alright TMZ enough of covering white trash no talent spears and the other no talent you seem to have a post every day about hilton it's getting VERY TIRING ,move on to something else if you want to keep your readers just a little advice

2725 days ago

the way it is    

so it continues, her poor kids, her and kevin do not deserve them. she is such a slob. just goes to show you that all the money in the world doesnt make you happy, all of you britney fans need to wake up and smell the flowers she is a piece of ^#%$&!!!!

2725 days ago


Britney is borderline. She is mentally instable. She will be battling with that for the rest of her ife. The worse thing, she doesnt realize that she has a problem.

2725 days ago


Here comes the jealous comments, and the "if you have kids you're not allowed to go out". I do agree that IF she wanted to stop drinking that she should not be hanging out in bars. But she doesn't want to stop. If she only goes out a couple times a week thats her right. I feel sorry for all you idiots that had kids and didn't go out for 18 years.

2725 days ago


She may be washed up but she will always have enough money to live like she wants.

2725 days ago

Jennifa O Jenny    

You can't expect her to curb her behavior when she's yet to admit she hs a problem to begin with. If what we read is true - that her mom made her go to rehab and now she won't speak to her mom as a result of going, then of course brit is going to continue to be a lush.

I wish she'd just hurry up and fade into the background and just get it over with. Her career is dead so let's just let it die a quick death. blech.

I don't care if she ends up producing hit songs down the road - I have no respect for her as a person. She's not getting my money - not that she ever did. But if my daughter wants her CD she's going to have to forget it.

2725 days ago


Her poor kids.. I feel sorry for them. They must know their nannys better than they know their own mom.....Sad sad sad

2725 days ago

jane smith    

She still is not doing ordinary things w/her kids., like taking them to the park, or kiddie train rides/amusement type things. She can't say she's so popular she can't do it because Angeline and Brad even have their kids in daycare sometimes. Brit is just a party girl. Don't blame Mom for how you are perceived. No young mother can go clubbing every night.

2725 days ago
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